7 Reasons To Buy A Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

A full motion articulating TV wall mount is a great investment for a family-friendly space or gathering area where you don’t want space taken up unnecessarily. Lift up your screen and position it against the wall, creating a theatre in your very own home.

Here are 7 reasons to buy a full motion articulating TV wall mount for 37” to 70” flat panel TVs at PrimeCables.ca.

Save Space

There is no need for a table on which to put your flat-screen TV. You can clear out any table or surface you’d normally have a TV on. Instead, you put it up against the wall, suspended with a mount.


A full motion articulating mount has several design features to it, including the ability to tilt the screen, move it left and right, and combat common issues, such as glare from the windows or lamps.

Blends Into Your Aesthetic

A TV wall mount blends your screen in with your home décor and other home entertainment accessories. If you’re aiming to make the room look as luxurious and media-friendly as possible, having a mounted flat-screen can feel like going to the movie theatre.

Adjust The Angle

You probably watch TV from a different spot than you would with family or friends at home. Depending on where you need the TV, a full motion articulating TV wall mount allows you to readjust the angle according to where you need the screen to be.

Make It Easier To Watch

For large gatherings, where you want what’s on the screen to be a focal point of what’s happening in the room, it can be tough getting everyone into it when your TV isn’t visible. TV mounts elevate your screen to the right height, making it easier to enjoy media, movies, sports, and more.

Easy To Install

A TV wall mount is not difficult to install. After you have found the studs behind the wall, the next steps are straightforward. You can install a TV wall mount in a matter of a half-hour or less, transforming your home theater room.

Enhanced Safety

When a flat panel TV wall mount is correctly installed, it provides maximum security. There is no possibility of the TV getting knocked over. The mounts at PrimeCables.ca have been thoroughly tested for safety and security, made from premium materials.

Find full motion TV wall mounts at PrimeCables.ca for a stylish solution to how to present your screen in a home theater setting. You’ll be relieved and impressed by the difference a simple mount makes.

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