Why a Guitar In-Tune and a Guitar Tuner is So Important for Live Performances and Recording

Guitarists who show up to play live or record a track without a guitar tuner are unprepared, unprofessional, and are limiting their ability to play. It might seem cool to play out-of-tune or to ‘tune by ear’ but this isn’t as precise or as aesthetically amazing as one may think. In the digital age and living in a world filled with more talented musicians than perhaps ever, having your instrument in-tune is an absolute must.

Using a guitar tuner live

When you play live, people have come to both see your show and hear it. If you’re playing with other instruments, such as a bass guitar, it’s important you are both in sync and in-tune. Now adding to this a digital keyword or piano which you know is fully tuned up, any guitarist will sound terrible not having pre-tuned their guitar. This could also mess up your singer’s performance. Afterwards, you may find yourself without a lot of praise from band members or the audience having played a show without proper tuning.

Now if you bring with you a recharging clip-on guitar tuner, you have a tuner right there. If you suspect you’re playing out of tune, you can check your guitar between songs. You can also tune your strings up before the show, ensuring you kick it off with a proper bang. If you are using more than one tuning in your show, a guitar tuner can also ensure any guitarist is locked in with the correct tuning. Especially for playing live, needless to say, always – ALWAYS! – bring a guitar tuner.

Using a guitar tuner while recording

Although a clip-on guitar tuner is used best when playing live, a guitar in-tune while recording’s equally important. So much recording is digital now, meaning in-tune digital instruments are added on top of real instruments, remixes are made, and the effects added on top of vocals rely on things being in-tune. If you play even your greatest performance with a guitar improperly tuned, you’re going to ruin the entire track. There’s nothing you’ll be able to add on top and editing will become more or less impossible.

When you record your next track, even if all it’s supposed to be is a guitar and vocals, your performance relies on being in tune. You’ll save yourself time, money, and effort with precision tuning. Don’t do it by ear. This isn’t the 1950s. Affordable guitar tuners are readily available. Purchasing a clip-on model, all you have to do is clip it on to your guitar neck’s end and it’ll pick up on the notes. Adjust the tension on the strings as needed. You’ll be thankful you have it!

Universal Headphone Stand on sale now at PrimeCables.ca!

Tired of tangled cords, messy drawers, and losing your favourite pair of headphones? Then you need the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger, on sale now until September 11 for just $12.99!


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The high-quality aluminum alloy fits every style of décor, so it matches your setup perfectly, no matter what your lifestyle. Sturdy and detachable, small and lightweight, it features a silicone pad on the base and a leather surface for hanging up the biggest and fanciest kinds of headphones.


It’s the most convenient way to manage your cables, whether at home or at work, freeing up desktop clutter and keeping your audio equipment safe from knicks, contortions, coffee, or whatever threatens your workspace peripherals!


With an overall size of 100mm x 100mm x 276mm, the hanger arm measures 9.4cm x 2.5cm, giving you ample space for large and small pairs of headphones alike. Weighing only 217g, the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger is extremely portable and easy to use. Bring it with you wherever you’re jamming and make your workspace truly yours with this professional, practical headphone stand.


It won’t scratch your hardware, nor drop it, nor tip over, with its anti-skid pad and soft leather resting spot. DIY setup makes it suitable for home studios, cubicles and offices, home theatre, and your bedroom. It even makes an excellent, affordable gift, perfect for celebrating the birthdays of all your audiophile friends.


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Back-to-school shopping season is starting and the PrimeCables® On Stage Sheet Music Stand is available at just $11.49 each. You won’t find any deals better than what we’re offering at PrimeCables.ca. Visit today and browse through all our musical instrument accessories.


This adjustable, foldable Sheet Music Stand comes with a black carrying bag, with a height range of 45cm to 125cm, non-slip rubber feet, and featuring a lightweight metal structure, making it easy to pack up and carry.


