Here is your Complete TV Wall Mount Guide

tv wall mount guide
tv wall mount guide

Browse the official PrimeCables’ TV wall mount guide here for all of your questions answered. When buying a TV wall mount, if you’ve never done it before, you may have no idea on where to even start – no worries. Browse PrimeCables’ complete line of universal and VESA-compatible TV wall mounts which will suit any need. Combine home theater accessories and more with a TV wall mount to build a truly immersive home entertainment system.


When buying a TV wall mount for 3D, LED, LCD, projector, and plasma flat-panel TVs, selecting what type of TV wall mount you want is key. There are the more basic, fixed wall mounts which begin at only $15.99 exclusively through PrimeCables. Then, there are some that are tilt-type, which provides a slight angle to fight glare. For those households installing a TV wall mount across from windows and are worried about glare, selecting at least a tilt type is recommended. Then, there are full-motion wall mounts that allow a user to move the screen across as they see fit. For families and/or spaces that have seats spread across the room, choosing a full-motion TV wall mount might be your best bet. Currently, PrimeCables has a special for a 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers for only $46.99.


Those are some of the favourite TV wall mount options, as selected by Canadian households. Via PrimeCables, there are more exclusive wall mount types that you may be interested in however. For example, one of our most high-tech wall mounts is the Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for TVs 40” to 63” for $215.99. It’s got a price tag attached, yes, but it has also received very positive reviews, is one of our more high-class items, and is quite the prize. Please note that this is not the only above fireplace pull-down wall mount we have in stock. There is also a competing model – a Full-Motion Above Fireplace Pull-Down TV Wall Mount For 43″-70″ TVs for $169.99, which evidently is a more attractive price point for some.


Buying a TV wall mount will provide a household with an amazing entertainment screen experience, in addition to maximizing space. Very easy to install, when you buy from PrimeCables, all screws are included and any installation instructions are in the box with it. For all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. For all TV wall mounts, receive free returns and a 1-year guarantee, ensuring full customer satisfaction with their wall mount selection. Do away with the bulky TV stand or entertainment center. Buy a TV wall mount today.

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