See the Perfect Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Him from PrimeCables

Valentine’s Day gifts from one of Canada’s most loved brands are on-sale today. Browse PrimeCables to find the perfect Valentine’s Day tech gifts for him. These are just a few.


Premium HDMI Cable with Nylon jacket


An easy, inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for a man deep into his home theater system is a gold-plated Nylon jacket HDMI cable. Although it’s not very flashy, a home theater system which doesn’t have some good HDMI cables behind it is weak. If you’ve already got your big gift selected, throwing one or two smaller gifts on top can help support the occasion.


Tilting TV wall mount for flat-panel TVs


If you’ve discussed switching things around in your living room or possibly buying a TV wall mount, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to surprise him. Choose from a basic tilting and curved model to more advanced types meant to accommodate larger flat-screens – like a full-motion articulating arm model or a full-motion above fireplace pull-down model.


Dual LCD monitor desk mount


If you’re buying for a gamer or someone who works in the arts with multiple monitors, a dual monitor desk mount can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Celebrate the holiday of love by giving them something they can use day-in and day-out. Using a monitor desk mount, it’ll help them clear off space from their desk and give them the chance to instantly upgrade their workstation or gaming station.


5-pack magnetic mount family pack


While we’re discussing mounts, an underrated Valentine’s Day is our pack of five magnetic mounts. Use them in the car, at home, or in the office. Mount smartphones and tablets, photos, and/or other similarly sized items. These magnetic mounts feature 250g of weight-bearing strength, a powerful neodymium magnet, and an adhesive base that allows it to be stuck almost anywhere.


Height adjustable sit standing desk


The last Valentine’s Day gifts for him to make it on our list is a gas spring assisted sit-standing desk. Although this isn’t a ‘tech gift’ per se, the way in which it can completely re-design a person’s workstation, it might give them new ideas for how to use their existing tech accessories. Through PrimeCables, you’ll find several height adjustable desks on-sale including some models under $100.


Valentine’s Day-themed products are predictable, usually expensive, and their impact is really only felt on February 14. Instead of shopping overpriced items at the mall, shop online with PrimeCables, grab your favourite Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and go beyond the limits of romance. Give him something he’ll actually appreciate and use! Shop PrimeCables today.

Canada’s Favourite Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Her on-sale Today

Searching for ‘Valentine’s Day tech gifts for her’ is a fine starting point for couples who don’t want all that mushy nonsense on February 14. A lot of Valentine’s Day gift guides focus too much on expensive heart-themed products or male-dominated R-rated sexiness. Why not get her something she can actually use – this is what we’re saying.


27” curved gaming monitor


Although more on the expensive side, a 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p for $279.99 can be an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ideal for a female gamer. Circumvent the possibility of pushing mushiness to the max and set her up with something nice that can be used to game, watch Netflix, binge-watch, and it’s small enough to set up in a bedroom or a kitchen if that’s your thing.


4K Android smart TV box


Supporting Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, and all sorts of streaming apps, if your girl’s been banging on about getting a smart TV or if your HD media player has recently broken down, a 4K Android smart TV box can be a great way to upgrade one’s home entertainment center. Buying anything like this though, you want to ensure it doesn’t come across like you’re buying yourself a gift. If the interest isn’t initiated by her, skip it!


Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer


If your girl’s really into music and enjoys listening to music in her own time, a Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer provides a connection to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else – as well as being a great way to boost up your flat-screen’s sound. Forego the urge of giving something heart-themed and jump onto something like this which you know she’ll use on the regular.


USB Type-C charging cable


Let’s be clear in saying as amazing as a USB-C sync and charging cable is, it’s the type of Valentine’s Day gift that’s best combined with something else. Some of the features on this beautiful cable include being braided in metal, 1-metre in length, and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold color. If you have plans to buy her a tablet, a smartphone, or a similar device that requires charging, a USB Type-C cable like this will take you a long way in getting things just right.


Although we can appreciate a bouquet of flowers or a nice piece of jewelry, these Valentine’s Day gifts provide something different and equally heartfelt. Shop all these products on-sale until February 14 from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

If you’re Single this Valentine’s Day, Stay in and Have Fun Shopping with PrimeCables

If you’re single and already over Valentine’s Day, take February 14 as an opportunity to shop PrimeCables.