They’re affordable and designed in standard make that makes them rather suitable for bulk purchase, for home, school, or professional purposes. Save big, with free shipping on all orders $49 and up, or any order consisting of at least five items. Our warehouses are located in Montreal and Vancouver, so coast to coast, we can offer you the best delivery times nationwide, with fast shipping available on all products for just $5.95.


What you see is what you get with these Sheet Music Stands. The compact design makes it easy to pack up and move, with easy-to-use adjustment knobs that are simple to loosen and tighten, and a spring-loaded hold tray for organizing your papers, making them easy to access and read, for children and adults.

music notesheet stand from primecables.ca
music notesheet stand from primecables.ca


Coming in black, the folded music stand is about the size of a typical umbrella, blends inconspicuously into any performance space, and makes a great present for students going back to school.


Other products we recommend for back-to-school shoppers include items such as the PrimeCables® Adjustable Padded Piano Keyboard Bench Seat with Rubber Feet, available for just $29.99. This piano bench is great for pianists, keyboardists, and sound techies who need a comfortable, portable seating solution at school or at work, and comes with three adjustable heights of 42cm, 46cm, and 50cm.


Another item is the PrimeCables® Tripod Folding Guitar Stand with Security Strap – Holder Rack, for just $16.99. Fitting acoustic or electric guitar, even bass, this collapsible, foldable holding rack protects cherished instruments from falling over when not in use in the studio, classroom, or bedroom, and is a relatively low-cost investment to ensure you or your child can protect your instrument.


Lastly, you might need one of the PrimeCables® Classic Double X Keyboard Stand, for just $29.99. Fitting all keyboards and mixing devices, this standard double X shape is durable, trustworthy, and very practical for all sorts of performances. With five adjustable heights, non-slip rubber end caps and locking strap mechanism, you can prevent your instrument or device from falling off onto the ground with this inexpensive accessory.


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1.5ft 2RCA M-M Premium Composite Audio/Video Cable sells for less than $5!

audio cable for instrument from primecables
audio cable for instrument from primecables

Cheap, affordable RCA cables are not always easily found in Canada. Visiting local corporate retail stores across Canada, rarely will you find audio-video cables for under $5. So for a limited time and exclusively from Canada’s favourite eCommerce store for cables, browse an extensive collection of audio-video cables that are sure to please.


For consumers seeking a premium two-channel audio cable made from high-class coaxial cable, there’s no shortage of discounts, deals, and promotions to take in when you search through the PrimeCables catalogue.


PrimeCables specializes in a wide range of cables, with the 1.5ft 2RCA M/M Premium Composite Audio Video Digital Coaxial Cable (Gold Plated) available today for less than $3.99. Buy this premium two-channel audio cable made of RG-59 75 ohm coaxial cable that supports RCA stereo audio, with a shield to help reduce interference, a fully molded connector with a strain relief design, and color-coded connectors to ensure easy placement.


Please note there are free returns and a 1-year product guarantee included with this RCA premium cable. Also, enjoy fast, free shipping on this order if you can combine it with other products to reach a minimum threshold of $49.


Though tech has produced towards HDMI cables and Toslink cables, there’s still a surprisingly large number of devices still using RCA connectors. So, if your device uses RCA connectors, it may serve you better and it may be a more affordable option to take advantage of buying an RCA cable. These cables are great to connect amplifiers, DVD players, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, media boxes, and more.


There’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg on one of these cables. When you buy, you want the best price possible as well as a high quality reliable product that is not going to break down six months down the road. When you shop with PrimeCables, that’s everything you’ll get and more when you buy the 1.5ft 2RCA M/M Premium Composite Audio Video Digital Coaxial Cable (Gold Plated) for $3.99. At this price point, you won’t find a better cable anywhere! There’s no reason to run to the cable store when PrimeCables is just a few clicks away.


When we’re buying the big tech products and electronics for our homes, we don’t often realize how important the cables we use are. For Canadian households in need of an affordable RCA cable, shop with PrimeCables and receive your cable in the mail in no time!

