The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a TV Wall Mount

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So many different types of TV wall mounts, affixing an HDTV to the wall and doing away with the old-style television stand has never been easier. No matter the style or size of the TV, there’s more than likely a way to mount it.

Do take the time to research what style best suits your space. Enabling full-motion, swivel, tilt, and fixed options, choose the degree of movement you want. Fixed keeps the television locked in, unable to even tilt it. Meanwhile, tilts typically allow for some movement up to 15 degrees, helping to reduce glare and providing a more in-line viewing experience. Tilt-and-swivel options provide some ways to adjust the placement of a TV, which is ideal for a larger sized room with a range of seating.

Do get the specifications of the TV, including size in inches, measurements on shape, weight, and anything else that may appear in its specifications. Sometimes, size and weight are not suitable for some mounts. Also, do be sure to get the VESA specifications as well. The VESA numbers will be able to tell you whether the TV will fit correctly and securely in the mount. The VESA numbers indicate the system of screws, which is something admittedly highly important.

Do take the time to ensure the TV wall mount is correctly installed. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction and, if it’s a TV larger than 27 inches, consider having a friend provide a helping hand. It will be difficult to handle a TV at the same time that it is being placed and secured to the mount.

Don’t forget about checking for studs prior to installing a TV wall mount and ensure that everything is properly secured. Compromising on safety and quality is not something you want to do, when it comes to handling such an expensive item. A TV wall mount that is incorrectly installed or a TV that is not secured to the mount properly can result in your wall and TV being damaged, resulting in repairs that are going to be expensive to get done.


The do’s and don’ts of buying a TV wall mount ultimately involve following manufacturer’s instruction and doing the research to ensure your TV is being properly paired with its mount. Be it fixed, tilting, or full-motion, the type of mount you choose is entirely up to you.

Feel encouraged to experiment with different TV wall mount possibilities for your viewing space. As it pertains to where seats are placed and limitations on where a TV could be placed, you may already have a pretty good idea on what works.

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