What is a USB-C Cable?

USB-C cable is the highest quality USB cable on the market today, surpassing the limitations of its predecessors and establishing a new standard for Universal Serial Bus. Commonly referred to as USB Type-C, it gets its name from a 24-pin connector arrangement embedded into its rotational connector. Since 2015, USB-C cables have become the go-to standard for tablets, smartphones, and other devices requiring a sync and charge.


The USB-C standard was originally developed alongside USB 3.1 specification. Due to its superior technology, the USB-C standard was more widely accepted by key brands such as Apple. The key philosophy behind the USB-C design was to create something that was “future-proof”, while simultaneously building from USB-A and USB-B connectors and technology. Needless to say, USB-C accomplished exactly that. The connectors comprise of four ground pairs, two differential pairs for non-SuperSpeed data, four pairs for SuperSpeed, two sideband pins, and a configuration pin for cable orientation data. To connect an older device to USB-C, one has to have an adapter of some kind.


The nature of the USB-C also makes it reversible. That means that a device can act as both a host and a peripheral, and the cord can be switched accordingly. When two devices are assigned with USB-C, the roles of the devices are automatically assigned. When paired correctly, the same USB-C cable can charge both the host and the peripheral. They may also independently and dynamically exchange data, as needed by the user.


As technology continues to develop, the products that continue to use wire and cable are equipped with USB-C ports. Charging and syncing devices has never been easier and safer to do. With a user-friendly design, the USB-C successfully matches up the features of previous cables, presenting one all-encompassing piece of tech that is used by photographers, musicians, artists, video editors, and everyday Canadian consumers. As more devices and accessories have been released with USB-C ports incorporated into their design, the adoption of USB-C is still ongoing. For those who have not yet upgraded to USB-C, they soon will as devices are not being built with standards of anything less.


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