Why to Choose your Music Instrument Accessories from PrimeCables.ca

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians all know how expensive musical instruments and instrument accessories can get. Costs add up fast and you can never seem to get your hands on all the gear you want. In the face of the stark reality of being a musician or a producer, what it comes down to is knowing where you can stretch a dollar and save some cash.


Throughout the past decade, PrimeCables.ca has proudly contributed instrument accessories to numerous Canadian musicians, helping them build their inventory on a budget. Browse from general instrument accessories such as guitar picks, guitar straps, and music stands; to microphones and accessories such as filters, supports, and clips; to mixers, pedals, and amplifiers; to stage audio and light accessories. There are many categories where we’ve saved buyers literally hundreds of dollars on items on discount. By cutting out the middle man, we can set prices sometimes as deep as offering a 70 percent discount depending on what it is and the time of year.


Among the best sellers in the Prime Cables audiophile and music instrument accessories category is the PrimeCables® Microphone Stand with Dual 360° Rotating Mic Clip & Foldable Tripod for $24.99, the PrimeCables® On Stage Sheet Music Stand Adjustable Foldable with Carrying Bag for $11.49, the Studio Microphone Dual Layer Pop Filter With Swivel Mounting Bracket for $6.99, and the PrimeCables® Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand for $16.99. These are just some of the music instrument accessories available though there are countless others. Sure, you could check these type of accessories out in-store but you’re going to wind up paying more for them. Buying online gets you the same high quality accessories except you actually get to keep a little more in your own pocket. Better yet, any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so if you know what you need to meet this threshold, you won’t even need to pay any extra than you would if we came to your front door with these products.


Acquiring music instrument accessories and performance accessories has never been cheaper. Whatever you need, if we got it, you can bet that you won’t find a better price anywhere else. Upgrade your music instrument accessories with a top Canadian brand to pair with.


These products and more are available exclusively through the Prime Cables catalogue. So instead of spending hundreds just on acquiring accessories, why not put that money towards actual instruments and save with Prime Cables today!

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