Now is the Time to Get Prime Cables’ Headphone Stand on New Year sale!

New Year sale is the first ever Canadian shopping season that consumers are excited about. Shoppers looking for deep cuts and vast discounts won’t be disappointed with what we have in store leading up to the beginning of the year-start shopping season.


Though you may not be excited about spending more money in the immediate aftermath of Christmas, it can be difficult to pass up. At Prime Cables this year among the items on sale is our exclusive headphone stand!

The PrimeCables® Dual Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger, Audio Headphones with Headband (Silver) is currently priced at $16.99 in celebration of the upcoming Boxing Day end-year shopping season. For any audiophile in your collection of family and friends, any recording engineer, or any regular user of headphones, having a headphone stand can add to the aesthetic.


This Canadian-made headphone stand is the recipient of five-star reviews and has been acclaimed by those who have purchased. Made from high quality aluminum allow material, this headphone stand is detachable and easily installed anywhere in the home. The silicon pad also with a high quality leather surface hanger pad makes it easy to throw the headphones on it when needed.

Small and lightweight, it’s also easily moved. Anyone who works in a professional capacity with headphones, items and accessories like this create a more professional dynamic in the workplace and for less than $20 are well worth considering for a purchase.

Now is the time to buy with Prime Cables because prices are low. They won’t be at this price point forever so if you’re on the fence, getting it done by Boxing Day will save you money before the price creeps back up to $19.99.

It also bears keeping in mind that we offer fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. Buying a headphone stand does not cross that threshold but pairing it with some other items would definitely get you there.

Consider taking a browse through the Prime Cables ecommerce catalogue for more information on what could be paired with buying a headphone stand. New year sale is coming fast and if there was ever a compelling reason to jump on purchases, now’s the time. Wrap up the lion’s share of your Christmas shopping and enjoy some of the craziest New year sales with Prime Cables this season.


Last-minute new year deals shoppers are well advised to check out the exclusive deals Prime Cables has on headphone stands, cables, adapters, home theater solutions, network cables, mounts and sit stands, and more!

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