Your Biggest New year 2018 Blowout Deals have Arrived!

New Year Sale is just around the corner and in anticipation, Prime Cables has released some of its New year 2018 blowout deals a little early.


Feel free to visit the Prime Cables catalogue for exclusive 24 hour deals. Among the categories with items on new year sale, these include cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, network solutions, home entertainment system accessories, and more. Browse thoroughly and remember that any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to stock up!


No one can deny the impact that new year sale has on families across Canada. Providing the lowest sales all year-round, this is an opportunity for retailers to clear out inventory and for consumers to spend the Christmas money they have left on the items they need most. At Prime Cables, some of the items on new year discount include multi-port USB hubs, monitor riser stands, sit-standing ergonomic desks, and mini wireless multi-function keyboards for smart TVs. Any item you purchase from Prime Cables comes with free returns, fast shipping from either of our shipping locations in Montreal or Vancouver, and has a 365-day guarantee.


Though New year sale is a great time to get out and hit the retail outlets, before you do, check out Prime Cables. As a Canadian-made ecommerce company, we provide Canadians with the best deals in the marketplace. Let’s say if you’re not all done your Year starter shopping yet, there might be one or two items from the Prime Cables catalogue that would easily add to your shopping experience. For many, the new year deals are what make the winter so bearable – especially in Canada where we have to deal with the blistering cold, rain, and snow.

Above all else, we are known for our cables. That’s HDMI cables, audio cables, video cables, network Ethernet cables, Apple cables, display port cables, USB cables, smartphone and tablet cables, and adapter cables of a wide variety. The winter season is a very special time of year for us because we know how expensive these products can sell for elsewhere. Even by cutting down on a few bucks here and there, it does add up in the end. It’s an opportunity we are happy to be able to provide to everyday Canadians just looking for a fair deal.

Before settling down with family, enjoying all of that warm and wonderful new year food, and showing each other a little kindness, take care of your new year shopping before the day even arrives! Enjoy the PrimeCables New year sale blowout deals, available for a limited time only.


Now is the Time to Get Prime Cables’ Headphone Stand on New Year sale!

New Year sale is the first ever Canadian shopping season that consumers are excited about. Shoppers looking for deep cuts and vast discounts won’t be disappointed with what we have in store leading up to the beginning of the year-start shopping season.


Though you may not be excited about spending more money in the immediate aftermath of Christmas, it can be difficult to pass up. At Prime Cables this year among the items on sale is our exclusive headphone stand!

The PrimeCables® Dual Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger, Audio Headphones with Headband (Silver) is currently priced at $16.99 in celebration of the upcoming Boxing Day end-year shopping season. For any audiophile in your collection of family and friends, any recording engineer, or any regular user of headphones, having a headphone stand can add to the aesthetic.


This Canadian-made headphone stand is the recipient of five-star reviews and has been acclaimed by those who have purchased. Made from high quality aluminum allow material, this headphone stand is detachable and easily installed anywhere in the home. The silicon pad also with a high quality leather surface hanger pad makes it easy to throw the headphones on it when needed.

Small and lightweight, it’s also easily moved. Anyone who works in a professional capacity with headphones, items and accessories like this create a more professional dynamic in the workplace and for less than $20 are well worth considering for a purchase.

Now is the time to buy with Prime Cables because prices are low. They won’t be at this price point forever so if you’re on the fence, getting it done by Boxing Day will save you money before the price creeps back up to $19.99.

It also bears keeping in mind that we offer fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. Buying a headphone stand does not cross that threshold but pairing it with some other items would definitely get you there.

Consider taking a browse through the Prime Cables ecommerce catalogue for more information on what could be paired with buying a headphone stand. New year sale is coming fast and if there was ever a compelling reason to jump on purchases, now’s the time. Wrap up the lion’s share of your Christmas shopping and enjoy some of the craziest New year sales with Prime Cables this season.


Last-minute new year deals shoppers are well advised to check out the exclusive deals Prime Cables has on headphone stands, cables, adapters, home theater solutions, network cables, mounts and sit stands, and more!

Looking for a Good New year 2018 Gift Idea for an Office Employee – try the PrimeCables Sit-Stand Desk

Christmas is the time of year when the pressure is on to buy the best gifts you can muster. For some people, that ain’t so easy. For when you’re buying for someone who happens to be an office employee, an easy purchase is high-tech, ergonomic furniture. For this upcoming new year 2018 tech deals, if you’re looking to make an impression, try the PrimeCables sit-stand desk.


For those that don’t know, a sit-stand desk can be modified to go from a sitting position to a standing position in a matter of seconds. Sit-stand desks belong to a category of office furniture known as ‘ergonomic furniture’ which is essentially a class of intelligently designed items specifically meant to heighten the body’s productivity and to relieve fatigue. Multiple studies have shown productivity to increase while standing up at work. A sit-stand desk takes things a step further, allowing an office employee to sit down when they feel like it, ensuring they don’t tire themselves out trying to keep up.

If Christmas is believed to be a time of giving, there’s no better time to invest in an employee or a friend than to buy them something that they’re actually going to use on a daily basis. But if you missed our sit stand deal during Christmas or boxing day, then you should definitely consider our sit stand desk products as a new year gift idea because that will actually physically help them. If the person you are buying for has struggled with weight loss or who has experienced injuries from prolonged sitting such as a bad back, an ergonomically suited sit-stand desk is the perfect new year 2018 gift idea for them.