See deals on cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, home theater accessories, smart home products, and network solutions. Completely check out on Valentine’s Day and reject all the mushy hoopla of the day. You know we will!


Sit-stand desks


As Valentine’s Day arrives, you may want to buy yourself a new desk to help mix things up at your home workstation or in your home office. Check out some height adjustable desks, including an ergonomic riser 35” wide for $179.99, a massive sit-standing height adjustable riser for $129.99, a small and portable adjustable laptop vented table for $29.99, or a stand-ready standing desk accommodating to laptops and similar-sized products for $24.99. If you don’t have plans with a partner and don’t want to grab some friends for some Instagram-perfect party activities, take the day to invest in yourself!


TV wall mounts


It’s easy to feel left out on Valentine’s Day but all in all, it’s just one day of the year. It’s not even that great of a day considering it falls in the middle of February. Take the time to upgrade your home entertainment system this February 14. Shop a range of TV wall mounts including a heavy-duty tilting mount for flat-screens up to 70” for $15.99, the more accommodating full-motion mount for $34.99, or a dual LCD monitor desk mount if you’re using computer monitors for $49.99. Embrace a grumpy day on Valentine’s Day and buy for yourself. Treat yo’ self!


Best sellers


PrimeCables has also got a number of our most favourite items to show you for your Valentine’s Day shopping trip. These include an inexpensive magnetic smartphone car mount for $3.99, an absolutely exquisite 27” curved 1080p monitor for gaming and watching movies for $279.99, multiple USB-C adapters, a height adjustable laptop and tablet stand for $5.99, an iPhone thin soft case for under $1, wireless Bluetooth ergonomic earbuds for $9.99, a 32” HD LED TV 720p flat-screen television perfect for bedrooms and small spaces for $149.99, and a children’s multi-functional ergonomic height adjustable desk and chair for $109.99.


Get through Valentine’s Day by treating yourself right. If there isn’t anybody there to wine and dine you, and buy you things, that’s no excuse not to do it yourself. See no-pressure deals and exclusives from PrimeCables. Shop your favourite products on-sale from today until February 14!

Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for under $50 in Tech, Computers, and more!

You don’t need to spend more than $50 on any Valentine’s Day gift for it to be meaningful. Obvious gifts like chocolate gift boxes and teddy bears from the local drugstore though can be perceived as not so thoughtful. Avoid what’s expected this Valentine’s Day and as February 14 continues to approach, search out some of these tech gifts, computers, and more.


Over-the-ear headphones – $19.99


Using over-the-ear headphones, they don’t need to worry about people bothering them while they’re engaged in something, earbuds falling out while they’re at the gym, and can listen to music cancelling out the rest of the world while they work. If you’re thinking about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a music lover, this is one of the more perfect on-budget gifts you can buy.


6-outlet wall mount with two USB connectors – $8.99


See 6 grounded AC outlet and dual universal USB ports which you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. As one of the most advanced USB-capable wall mount surge protectors on the market, it’s a great addition around a gaming station, workstation or anywhere your partner may have a significant amount of electronics to contend with. Take the stress out of deciding what to plug in where.


360-degree rotatable magnetic car mount – $4.99


Among the best Valentine’s Day gifts when it comes down to cost-to-value, this magnetic smartphone car mount can be placed anywhere in your car or even utilized in the home. If your partner’s constantly grabbing at their smartphone while they drive to search for directions, using a mount like this is way, way safer and far more attractive in appearance. For the right person, this Valentine’s Day is more powerful than any bouquet.


Single monitor desk mount – $14.99


If they have a home office, a gaming workstation, or are in front of their flat-screen computer monitor on a regular basis, a single monitor desk mount is something your Valentine will appreciate. Elevate one’s monitor off the surface of the desk, leaving them with more room. Affordable and under $50, this Valentine’s Day is just right.


Smartphone camera Bluetooth remote – $6.99


If you’re buying for someone who loves to take their own selfies or who has aspirations of becoming an Instagram photographer, a smartphone Bluetooth remote is a great opportunity to give them some more options. Although photographers are always looking for new lenses and filters, a wireless remote can help expand some of their options with what type of photos they want to take.


Shop all these under-$50 Valentine’s Day gifts and more at Canada’s favourite eCommerce source, PrimeCables!