Why to Choose your Music Instrument Accessories from PrimeCables.ca

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians all know how expensive musical instruments and instrument accessories can get. Costs add up fast and you can never seem to get your hands on all the gear you want. In the face of the stark reality of being a musician or a producer, what it comes down to is knowing where you can stretch a dollar and save some cash.


Throughout the past decade, PrimeCables.ca has proudly contributed instrument accessories to numerous Canadian musicians, helping them build their inventory on a budget. Browse from general instrument accessories such as guitar picks, guitar straps, and music stands; to microphones and accessories such as filters, supports, and clips; to mixers, pedals, and amplifiers; to stage audio and light accessories. There are many categories where we’ve saved buyers literally hundreds of dollars on items on discount. By cutting out the middle man, we can set prices sometimes as deep as offering a 70 percent discount depending on what it is and the time of year.


Among the best sellers in the Prime Cables audiophile and music instrument accessories category is the PrimeCables® Microphone Stand with Dual 360° Rotating Mic Clip & Foldable Tripod for $24.99, the PrimeCables® On Stage Sheet Music Stand Adjustable Foldable with Carrying Bag for $11.49, the Studio Microphone Dual Layer Pop Filter With Swivel Mounting Bracket for $6.99, and the PrimeCables® Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand for $16.99. These are just some of the music instrument accessories available though there are countless others. Sure, you could check these type of accessories out in-store but you’re going to wind up paying more for them. Buying online gets you the same high quality accessories except you actually get to keep a little more in your own pocket. Better yet, any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so if you know what you need to meet this threshold, you won’t even need to pay any extra than you would if we came to your front door with these products.


Acquiring music instrument accessories and performance accessories has never been cheaper. Whatever you need, if we got it, you can bet that you won’t find a better price anywhere else. Upgrade your music instrument accessories with a top Canadian brand to pair with.


These products and more are available exclusively through the Prime Cables catalogue. So instead of spending hundreds just on acquiring accessories, why not put that money towards actual instruments and save with Prime Cables today!

Why you Should Never Have to Spend More than $50 for a Guitar Cable

The cost of guitar cables can be quite tremendous when you don’t know where to go to buy. That said, every guitar player needs guitar cables to play. So where’s the best place to get a guitar cable for under $50 – go with Prime Cables. Here’s why.


There’s no reason you should ever have to spend over $50 for a guitar cable. Anyone who says otherwise is simply trying to sell you on something you don’t need. Whether you just really like playing the guitar, are just learning guitar, are deep into writing your own tunes, or just enjoy jamming, Prime Cables has a number of guitar cables to browse and enjoy way below the $50 price point. For example, one of the biggest selling guitar cables we have is this 10Ft Nylon Series 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TS M/M 20AWG Instrument Cable Black & Gold – PrimeCables®. Its market price is $27.90 however through Prime Cables, any Canadian can purchase this cable for only $7.99!


That is far from the only guitar cable or instrument accessory on discount either. Please feel encouraged to browse through our entire catalogue for more info on the deals available. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada so be sure to add on a few accessories to maximize your purchase. There’s no reason you should have to compromise on quality either paying such a low price. This is a very well-built cable with 20 AWG solid conductor, gold-plated connectors, a black and gold braided cloth jacket, and two layers of copper braid shielding. Also, it comes with a free return and a lifetime warranty. For a guitar cable under $50 in Canada, you can’t go wrong with that. Every guitar player needs ‘em so now is the perfect time to stock up.


Throughout the past decade, we have helped many a travelling musician with their instrument accessory and cable needs. Whether it’s in the bedroom or on the stage, a guitar cable like this will last a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about its reliability either. Always count on it to produce a nice guitar sound and take it with you everywhere. Even in the coldest of Canadian winters, this 10Ft Nylon Series 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TS M/M 20AWG Instrument Cable Black & Gold – PrimeCables® is second to none. For a limited time only, buy today for only $7.99!

