How Strong is a Nylon braided Cable – let’s Find Out!

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Seeking to find the strongest possible cable at the most affordable price point, employing Nylon braided protection across a range of different cable types has produced some of the highest quality cable designs this decade. Consumers that have purchased Nylon braided cable report back stronger, faster, and better performance overall, particularly as it applies to consumer-friendly USB sync and charge cables.


PrimeCables prides itself on finding the best quality cable products for Canadians to enjoy. As one of Canada’s fastest growing ecommerce sites in the past decade, we have a long history of high quality products at the cheapest, most affordable price points. Nylon braided cables are among the strongest cables we have. For anyone with pets who like to chew wire and cable, it’s not going to be that easy trying to get through a Nylon braided jacket like this. In addition, they are more difficult to bend and fold over, something which is known to break lesser quality cables over time. The polymer silicone material used on the outside of our high-strength Nylon braided cable is of the highest quality, ensuring a strong cable that will take significant effort to break.


As it pertains to the inside of the Nylon braided cable, you will find pure copper wire core 28/24 AWG, a thicker internal design overall, and a more impressive data transmission performance than a non-Nylon braided cable. For a faster performance, there are seven groups of copper wire inside the cable, designed with industrial use in mind and providing faster speeds than what one would find in standard cables. For mainstream smartphones, tablets, and major devices manufactured from giants like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and more, you still get high compatibility and functionality simply in a better, higher quality cable.


Consumers across the country are using Nylon-braided cables, purchasing them at record low prices with PrimeCables. As you will see from the amazing customer reviews, choose from a variety of Nylon braided cables that are pet-chew resistant, high-temperature resistant, and tangle-resistant. Even better, if you need to take them out with you through one of our unpredictable Canadian winters, Nylon braided jackets and the internal mechanisms that make up the cable have anti-freezing resistant properties. For anyone who has had a cable or set of headphones break on them in freezing temperatures, Nylon braided cable can be part of the solution.


Shop PrimeCables today to get yourself an MFi-certified, strong Nylon-braided cable and see the difference!


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