4 Unusual Valentine’s Day they’ll Never Expect and that’ll Change the Way They live

Although there are plenty of boring Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there and plenty of couples who love all that mushy business, that’s not what we’re talking about here. For us, the more unexpected and useful the gift, the better. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her this February, nothing says ‘I Love You’ like something from PrimeCables.


32” 720p LED TV for the bedroom – $149.99


If you’re living in a small condo, apartment, or have a small room you share, maybe you enjoy watching TV, movies, Netflix, and more on a laptop. Using a laptop though, it’s not always easy positioning and it’s not really meant to be used for that sort of watch-in-bed experience. Perhaps you’re ready to buy a 32” LED 720p HD flat-screen for your bedroom. Very suitable for small to medium sized rooms, if you pair it with a TV wall mount, you’ll have quite the upgrade on your hands!


Wireless sports Bluetooth earbuds – $9.99


If you’re looking to shop something a little less expensive and your partner’s one who has an interest in fitness, buying wireless sports Bluetooth earbuds can be a great way to show appreciation. Finagling with wired earbuds while you’re on the run or lifting weights, or getting it caught in something, or having your smartphone fall out of where it’s being held – this is not fun. Through wireless Bluetooth earbuds, you give them the freedom to put the phone down and focus on their workout.


Indoor HDTV antenna – $4.99


If the person you’re buying for is really invested in living off-the-grid, minimizing expenses, and/or doesn’t have cable, an indoor high-definition TV antenna can be a great Valentine’s Day gift. Receive up to 20 or more over-the-air free TV channels including local news! Although PrimeCables’ thin indoor HDTV antenna is a more basic, affordable model, you may choose another such as the Digiwave super flat antenna for $14.99 or an outdoor HDTV antenna with extended 65-mile range for $22.99.


Smart WiFi power outlet LivingWise – $14.99


The future of interior home design is in the integration of technology into modern, contemporary décor and practicality. If your partner’s not big into the ideas of CCTV-inspired security cameras and some of the more advanced products, a smart WiFi power outlet is an easy way to get involved in the smart home revolution.


Valentine’s Day is coming just around the corner. If you’re in a relationship and there’s a gift expectation, check out PrimeCables today and begin checking things off your list of what to buy!

Valentine’s Day 2018 Tech Gift Ideas, as Suggested by Prime Cables


Rejoice this Valentine’s Day with select tech gift ideas, on discount exclusively from Prime Cables.


To up your home office setup this Valentine’s Day, tech gift ideas begin with upgrading your desk. Purchase a sit-standing, height-adjustable desk at low cost and see the impact that a more ergonomic setup can have on the body. There’s the Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 26″ for $189.99, or if you’re looking for something a little simpler, go with our Ultra Slim Height Adjustable Sit and Standing Desk for only $119.99.


For recording engineers and musicians, graphic designers, photographers, video editors, and gamers in need of multiple screens, a popular tech gift idea for Valentine’s Day can be an adjustable desk mount. Though it might not seem like much by its name only, a desk mount provides the chance to suspend monitors in air, helping to clear the clutter on the desk and creating a more immersive screen setup. Choose from the PrimeCables® Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand /For 1 LCD Screen up to 27” for $19.99, the Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″ for $39.99, and more.


Some of the top selling items at Prime Cables – and what we specialize in more than anything – is high quality cables. Browse through HDMI cables, USB Type-C, Ethernet cables, and more. In our catalogue, there are also a range of cable adapters and network tools that may be of interest.


If you want to make a big impact this Valentine’s Day, tech gift ideas might include designing or re-designing a home theater system setup. Buying home theater accessories to elevate the look of a home theater space can make a huge impression on a loved one. Imagine covering their eyes, bringing them into the room, and then, unveiling it all! Fortunately, Prime Cables has a number of home theater accessories that are not too pricey and that may make your Valentine’s Day surprise that much more special. Browse media streaming devices, speaker systems and speaker stands, home theater seating and recliners, HDMI cables, laptop cable adapters, and even some smart home automation kits.


There are many reasons to buy from Prime Cables. We offer fast, free shipping on any orders above $49, free returns on products, and a 1-year guarantee on anything you purchase from our online store. As a Canadian-based brand, Prime Cables has been serving consumers far and wide for over a decade. Specializing in high-tech gifts for the average Canadian household, take advantage of the deals, discounts, and sales we got going on for Valentine’s Day 2018!

Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Guys

Techy Valentines-Day from PrimeCables

For the tech-obsessed man in your life, Valentine’s Day is an unexpected opportunity to impress. From sleekly designed wireless Bluetooth speakers to stylish tech gadgets that they would never have guessed they would receive, this Valentine’s Day, visit Prime Cables for the ultimate tech gifts for guys.


Adapters, in particular USB hubs and adapters, can always be put to good use around the house. For something basic and inexpensive, a USB adapter can be a great Valentine’s Day tech gift to get the day rolling. For guys who enjoy consuming video on tablets and smartphones, a smartphone or tablet mount can be inexpensive and worth the purchase.


For something md-range tech-wise for Valentine’s Day, there are numerous suggestions we could make, such as a three-outlet wall surge protector, an HDTV outdoor TV antenna for free over-air TV programming, a network cable testing and crimping tools combination pack to make their own cable DIY-style, security cameras, and high-tech CCTV kits. Depending on the interests of your man, any of these might seem more appealing and like the perfect tech Valentine’s Day gift.


For tech gifts on the more expensive side, anyone with a home office would appreciate a sit-standing, height-adjustable desk. Featuring an ergonomic design, any student or artist who has a passion for tech is bound to appreciate such a thought. For something more visually impressive and a gift you know they’ll use, a monitor desk mount carrying one, two, or three flat screen monitors can help revolutionize the way they game, work, edit photo and video, or consume information. To this point, there are also TV wall mounts in a number of different styles (full motion, tilt, rotational, and basic) that might be worth checking out. To guys big into tech and sports, a TV wall mount might be an even better gift!


Now we know how Valentine’s Day is a pretty big day for some couples so if you really want go all out, think about re-designing a home theater space. Beyond a TV wall mount which will really elevate the viewing experience, there’s a range of home theater accessories you might be interested in, including speaker stands and speaker mounts, media streaming devices, projectors, home theater seating and recliners, and cables for all occasions.


We hope some of these Valentine’s Day tech gifts for guys have got you thinking about some options. With the big day just around the corner, there’s not much more time to think it through.


Visit Prime Cables, a Canadian-based online retailer for more information on these products and more. We offer a 1-year guarantee on all purchases, free returns, and fast, free shipping on orders above $49. For the best tech Valentine’s Day gifts for guys or if you’re just looking for a little inspiration, visit Prime Cables today.

Save up to 50% off on Charging Cables this Valentine’s Day

PrimeCables valentine day charging cable

This Valentine’s Day, buying the ultimate sync and charge cable has never been cheaper. At Prime Cables, we are a Canadian-based online retailer that knows how much some consumers value getting a good deal. For high quality, premiere charging cables, this is not always possible with some of the larger, corporate retailers. They simply don’t have the space to cut costs any more than they have. With Prime Cables however, we can.

This Valentine’s Day, for a limited time, save up to 50 percent off charging cables while quantities last. Among the selections we have include Apple certified lightning cables, charge and sync cables, nylon braided lightning cables for Apple devices, lightning or micro USB to USB cables, and a wide range of different USB standard cables available – all for 50% off, including free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all products sold. In addition, for any orders above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. As good as the savings are this Valentine’s Day, you may want to take a browse through the Prime Cables catalogue and pick up a few additional items for yourself. That way, when you meet the $49 threshold, you’re maximizing every dollar spent instead of having to pay for shipping.

You can’t ever have too many charging cables. As well built as they can be, eventually, they do give out. Whether it’s from wear and tear or having a pet chew through the wire, replacement sync and charge cables are a necessity. Already having them on-hand and in your closet ready to go is a bonus. Prime Cables’ exclusive Apple-certified cables maintain high customer ratings and boast excellent reviews. If you don’t believe us, just check out the product pages for yourself. Among the top sellers in our charging cables category are those that are Nylon braided. Any Nylon braided cable is even more resistant to being chewed on, clamped on, and broken. There’s no better design than a Nylon braided charging cable which should last you a lifetime.