Get the Best 1/4 Guitar Cable from Prime Cables for Cheap (6.35 mm)

There’s a lot that goes into some of the world’s best guitar cables for cheap. To begin with, they need to work as advertised. Then, they need to demonstrate that they’re reliable enough to play with regularly. They also can’t break the bank. To find the right guitar cable for an affordable price, it’s not always easy checking a mark across each of these requirements.


To get the best 1/4 guitar cable, look no further than Prime Cables. Featuring industry-leading professional audio cables, browse from nearly 100 different types of audio cable. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada and there’s a 365-day guarantee on every purchase ensuring full customer satisfaction with your cable.


We know the abuse that guitar cables take over time. They’re constantly being wrapped and unwrapped, stepped on, unintentionally yanked or stressed, and worse. Ideally, you want something that’s going to be able to handle all that and more. The thing is most people don’t want to shell out too much money on these types of cables either. They can be easy to lose or misplace, for some. Why we recommend going with a 1/4 guitar cable (6.35 mm) from Prime Cables is because these are built well and are offered at an affordable price point. More affordable than what you will find at any music store, buy in bulk and take your cables with you to wherever you play. No matter if you just really dig playing guitar, are composing and writing your own guitar tracks, or are just a casual jammer, guitar cables that work are worth their weight in gold. Buy from Prime Cables, and take your cable all the way from the bedroom to the stage and back again.


In addition to the standard 1/4 guitar cable offered at Prime Cables, we also have an MIDI Cable with 5 Pin DIN Plugs – Black (5 lengths available) – Monoprice – 3Ft for $2.99, a 6ft Premier Series 1/4inch (TRS or Stereo) Male to Male 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) – PrimeCables® for $8.29, and a 6ft Premier Series XLR M/F 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated) [Microphone & Interconnect] – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $8.99. If you know what to buy, you can stock up big time and save yourself over a hundred dollars on premiere audio cables that you know you’ll need.


Browse the Prime Cables catalogue today for the latest deals on guitar cables for the travelling musician.

Why Prime Cables’ Professional Audio Cables are Canada’s Best

Canada’s most affordable, high quality professional audio cables are available for a limited time only from Prime Cables on some massive discounts. Whether it’s to plug in and amplify an instrument, to build up your cable inventory for a recording studio, for hi-fi equipment, or for a live performance venue or concert, we got it all.


Prime Cables’ professional audio cables are high performance, competing with some of the world’s biggest names in the industry. Even better though, you don’t need to pay those absurdly high prices. DJs, musicians, and audiophiles from all backgrounds have dropped in to Prime Cables at one point or another to check out our inventory. In terms of sound quality and durability, we are proud to have maintained five-star ratings all around. Receive a professional grade cable at a fraction of the cost and begin benefitting from a perfectly balanced cable that reduces all EM and RF noise, thereby extending the range of the cable run. Also, unlike standard unbalanced RCA, these balanced cables have a separate braided shield to provide additional resistance to interference without synthesizing the interference into the signal. No more ground loop issues.


If you’ve never heard of us before, we always like to make a good first impression so be sure to check out the different professional audio cables we have on sale. We have a wide array of audio cables supporting diverse specifications and engineered to deliver the highest performance possible. The times you’ve asked yourself whether a cable is worth the price, for some other brands, it probably isn’t. For Prime Cables though, you’re getting a bargain upfront, and a cable that will last you decades as long as it is properly stored and used.


Why to buy from Prime Cables is simple. For one, all orders above $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada meaning that if you buy in bulk, it’d be like if you went to the store yourself and picked it up – no hidden charges! Secondly, all of our professional audio cables also come with free returns and a minimum 365-day guarantee, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Thirdly, Prime Cables is proudly Canadian having served everyday musicians in all ten provinces throughout the past decade. Those that have come to us for their professional audio cable needs have not been disappointed. In this category, we hold some of the highest ratings Canada has to offer. For these reasons among others, check out Prime Cables today!

