PrimeCables’ Nylon Braided Charging-Sync Cables are on Discount today!

Some of us don’t give a lot of thought to the USB sync and charge cables we use. We may get them upon purchase of our devices, throw them in a junk drawer, and move on. Some Canadians may occasionally buy a replacement cable here and there but for the most part, things like specification and cable type don’t tend to inspire big thoughts. Here’s why you may want to re-think that.


The type of USB cables we choose has a huge role on how fast our devices charge and sync. Depending on the design of the cable, they can also be prone to breaking, fraying, being chewed through, and failing. Cheap USB cables can also put your device at risk. If you’re buying unknown Chinese-branded USB cables, it could potentially damage the device you are attempting to charge with it. Thereby, the exact type of cable you choose does have a role to play.


Instead of watching a cable get bent and destroyed over time, consider going with a Nylon braided charging-sync cable. PrimeCables is Canada’s go-to eCommerce source for cables, adapters, and USB accessories. Needless to say, Nylon braided charging-sync cables are some of the strongest in the market and even better, they’re not that expensive. In some cases, you may even be able to save money when you buy a Nylon braided USB cable from PrimeCables. That’s something to keep in mind!


See exclusive deals like a high-speed micro USB 2.0 charging-sync cable with Nylon braided protection for $9.99. PrimeCables has Nylon braided protection micro cables with pure copper wire 28/24 AWG wire core, which is thicker, safer, and maximized for improved data transmission performance. Nylon thread is easily foldable and without breaking. Compared to a data cable you might receive with your device, Nylon is way more effective as a cable casing. It’s great if you have pets that like to chew on cables or if you have to take your cables out into the cold Canadian weather.


The seven groups of copper wire found inside the cable are high quality, professional, advanced, and will provide a faster speed than you’ll find in a standard USB cable. Why this can be considered the ‘ultimate USB cable’ comes down to it being more functional, faster, better compatibility, and is perfectly tagged to numerous devices on popular brand names like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and others.


There’s plenty of reason to do your USB cable shopping with PrimeCables. If you buy in bulk, you can enjoy ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Shop with PrimeCables today.

OTG Connects your Mobile Device with USB

Are you looking for a cable you can use on the go to connect almost anything to your smartphone, making it easy to do business, browse documents, and surf the Internet – we got what you need.


As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for cables, adapters, and so much more, PrimeCables has some of the lowest prices in Canada. OTG stands for ‘on the go’ and identifies a specific category of cables that act as the simplest, most convenient way to connect USB peripherals to your smartphone, tablet, or digital device. If you have mobile products you are interested in hooking up via USB connection, buying an OTG cable is simple, fast, and awesome. Shop now for connections on USB, MP3, smartphone, keyboards, and more.


If you want to use your keyboard on Android with USB OTG, the process is simple and it makes typing a lot easier. Using OTG cables, you can surf on the Internet across any Android device, accessing the online world any time. To use your mouse on Android with USB OTG, just connect it and have no need to touch the screen. Another benefit is that it allows you to read the data by using the micro port to connect, read, copy, past, and edit any document as you see fit! There’s a lot of reasons why a consumer may buy an OTG cable. The great thing is that they’re inexpensive and very multi-purpose, suitable for everything for Document editing to help you gain a wired connection to a drone.


Though inexpensive, OTG adapters can vary in price. The bottom line for a company like PrimeCables is don’t overpay. Among the OTG cables and adapters in the PrimeCables catalogue, enjoy deals like the micro USB 11pin OTG adapter for Samsung for $0.99, the micro USB 5pin OTG adapter for $1.99, the 5pin to 11pin micro USB adapter for MHL adapters and Samsung Galaxy models for $0.99, the OTG card reader adapter for $5.99, the USB-C to USB 3.1 male to female cable adapter OTG-compatible for $6.99, and more. Shop with PrimeCables to enjoy ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Also, receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


USB on-the-go cables began to be used in the early 2000s. Since then, their audience has grown significantly. Use your tablet or smartphone as a host, connect other USB devices, and enjoy the capability of being able to switch between them. Shop PrimeCables for your next USB OTG order!

All you Need to Know about USB

USB stands for ‘universal serial bus’ and it is the most common consumer cable currently on the market today. USB cables are used to sync and charge a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile digital devices.

Get the best USB connection from

Choosing the right USB cable for your needs can vary, depending on what you want to use it for. Anyone looking for high quality, cheap USB cables in Canada, PrimeCables has got you covered with nearly 100 different models to browse.


