Stock up on Ergonomic Accessories on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Season

Add to your ergonomic office setup with high quality accessories from Prime Cables this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


As we continue to develop into a society where the majority of us are sitting for longer and longer periods of time, this has never happened in human history before. Being in a seated posture in a non-ergonomic office workstation setup, it comes with its consequences. As more research is being published from various sources, all can agree that the ability to vary one’s posture throughout the day works wonders at limiting the risk factors associated with long-term sitting. To accomplish this, an ergonomic chair is oftentimes recommended as well as an adjustable height sit standing ergonomic desk. After you have these two items, the journey is not over there.


Adding accessories to an existing ergonomic office setup can significantly impact the effectiveness of an ergonomic station. Prime Cables has a number of ergonomic accessories to support multiple postures from the traditional seated position to full standing. These ergonomic accessories are here to support your every move and better yet, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are available for purchase on some pretty big discounts.


Throughout the past decade, we have been increasingly involved in the Canadian ergonomic office marketplace. Proudly, we’ve been providing Canadians with high quality accessories at prices that can’t be found anywhere else. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when you’re picking up your other big ergonomic items, browse through our catalogue to pick up some accessories that work for your station. For example, we have a variety of anti-fatigue standing mats, and specific ergonomic accessories to address foot pain and posture problems. Remember, having an ergonomic setup is about being comfortable as well as relieving pain in the body. Stress builds up in the feet quickly and often. Take some of that away by capitalizing on these Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals for ergonomic accessories.


There are easy changes we can all make to our workstations that can have an immediate impact on the ergonomic nature of our setups. When you work eight to ten hours at a desk on any given day, it’s important to make those changes.


Visit Prime Cables this Black Friday and Cyber Monday for big savings on ergonomic accessories. Within a matter of a day or less using these ergonomic accessories, improve your typing, mousing, and working productivity. Work healthy and pain-free.

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