Build up your Home Music Studio on a Budget by Choosing Prime Cables’ Instrument Accessories

audio home studio in low budget.jpg

Building a home music studio on a budget, even with the most luck a builder could have, is still going to be a hefty cost. Just think of everything you need to get a recording studio up and going. That said, having a small recording studio professionally done up can be a big asset for any musician or individual who needs it. This way, you get the freedom to create while having the opportunity to document everything. Complete recordings on your own schedule and have that flexibility.


At Prime Cables, we understand the value of keeping costs low, especially in the face of how expensive quality musical instruments are. So when it comes to smaller instrument accessories, know that we stand among the top Canadian marketplaces offering deals you won’t find anywhere else.


No matter what genre of music you play or what instrument you’ve mastered, we’ve got accessories that any audiophile would gush over. For example, you can never have one too many music stands. For the least expensive set, prices start at $11.49. Then again, maybe you want a music stand and an adjustable mic stand for your acoustic guitar as well. No worries there, pick up the PrimeCables® 26-Inch To 56-Inch Adjustable Heavy Duty Tripod Microphone and Music Note Stand for $34.99. In addition to these, we have headphone stand hangers, adjustable height speaker stands, clamps and cables of all varieties, a mix of guitar amps and pedals, microphones and accessories such as clips and filters, and let’s not forget stage lights and performance gear.


It has never been cheaper to get involved in home recording. The nature of digital recording means that almost anyone can nail down a high quality track. Don’t let a limited budget hold you back.


By building your home music studio through Prime Cables, you can save literally hundreds of dollars while still getting great quality gear and accessories. For those working within a budget, it’s still possible to have a good home studio that you can depend on. The basics to a home studio lie in the Prime Cables catalogue and throughout the past decade, we’ve helped numerous Canadians build up their inventory. Every year, we’ve had the pleasure of growing our home music studio accessory category, adding in the latest tech and trendiest items. When selecting headphones, monitors, microphones, and accessories, there’s only one name you need to remember – Prime Cables.

How to Choose an Amplifier?

how to choose an amplifier


Major points to consider when choosing an amplifier varies depending on the person. Depending on the genre of music and/or the use of the amplifier, you may consider different amplifiers for different purposes. How many channels you require, how much power you need, what features you require, and the brand of the amplifier all matter.

The first thing you want to know is how you’re going to use it. Which amp you buy should be based on how many output channels and how much power is needed, above all else. Mono amps have one output channel. Mono amps like these are used to power subwoofers. Meanwhile, 2-channel amps are versatile with two output channels, have bridge capability, and is also a great way to power a subwoofer. A 4-channel amp evidently has the most options though there are higher channel amps available in the marketplace as well.

PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier
PrimeCables 30w class D amplifier

When it comes to how much power your amp should have, the answer is probably not as much as you think. To begin with, there are two different types of power ratings. There is ‘peak power’ which is what an amp can produce for a limited burst of power. Then, there is ‘RMS power’ which is how much power an amp can produce for an extended period of time. There will always be those who argue that more power is always better. The problem with this is that it comes at a cost and that cost is not always justified depending on how an amp is being used. As long as you are able to play all your music, loud and soft with no distortion on the signal, that’s really all you need.


Next, consider the features. Consider high- and low-pass filters, bass boosts, and speaker-level inputs. High-pass and low-pass filters play a role in boosting important frequencies. High-pass strips away lower frequencies, allowing higher frequencies to pass through and vice versa. By having these filters, you can better mix vocals and instruments to make them sound the way you want them to. Bass boosts do what you would think they, boosting the bass frequencies accordingly.


Among the highest selling amplifiers in Prime Cables’ catalogue is our 200W Class D Bluetooth aptX Speaker Amplifier. This dual input stereo amplifier is perfect for iPhone, Android, and other Bluetooth devices.


Browse our 200W Class D Bluetooth aptX Speaker Amplifier here and feel free to read up on other items in our catalogue. Prime Cables is a premiere Canadian distributor of instrument accessories, audiophile accessories, and amplifiers, and we have happily been providing the most affordable prices in the country.