What you know about PrimeCables USB Type-C Cable

best usb type c cable in Canada
best usb type c cable in Canada

PrimeCables’ USB Type-C cables are among the highest quality in Canada. Featuring some of the best pricing on USB cables in the country, we’ve got everything you need to get hooked up. There is no sync or charge cable more advanced than type-C.

If you and your devices are not already equipped with USB Type-C, now’s an opportune time to upgrade your cables. More Canadians than ever are using USB Type-C and it’s even proven to be so successful and advanced that devices are even beginning to switch to using type-C for audio as well. For the time being though, buying a USB Type-C cable is an easy way to upgrade sync and charge capabilities on the most powerful cable in the marketplace today.

USB Type-C specification was developed in recent years as a means of advancing the USB standard to something that meets not only the requirements of today but also, of the future. The leap that this new USB standard took has made it the cable of the decade. Included in the type-C design is a reversible component, allowing a user to flip it any way to charge and sync devices. Being user-friendly and compatible across numerous devices, in this day and age, USB Type-C has become one of the most well-known computer cables ever built. Even as the future might be headed towards wireless devices, the USB Type-C is still a standard by which many smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables are counting on. Connect devices using USB Type-C and see a significant improvement on work efficiency. Flexible, easy-to-use, and with the ability to provide a fast charge from any power outlet, don’t leave the house without a USB Type-C on your person.

There are a wide variety of USB Type-C cables to choose, including minor differences in design, color, and specification. Depending on your personal preferences and devices (i.e. tablet, smartphone, etc.), one of PrimeCables’ cables may be more appealing than others. All things considered, no matter what your selection is, expect a much faster charging speed and faster syncing capabilities. In addition, should you choose to go with a Nylon-braided jacket, you’re going to have a cable that is difficult to chew, cut, and break. As much pride as we take in selling inexpensive, affordable USB cables, we don’t believe in cheap design. When you buy through PrimeCables, you will receive only the best quality USB cables that can be offered!

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