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PrimeCables LED TV Deal
PrimeCables LED TV Deal

The Canadian market is filled with numerous flat-screen LED TVs to choose from, ranging in price from the less expensive and less quality to the significantly more expensive for something decent. Needless to say, not every day is like Black Friday. Every other day of the year, the average Canadian household would be forced to pay hundreds on hundreds of dollars for a quality LED TV.


PrimeCables took it upon ourselves to solve this problem. For years, we specialized in cables, adapters, sit-stands, TV wall mounts, home theater accessories, network solutions, and more. For PrimeCables, our bread and butter has come from offering high quality product at significant discount rates of up to 70% off on selected items. As of late, we have had numerous requests for TVs at these same discount rates. At last, we are proud to bring the best LED TV deals in Canada to PrimeCables’ catalogue!


Browse from LED TVs to home theater system accessories, home entertainment accessories, and other products that can be combined together to form the ultimate entertainment center. Buy the HD TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television – PrimeCables® at a price reduction from $259.99 to an all-time low of $195.99 for a limited time with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.


Included with this thirty-two inch LED TV deal is free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, ensuring full satisfaction with your purchase. Enjoy an LED backlit display with HD 720p crystal clear resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate that guards against motion blur, dual 7W speakers, three HDMI outputs, ARC capabilities, and a single VGA input allowing for the no-hassle connection of multiple devices.


Nowhere else will you find as high a quality product as the PrimeCables’ 32” LED TV at such an affordable price. Feature-packed, this LED TV deal adds a whole new dimension to the Canadian market. There are plenty of more expensive options out there however for such a simple, effective setup, it does not make sense to pay more than a couple hundred at most. Shop with PrimeCables to limit expenses and not have to sacrifice quality in your buy.


Instantly upgrade the home entertainment setup. Buy an LED TV in Canada with PrimeCables. Considering the fast, free shipping, free returns, and 1-year guarantee, you can’t go wrong with the HD TV 720p with LED backlit, 32” IPS LCD Panel television – PrimeCables®.

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