The most popular use of USB cables is evidently for smartphones and tablets. For these devices, consumers usually shop for Apple lightning cables, Apple 30pin USB cables, USB Type C cables, and micro USB 2.0 5 pin cables. See amazing USB deals from PrimeCables on products like the preferred 1M Nylon braided USB lightning cable MFi certified on-sale for a limited time only for $6.99.

how to choose the right USB for your devices
how to choose the right USB for your devices

If you’re looking for a USB cable for data transfer or storage, such as with an external hard drive, consider our premium USB 2.0 to micro 5pin USB sync and charge cable for only $1.69 or the premium USB sync and charge cable with 28/24 AWG for $2.38.


If you’re looking for portable device connections – such as those used for drones, power banks, cameras, and Bluetooth speakers – you may want to go with our high-speed micro USB 2.0 sync and charging cable with Nylon braided protection for $5.49. The great thing about the Nylon braided protection is that it provides a cable that is not going to get bent out of shape, chewed on by pets, or that’s not going to break when you throw it into your bag.


Now, for larger computer devices that require USB connectivity like printers and microphones, your USB cable is going to be built a little differently. Be careful on what you order for these devices and ensure you have the right connection end. A few of the options we have include the high quality USB 2.0 male to male 28/24 AWG cable for $2.49 and the USB 3.0 male to male cable in blue for $1.49.


If you have more questions on what might be the right USB cable product for you and your devices, please feel free to visit PrimeCables. USB cables are used for so many multi-purpose products with reason. For this reason, companies like Apple and Microsoft have waged huge bets on USB Type-C cables, among other types. Don’t overpay and shop with PrimeCables for the lowest prices in Canada across all USB accessories.

See the Best Black Friday 2018 Deals from PrimeCables – Canada’s top eCommerce store

Black Friday 2018 is coming with some amazing opportunities to get huge price discounts on premiere products from Canada’s favourite eCommerce supplier, PrimeCables. See bargains across categories like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and more. For all the best offers November 23, 2018, visit PrimeCables. Some of our top products are listed below for you to browse!


HDMI Cables


HDMI cables are one of the most advanced A/V consumer cables in the marketplace today. Many Canadian households already use them across their home theater systems. PrimeCables has HDMI cables at lower prices than anywhere in Canada. Even better, we have HDMI adapting cables that comes complete with Ethernet, VGA, DVI, micro, mini, or flat-type capabilities.


USB Type-C


If you’re looking to pack your order to meet the $49 minimum required for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, you may want to throw in one or two USB Type-C cables. Most Canadians use USB Type-C cables at least once every day to charge their smartphone, tablets, and/or other digital devices. For many Canadians searching Black Friday sales, this one might be worth chasing.


Ethernet Cable


Connectivity in the house through Ethernet cable will give you a fast method to spread Internet. Last Black Friday, Ethernet cables are immensely popular among some households. We expect much of the same this year. As they’re heavily sought after, you’ll find some of the lowest prices in Canada this Black Friday 2018 off Ethernet cables and more.


Sit-Stand Desk


Sit-stand desks are a great ergonomic option to help reduce stress on the body and keep yourself physically engaged in your work. PrimeCables’ sit-stand desks are set to be heavily discounted this year for Black Friday 2018.


TV Wall Mount


The key to getting a good deal on TV wall mounts is to know what you’re looking for. There are a lot of different types of TV wall mounts, including more basic models to those with tilts, swivels, articulating arms, and pull-downs. Depending on the size of your television and where you wish to install your TV wall mount, you may have to spend a little more or a little less.


PrimeCables is going to have plenty of other Black Friday 2018 deals so be sure to keep an eye out. Spot a good deal and enjoy picking up products you won’t find anywhere else at its price point!

Back to School Discounts on USB Cables all for under $14 to Sync and Charge your Smartphone

Though sync and charge cables are easy to find, the quality and design can vary quite a bit. At times, they may not be high quality, they are sometimes built dangerously poor to the extent where they may put your devices at risk, and the costs add up when you think about how many of these you’ll buy over the next year. For this summer and fall, PrimeCables is offering exclusive back to school discounts on USB cables all for under $14 to sync and charge your smartphone.


Back to school always makes for a strong shopping season for PrimeCables. As we continue to stand as one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands, we’re looking to bring the lowest prices to the market on some of the highest quality products. USB cables is an area we like to specialize in, offering a range of different colors, designs, styles, and connectors. Please feel encouraged to take a look through our inventory to find the right USB cable that suits your personality.


Save up to 50 percent off across back to school discounts on USB cables and accessories, and more. See Apple-certified lightning cables available at lengths of one metre for $5.99, two metres for $9.99, and/or three metres for $10.99. Check out Nylon braided lightning USB cables at lengths of one metre for $7.99 or two metres for $12.99. There are also other types of USB cables you may want to consider, such as a 2-in-1 certified lightning cable or 3-in-1 sync and charge cable.