For more information on Valentine’s Day exclusive deals on charging cables and other tech gift ideas, don’t hesitate to check us out. Now’s the time to buy. With the growing number of devices taking over the Canadian consumer marketplace, charging cables are key accessories that keep you plugged in and online. Take advantage today and always have an extra charging cable for when you need it most. High quality, high performing, and affordable!

Buy a Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine's day techy gift suggestion
Valentine’s day techy gift suggestion

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and devices in general are using less wires today than ever before. Trying to keep up with all the latest connectors, jacks, cable types, and ports make for a mess of a headache. Thankfully, the impact that Bluetooth wireless has had on the tech industry is strong and speakers in particular have been able to harness this technology with great success. This Valentine’s Day 2018,  a Bluetooth wireless speaker can be the ultimate gift for anyone passionate about music, podcasts, and more.


The BT 3.0 IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is available for a limited time only at $14.99. Mobile-friendly, clip it on to our backpack or drop it in your handbag when you’re on the move. Waterproof, dustproof, and snow-proof, this wireless Bluetooth speaker can take on any Canadian winter or summer and live to sing its song another day. Compatible with any other Bluetooth-enabled devices, use it to listen to music, play a podcast, watch a YouTube video, or whatever you need. It’s all there! Even better, it provides connection for up to 15 meters of range, making it easy to take around the house with you when you’re cooking something in the kitchen, moving furniture around in one of the bedrooms, or moving between living spaces to clean.


Why we think a Bluetooth wireless speaker is a smart Valentine’s Day gift is because, unless they already have something similar and/or are not in need of an upgrade, this speaker is high quality, affordable, and is something anyone can use. At a time when more devices and more consumers in general are moving towards wireless, Bluetooth technology is going to have an increasingly larger presence in our lives. Though the huge speaker systems of old may now appear overly large and clunky to handle, a sleekly designed Bluetooth wireless speaker like this is the perfect addition to any home. The fact that it is able to be moved around the house and even taken with you out on a BBQ, picnic, or to the beach, demonstrates the range of purposes it can have. Snatch it up at its current price and have it in time for Valentine’s Day!

Prime Cables is a Canadian-based tech ecommerce marketplace, specializing in a range of consumer products including Bluetooth wireless speakers. Shop with Prime Cables today and receive a 1-year guarantee on any item purchase, free returns, and fast, free shipping on all orders above $49!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him, from PrimeCables


This Valentine’s Day, gift ideas for him have never been so simple as it is shopping with Prime Cables. Browse through cables, adapters, mounts and sit-stands, tools and appliances, home theater accessories, network solutions, and our exclusive Valentine’s Day deals.


For him, buying a smart home kit might be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Consider going with a kit complete with everything you need to get going or mix-and-match different products to make your own smart home. There are home automation controls, smart locks and door bells, motion sensors, cameras, and more to choose from. For any guy who is into tech gadgets, if they don’t already have smart home accessories on the go, this can make for the perfect introduction.


Consider a projector for Valentine’s Day. Now we know a projector is not as aesthetically impressive as a new TV. That said, for less cost, a projector does the same as any TV and can help create a more immersive, theatrical experience in your home. A projector is also easy to pair with laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, and more, as long as you have the right cables to match. No need to worry there as cables and adapters are our specialty at Prime Cables.


Searching for the right Valentine’s Day gift might mean choosing a few. For many men, their home theater space is a representation of their taste in media and how they enjoy spending their time. Imagine being able to provide one or two items to help them upgrade the space into something even more immersive, theatrical, and impressive – thankfully, there are a few non-expensive ways to do this. Buying a TV wall mount can install a flat screen TV against the wall, helping to create a more theatre vibe. Buying speaker stands and/or a new speaker system to upgrade what he’s currently using is a huge gift that is sure to turn some heads. There’s also new home theater seating for any customers willing to arrange pick-up in Toronto.


Also, if you’ve both agreed to get something on budget and/or maybe something a little more useful, going with a collection of cables is a quality gift that you can’t go wrong with. At Prime Cables, we have HDMI cables, a wide variety of USB cables and adapters, video cables, Display Port cables, Apple cables, and more to browse.


This Valentine’s Day, there’s no shortage of gift ideas courtesy of Prime Cables. Be sure to drop in any time to take advantage of our exclusive pricing and remember, all orders above $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada!