Using a Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar to raise the Bar of your Home Theater Sound

PrimeCables is delighted to introduce an alternative to the traditional surround sound systems, multimedia speakers, and bookshelf speakers that occupy home theater systems around Canada.


A wireless Bluetooth soundbar implemented into your home theater sound, you can instantly see the bar raise with that same high quality sound you’ve always wanted in addition to being able to pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled devices.


More and more, we are seeing home theater systems move towards being completely wireless. This is understandable. After all, home entertainment centers are notoriously filled with all sorts of cables.


Now more than ever, with so many devices to connect, we have sound cables, HDMI cables, USB cables, TV cables, speaker cables, and all sorts of necessary accessories. Although necessary, wouldn’t it be great to go wireless – consider it.


Home theater enthusiasts looking for a way to make an affordable upgrade, you can go wireless now with any of PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar. We actually have a few different options that have been bookmarked by thousands of Canadians.


There’s the stereo Bluetooth soundbar and wired subwoofer for w/ free shipping included to anywhere in Canada for $99.99.


There’s also the stereo soundbar Bluetooth 2.0 wired and wireless speakers w/ free shipping included for $56.99.


If you’re living in a smaller room, small apartment, or small condo and have an appropriately sized small TV, there’s also a small portable Bluetooth mini home theater system for $39.99.


Across these products, you’ll enjoy superior sound quality, high-resolution audio, smart functionality, and a sleek, modern design.


Fill every corner of your room with a strong, multi-dimensional sound in a way you haven’t been able to, in the past. When you want to sync up a podcast or some music from your smartphone, you don’t need some elaborate wire or cable setup. All you need to do is enable the Bluetooth on your device and get it in. Incredibly convenient, you’ll be glad to have it. These soundbar models are among the best in Canada, especially at their price point.


Getting set up with an affordable and wireless Bluetooth soundbar has never been easier. Blending affordability, style, and technology, enjoy your wireless Bluetooth soundbar on your terms. Experience the full benefits of your home theater system and expand its capability. Do so with PrimeCables and enjoy that fast, free shipping we offer on any order above $49. Innovation has never been so affordable. See an amazing, versatile performance in any of the Bluetooth products available on PrimeCables.

Can you Really Increase your Productivity with a Sit-Stand Desk – yes, actually!

There’s a growing amount of studies being produced on ergonomically designed height adjustable sit standing desks. An area that has a lot of people interested is in how they impact productivity. A lot of sit-stand desk sellers claim that these ergonomic desks can improve productivity but can they actually do that – well, let’s take a look.


When we work, it’s a habit to sit in a chair and in front of a desk. If you’re an office worker in Canada, that’s what you do. All day long, we’re sitting – at work, in our cars, on the subway or bus, watching TV, and eating. The more that we sit, the less we spend time on other things. I mean, think about it. Eight hours a day sitting down, eight hours a day sleeping, plus all those other activities, and it all adds up to the majority of our days being spend sedentary.


When it comes time to get to work, people who are have less motion in their daily lives tend to move slower, think slower, and their productivity can be impacted by that. Of course, this may not apply to everyone but it applies to a lot of people who live sedentary lives. Sit-standing desks were created to encourage standing at work because when we stand, physically, we’re engaged and that extends our concentration.


A recent study published by the Texas A&M University shared how employees who stood at work as opposed to sitting increased their productivity by 23 percent in the first month of doing so and then, within six months, their productivity had increased by 63 percent. Naturally though, no one wants to be standing all day long. So ergonomic height adjustable desks are usually preferred, allowing an employee to move the desk to different heights depending on whether they want to be standing or seated.


Sit-stand desks are not there to take away sitting. What it’s there for is to combat prolonged sitting by providing a second option on what to do with your body while you work. Anyone who sits eight hours a day is physically idle and it’s only a matter of time until that impacts their mental state. Physically speaking, the less engaged you are, the less your mental instincts will be. That’s what we want to avoid.


For anyone looking to improve their work performance, either for personal or professional reasons, consider purchasing an ergonomically designed height adjustable sit-standing desk. Believe us when we say that you will notice a difference. And, should you not enjoy the whole ‘standing while you work’ gig, no worries because you can always convert your sit-standing desk back into a seated position whenever you please.

Shop eCommerce in Canada this New Year’s Eve and Save $100s with PrimeCables

This New Year’s Eve is a great time to let go of the past and look ahead towards the future. It’s a time to party, to have fun, to get refreshed, and to get excited. It’s a time to commit to making change in the year ahead for you and your family.


Before you head out to your New Year’s Eve part though and before you hit the down, why not stop by PrimeCables and shop some of the gifts you may not have received for Christmas, upgrade your home theater system on the cheap, or buy your favourite products on discount, giving yourself something to look forward to in early weeks of January.

primecables new year sale 2019
primecables new year sale 2019

PrimeCables is a Canadian-based retailer specializing in sales, deals, and discounts on quality products under the categories of cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater systems, smart home accessories, network solutions and more. When anyone shops PrimeCables, they’re getting the best possible price on a good quality product they can rely on.


For New Year’s Eve only, PrimeCables has prepped a sale that you’re going to love! See some amazing discounts on dimmer switches, smart home controllers, in-wall switches, smart outlets, height adjustable sit-stand desks, iPhone super thin transparent clear glass screen protectors, 1-metre Apple-certified lightning cables, and a 2.1 Bluetooth-enabled multimedia stereo speaker and subwoofer set.


Enjoy some New Year’s Eve shopping with PrimeCables. It’ll give some relaxation outside of worrying about the mood of the night, what outfit you’re going to wear, and any superstitions you intend to maintain throughout the evening’s festivities. Any time you buy through PrimeCables, enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49, a 1-year product guarantee, and free returns included in every order.


eCommerce in Canada on New Year’s Eve – even if your night’s a messy, terrible affair, you’ll know you’ve got some amazing products on the way to get you off on the right foot in January. Browse up to 70% off products like a two-way pair of bookshelf speakers, a thin indoor HDTV antenna, speaker wire, a smart home security camera with 720p night vision, a door and window smart sensor, and other home security products.


Shop PrimeCables for our New Year’s Eve 2019 sale for a magical, cleansing night of online shopping and more. Just a click away, you won’t find a better deal anywhere in Canada on December 31. Join PrimeCables all month long for even more sales as well!

See the Best Christmas Gifts under $50 from Canada’s PrimeCables

The best holiday presents found anywhere in Canada in the under-$50 category are here and they can all be found in a single place – Canada’s very own growing eCommerce giant, PrimeCables. Don’t let the holidays be a stress and a struggle. Instead of shuffling through a mall of flustered people trying to get the same shopping done, sit down and do it online. For the perfect collection of holiday gifts, these are some of our favourites from PrimeCables’ official holiday gift guide.


Glass ergonomic tabletop riser – $9.99

Ideal for flat-screen computer monitors, TVs, audio equipment, and more, purchasing a glass tabletop riser is a great addition to any workstation. If you’re buying for a gamer, someone with a  home office, a student, or a young professional, if they aren’t using a laptop and are still on a desktop, raise their monitor a little and create more space on the desk for them.


Apple-certified 1-metre lightning to USB cable – $5.99

Affordably priced, this Apple-certified USB lightning cable is a great gift for anyone with a smartphone. 100% compatible with any Apple product, it’s compact, complete with fast charge and sync capabilities, and has an impressive reversible USB design. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and free returns included. Any USB lightning cable like this is an easy choice.


Full motion articulating TV wall mount – $39.99


This Christmas, the ultimate way to upgrade a home theater system is here. If the person you’re buying for already has a flat-screen television, check to see if there’s space to hang it on the wall. If they don’t have it set up properly on something pleasing to the eye, consider buying a full-motion TV wall mount. Features include an extension, tilt, swivel, and rotate functions for flat-screens up to 110 pounds in weight.


Dual LCD monitor desk mount – $49.99

Any gamer or young professional working from two monitors should have a two-screen monitor mount like this. Fully adjustable for any two screens up to 27” in size, enjoy 180-degree swivel, 45-degree tilt, and 360-degree rotation ensuring monitors can be viewed from almost any perspective. A user can freely adjust their monitors as needed to maximize their gaming experience.

PrimeCables monitor wall mount
PrimeCables monitor wall mount

See more Christmas gifts under $50 from PrimeCables, including under the categories of home theater essentials, Ethernet cables, smartphone accessories, Apple-certified USB cables, portable home theater devices, ergonomic office accessories, and more. Save potentially $100s and spend less while getting a similar number of gifts. Keep spending in check with Canada’s biggest eCommerce budget warehouse online shopping centre, PrimeCables!

When Does the PrimeCables’ Free Shipping Boxing Day Sale Start – read here!

This Boxing Day caps off an exciting month of sales and promotions across categories ranging from cables to adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, smart home products, appliances, tools, and network solutions.


PrimeCables’ official Boxing Day sale w/ fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada begins on December 26. See hundreds of products marked down, in addition to terms like our annual 1-year product guarantee and free returns included on most items in the catalogue.


As a company made and managed by Canadians for Canadians, we expect our 2018 Boxing Day sale to be our biggest yet. For shoppers who have shopped with us in the past, they know Boxing Day deals at PrimeCables are the stuff of legends. At times, our price cuts have caused listing numbers to drop by as much as 70 percent and sometimes more.


Instead of hitting up the mall or trying to make a retail adventure work, stay at home with a cup of tea and don’t look back. Forego those long lines and scenes of customers queuing hours at a time just to get the right deal on a few elect products. Rest assured you can shop the same products with way less effort and also, you won’t have to pay a cent for shipping. We’ll cover it all. Almost akin to a blow-out sale, find massive discounts you won’t see anywhere else or at any other time of year. That’s everything we’ve promised for Boxing Day 2018 at PrimeCables and believe us when we say there’s more on the way!


Some of the great Boxing Day 2018 deals from PrimeCables includes a height adjustable laptop and tablet stand for under $6, a home office customizable sit-standing height-adjustable desk for under $160, a 1-metre USB-C sync and charging able in white for less than $6, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for under $8, a TV wall mount in a classic swivel and tilt design for under $9, our critically acclaimed 3-in-1 full motion TV wall mount for TVs up to 70” with an HDMI cable included for under $44, a 43” LCD 1080p television for under $299, a magnetic smartphone car mount for under $5, and a 27” curved gaming monitor 1080p 144Hz with thin aluminum frame for under $300.


The official PrimeCables Boxing Day 2018 sale kicks off December 26. Save $100s! Discounting has already started and is only going to ramp up the closer we get to our favourite day after Christmas. Spend your Boxing Day with us. Shop the best deals, exclusives, sales, and more!

Boxing Day Tech Sale from PrimeCables and what Deals to Look Out for on December 26!

Post-Christmas is a great time of year for Canadians seeking record-low pricing. This year, Boxing Day is coming with a range of bargains on some of Canada’s favourite tech products, including everything from smartphone accessories to home theater products, tech gadgets, and more!

To anyone whose been waiting all year for the right time to snag a bargain, this is it. Instead of going with Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart, be welcomed through the doors of one of Canada’s favourite eCommerce sites, PrimeCables.

See hundreds of tech products marked down under categories like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and network solutions.

Boxing Day 2018, you’ll see dozens of brands all competing to offer the lowest prices on high-quality product. Not one to get lost in the shuffle, some of the deals you can expect to see from PrimeCables includes discounts on our 10-watt wireless smartphone Qi-certified charger for iPhone and Samsung for under $30, the official PrimeCables 43” LED 1080p flat-screen TV for under $300, ergonomically designed wireless Bluetooth earbuds for under $10, and more.

After the turkey’s gone cold, there’s no need to even leave the house. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in on the couch, and browse away. We’d like to bring your attention to a quick guide, sharing some of our absolute best deals this December 26.

Magnetic car mount 360-degree for under $5

Are you always on the go and like to listen to podcasts or music in the car – a 360-degree full motion magnetic smartphone car mount is the perfect tech gadget for those with long driving commutes.

10-watt waterproof Bluetooth speaker for under $25

If you’re going to head out near water or into wet environments, having a Bluetooth speaker is a wonderful gift for those prone to beach trips and/or who are going to be out in the snow or on the plow this winter.

27” curved gaming monitor for under $300

If you have a gamer in your family and you have a bit of a budget to play with, a 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p with a thin aluminum frame is a strong recommendation. Though not perfect for every consumer, those who know the value in a curved monitor will worship their holiday gift.

Shop PrimeCables this Boxing Day to browse deals cutting off $100s at a time on select tech gadgets and big tech sales.

Get a Retro HiFi Speaker Amplifier for Cheap during Boxing Day

A speaker amplifier for cheap is not always an easy find on Boxing Day deal. For PrimeCables’ Boxing Day sale, we have some beautiful retro amplifiers and high quality sound modelling units on discount for a limited time only.

PrimeCables Retro amplifier


The favourite retro speaker amplifier in the PrimeCables catalogue on sale for Boxing Day is an exquisite 25-watt tube amplifier with Bluetooth capability. After applying a Boxing Day-only 50 percent discount, this retro HiFi speaker amplifier for cheap comes to $119.99, in addition to its ‘free shipping’ coupon which covers delivery fees to anywhere in Canada.

PrimeCables Tube Amplifier
PrimeCables Tube Amplifier


If you’ve been looking for the right deal to replace your speaker amplifier with, this might be it. Upgrade your home theater audio in a heartbeat with this easy-to-install sound knockout. Some features you’re sure to enjoy is a 2×25-watt RMS output, inputs for both USB and RCA, an impressive yet expected 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, and a dual channel stereo analog RCA input.


Boxing Day only comes once a year. You’d be surprised by what you can find for cheap in the PrimeCables catalogue. As more Canadians than ever are expected to go price shopping this December, savings like these can quickly amount to $100s you don’t have to pay for.


Some similar audio and amplifier-related products you may hope to pick up while delving into PrimeCables’ catalogue, you’ll find height adjustable metal satellite speaker floor stands in a set for less than $20, a comparable mini-amplifier 30-wat dual channel for $43.99, a stunning 200-watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, and the premium 5.1-channel home theater speaker system with 12-inch subwoofer courtesy of Monoprice for $549.99.


Depending on your budget, any of those aforementioned options might appeal to you. All of us have different preferences and space requirements to take into account. Although there are several possibilities to consider, the retro HiFi speaker amplifier on cheap sale is good as gold as far as we’re concerned. You won’t find anything better from us or anywhere else. This might be exactly what you need to give your home theater system its knockout punch!


If you’ve already got that high quality flat-screen installed, the next thing to work on is its accompanying audio. Never an area to compromise, get high quality audio in top quality sound products via PrimeCables. Kick off your Boxing Day post-Christmas shopping with PrimeCables. Don’t even leave the house to find some amazing deals on TVs, sound systems, and other home theater accessories!