Needless to say, there’s no shortage of USB cable options. If your current USB cables are not cutting it, shop it with PrimeCables to get your replacements fast, easy, and affordable. Back to school deals on USB cables have never been this good before. There’s no beating PrimeCables when it comes to quality or pricing. Take your USB sync and charge cable game up a notch, using this back to school deal to get it cheap. Now’s the perfect time to buy!


In addition to phone charging cables, PrimeCables has several other back to school discounts on products like surge protector power strips, small to medium sized TVs, monitor desk mounts, sit-standing desks, and headphones and earbuds. Also, when you shop with PrimeCables on an order above $49, get fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Please feel encouraged to browse PrimeCables’ eCommerce catalogue today for all the latest back to school deals and more!

Do You Need a Dual USB port right in your Wall Outlet – Buy it from PrimeCables!

There are plenty of ways to charge USB devices in this day and age. For smart home enthusiasts, some have chosen to embed dual USB ports right into their wall outlets. For many multi-person Canadian households, this might not be such a bad idea.


Also, it’s not that expensive either, especially if you know where to look. As one of Canada’s go-to names in eCommerce for smart home accessories, PrimeCables is proud to offer a dual USB port wall outlet for a fraction of the cost you might find elsewhere. Shop with us any day of the week and save!


Consider the 4.2 A Smart Fast Charging Dual USB Port, Decora Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle PrimeCables® for $9.99. This high-end quad-USB charging receptacle is ideal for use across iPhones, Samsung smartphones, iPads, other tablets, and other USB devices. Already, thousands of these have been sold for personal use in Canadian homes as well as in commercial and professional environments. Believe us when we say that it makes things a heck of a lot easier when attempting to charge multiple devices at the same time.


There are many reasons to shop with PrimeCables, going beyond offering the lowest prices in Canada. We always like to make it a point how we don’t compromise on quality either. Just because you pay cheap, it does not mean what you’re going to get is cheaply made. It’s anything but. The 4.2 A Smart Fast Charging Dual USB Port, Decora Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle PrimeCables® has been used in airports, hotels, shopping malls, offices, and residential homes across Canada. The installation is easy and it serves to replace the traditional standard duplex receptacle which subsequently minimizes clusters.


Also, when you shop with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. The great thing about a product like a dual USB port right in your wall outlet is that it improves property value in many ways. Many Canadians have bought multiples to install them throughout the home. If you have problems fitting USB devices into your everyday charging routine, this is a smart home accessory you might want to consider purchasing.


Browse exclusive discounts, deals, and promotions on this dual USB port and other smart home accessories from PrimeCables. High quality products, fast delivery, and offered at the lowest prices in Canada, you’ll be glad to have some place to charge devices and keep other outlets available.

Get our 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub as one of our Back to School Essentials

To a student, having a multi-port USB hub is a great ‘back to school essential’ because it fulfills many different roles. Any student can use it to charge their smartphone or tablet, to plug in their laptops to charge, and/or use it across any digital device with USB charging capability. This gadget has the opportunity to contribute in so many different ways to a person’s life that it’s a purchase worth considering.


Most students already have some version of a USB hub though it might not have multiple ports. Almost anywhere, you can find some very cheap models of two-ports though these don’t necessarily provide a fast charge and, depending on where they were manufactured, may actually pose a threat.


Needless to say, everyone should have a USB hub of some kind. PrimeCables’ 7-port USB hub can help. Providing a user with seven different USB ports to connect to, you’ll always have somewhere to plug your device when it needs a good quality charge.


From PrimeCables, buy the 7-Port USB 3.0 HUB with Individual Switch Power Adapter Plug – Black today for $19.99. Featuring an independent switch to reduce power consumption, plug and play capability, and an on-an-off switch assigned to each USB port, this is a great tool for any student going to college or university, getting ready for high school, or entering junior high. The high-speed 7-port USB hub has every port with speeds up to 5Gbps.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables is proud to be able to provide high quality products like this multi-port USB hub at some of the lowest prices in Canada. Enjoy free returns and a 1-year product guarantee when you shop with PrimeCables. Also, when you put in an order above $49, instantly qualify for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


These are just some of the advantages you get when you browse PrimeCables for the best deals, discounts, and promotions. Pair the 7-Port USB 3.0 HUB with Individual Switch Power Adapter Plug – Black with products such as cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, and more.


Enjoy tech back to school 2018 specials that you can only find at PrimeCables. Enjoy up to 60 percent off key products in our catalogue for a limited time only. See why so many Canadians are coming to PrimeCables for the best deals in Canada.