Don’t Know which TV Wall Mount to Buy? Here is the Complete Guide!

Which tv wall mount should I choose?
Which tv wall mount should I choose?

TV wall mounts are a growing category in Canadian home theater systems and home entertainment spaces. There are so many TV wall mounts to browse that knowing which one is right for your entertainment space is not always clear. 

The first step towards buying a TV wall mount is in noting your flat screen’s VESA specifications in addition to size and weight. These specifications will assist in determining what TV wall mounts are eligible.


Next, consider the space and the possible configurations for a TV wall mount. In many cases, Canadian households have used TV wall mounts in dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and in outdoor settings. In most cases, you may have multiple options on where to set up the mount.


Before deciding on a specific wall, get to know a little bit the different TV mount options. There are the more basic, fixed options in addition to wall mounts that come with tilts, full-motion, and pull-down.


Browsing through the PrimeCables catalogue as an example, there are numerous affordably priced TV wall mounts to choose from.


These include a Heavy-duty Tilting Curved & Flat Panel TV Wall Mount for TV 37″ to 70″ inch for $19.99, a PrimeCables® Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 37″ to 70″ Flat Panel TVs for $41.99, a PrimeCables® Pivoting TV Wall Mount w/ Swing Out Articulating Arm for 13″ to 27″ for $19.99, and an elegant Slim Full-motion Wall Mount For 26″-55″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs for $27.99.


As evidenced, when buying through PrimeCables, prices are kept low, affordable, and competitive. When buying a TV wall mount via PrimeCables, you also receive a 1-year guarantee and free returns on all products. Better yet, on any orders above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


As TV stands continue to fall out of style and wall mounts continue on the way up, every Canadian household has the chance to craft immersive, theatrical viewing experiences.


Imagine being able to binge a TV show, watch a movie, enjoy a sports game, or take in a concert with your flat-screen affixed to the wall. There are advantages to each wall mount type – tilts are a popular low cost option to handle glare in a sun-filled room while full-motion articulating TV wall mounts work for larger spaces.


For more information on the exact specifications of some of the top TV wall mounts in Canada, visit and take advantage of the latest deals.

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