Join in the festive spirit this new year holiday season with Prime Cables’ Sit Standing Desk Height Adjustable Ergo Riser ADR. Available for only $149.99, receive free shipping and free returns on your purchase ensuring a fast delivery and the opportunity to cash it in if the recipient is not into the idea. It would be a challenge to find a sit-stand desk at a better price than this in Canada. Accommodating monitors, computers, and laptops, it has 22 height adjustable options, an eco-friendly particle board finish, and embedded grooves to hold tablets and other mobile devices. In terms of a high-tech, ergonomic sit-stand desk, there’s nothing better at this price point.

A sit-stand desk is an excellent gift idea for any office employee and is well worth considering. Head over to Prime Cables’ official catalogue and browse for additional Christmas gift ideas that might suit other members of the family.

As a Canadian-made company, we’ve always capitalized on the gift shopping season, offering high quality products at record low pricing. For anyone keen on bargains, visit Prime Cables to order online today. Free shipping on all orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada!

If you’re Planning to get a New Smart TV for the upcoming new year 2018, Maybe you Need a Mini Wireless Keyboard as Well

The madness of Boxing Day hits us every December 26th, with sales going through the roof and consumers returning to their favourite brands to buy big. With many bargain hunters looking ahead to Boxing Day, many have their eyes set on a new smart TV. That’s understandable. The deals are going to be good and smart TVs are in vogue, well worth the purchase price. Beyond buying a smart TV, to get the most out of it, you may want to consider adding a mini wireless keyboard to your list. Here’s what we think about it.


The newest in mini wireless keyboards that have hit the market are impressive additions to a home theater setup. The enhanced layout, the smaller size, and the multi-function use are factors that play into how this a mini wireless keyboard can play into improving your smart TV experience. The Air Mouse Mini Wireless Multifunction Keyboard 2.4G 3D Multifunctional W Infrared IR Remote Learning is one of the most highly reviewed and acclaimed mini keyboards in the marketplace today, available through Prime Cables for only $21.99. This unique gadget is ready to hook up with systems ranging from Android smart TVs to IPTV, set-top boxes, Windows, Mac, Linux, HTPC, PCTV, and all-in-one PC/TV among other setups. By adding this to your shopping list, you will make the smart TV experience all the more enticing.


There are many people who own smart TVs and who get by without a mini wireless keyboard. That aside, it does make the viewing experience that much easier. Instead of having to use a small remote to individually enter in letters, you can type it out easy on a mini wireless keyboard. In addition, the Air Mouse Mini Wireless Multifunction Keyboard 2.4G 3D Multifunctional W Infrared IR Remote Learning comes with motion sensor functionality which connects easy to games.


You will find that with a mini wireless keyboard, you won’t have to wait for anything. Type out your favourite TV shows and movies, and get instant access. Also, with this particular keyboard, it’s not so small that you’re bound to lose it. It’s very easy to keep track of, can be placed anywhere, and acts as a normal remote at the end of the day when you need it to. This new year 2018 deals from,  go all out with your smart TV purchase and accommodate it with a mini wireless keyboard as well!

Get this Deal after new year 2018 arrived – a Full Motion Triple Monitor Desk Mount is Waiting!

Christmas is a busy shopping season for every Canadian household. There are so many deals and promotions to choose from, and it can be difficult reminding one’s self about the things they really need in their own personal lives. We spend so much time buying for other people that it doesn’t really give us time to consider how these promotions may impact our own lives. Before Christmas arrives, Prime Cables wants you to do just that – treat yourself.


Among the array of items that we have on discount for Christmas, the most impressive for anyone with a home office, an entertainment setup, or a gaming setup with multiple monitors is this. Check out our Full motion Triple Monitor Desk Mount for 13″-32″ Monitors which is usually available on our site for $137.99 but has been marked down for the Christmas season in limited quantities to only $49.99! To anyone looking to spice up their desktop setup, this is a great deal. This triple monitor desk mount is suited to match up any monitor up to 32 inches and each arm holds up to 17.6 pounds. With no hassle or fuss, mount it easily to any desk surface with a clamp. Simply buy and enjoy from there.


There’s going to be a lot of gift giving this holiday season but purchases like these can help provide some extra comfort for when the nights are little colder than normal. It’s easy to forget among all the sales that there’s still you to think about. When it’s almost time for Christmas, don’t forget about yourself. If you’re in a home office environment and want to save some space on your desk, a full-motion triple monitor mount is your chance. If you’re a recording engineer, avid gamer, graphic designer or illustrator, now is your chance to create an even cooler workstation with a monitor mount you can trust. Also, you’re getting it on the biggest discount possible and this order comes with free shipping, meaning no extra fees!


For the upcoming new year 2018, you should buy a full-motion triple monitor desk mount and buy it from one of the best Canadian ecommerce marketplaces there is. Throughout the holiday season, we plan to roll out more unbeatable sales so remember to give yourself something to look forward to. Winter can be a lonesome place after the holidays wrap up so always save a little for yourself. A monitor desk mount is something special that you might not think you need but you’ll more than appreciate it once you have it!