Best Tech-y Valentine’s Day, courtesy of PrimeCables

valentine's day gift idea
valentine’s day gift idea

For the best tech-y Valentine’s Day on a budget, you need to know where to look. Depending on the interests of your loved one, you may want to go big re-designing their home into a smart home, automated with the latest gadgets, or you might want to pair it down to something smaller yet equally useful, such as a TV wall mount. For an office-esque Valentine’s Day, ergonomic accessories or a sit-standing, height-adjustable desk might do the trick. For someone deep into computer tech, network solutions or a crimpling cabling tool might be the most effective unexpected choice. All of these can be found at Prime Cables, a Canadian-based online retailer with hundreds of products to browse.

One of our biggest sellers every Valentine’s Day are monitor desk mounts, typically used by musicians, illustrators, photographers, gamers, and more. Choosing a single monitor desk mount or one that is able to carry multiple monitors, a recipient can completely re-design their desktop workspace, suspending flat screen monitors in thin air to use as they please. For something a little less pricey, choosing a mix of different cables might be a nice way to go especially for couples on a budget. Browse HDMI cables, USB-C cables, sync and charging cables of all kinds, audio cables, video cables, Apple cables, and smartphone cables. Selecting one or two of the higher-tech, multi-purpose cables might be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

If your Valentine is big into tech, they might enjoy any of Prime Cables’ adapters. Admittedly, sure, these aren’t the romantic gifts. That said, if you know what you’re buying and your partner is equally impressed by tech, the right adapter can completely change the way a person uses their devices. There are HDMI and DI adapters to help re-connect older devices, video and audio converters and splitters, USB hubs and adapters, wall plates, gender changes, and related tools and testers. For something a little more obvious and flashy, a high-tech ergonomic foot rest, a tablet holder and clamp, a wall or ceiling speaker mount, or a Prime Cables 3-outlet wall mount surge are all low-cost techy gifts sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

Buying for a techie this Valentine’s Day can be difficult when you don’t know what they could use. Thankfully, Prime Cables has several different options, some more general consumer friendly than others. Any beginner, intermediate, or advanced tech aficionado is guaranteed to find items in our catalogue that interest them. Buy today to set up your techie this Valentine’s Day!

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