How do I Work out if a USB Type-C Cable is safe to use – a Discussion

USB-C cable
USB-C cable


Are USB Type-C cables dangerous to use – some consumers seem to think so. There’s much some press recently about the dangers of buying USB Type-C cables, with some of these having the wrong resistor built inside. When this is the case, it causes the Type-C cable to draw out significantly more power than it needs. The possibility of connecting this to a wall outlet or a PC might be worrisome to some but let us re-assure you with a few notes that is sure to put things at ease.


There are some discount USB Type-C sites out there, including Amazon, who have sold poorly built USB Type-C cables. Sometimes, these have reused, retrofitted cable with improper hardware or tech inside. Meanwhile, other purchases made through these sites that advertise as USB Type-C are found to improperly state their transfer speeds and not in fact be Type-C standard. Thus, a key way to avoid this is by buying from a reputable company where there is some sort of product guarantee.


At PrimeCables, we have worked with our suppliers to provide the highest quality USB Type-C cables available anywhere in Canada and we sell them at a fraction of the cost you might find elsewhere. In addition, we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. We stand by the quality of the products we sell and there’s no doubt in our minds that when buying USB Type-C from PrimeCables, you will receive the best cable and everything you wanted, as advertised.


The difficulties with buying from an unlicensed company or from someone you don’t know is that, as consumers, we don’t necessarily have the equipment to test the product to see if it’s everything that’s been advertised. When there is excessive current in a USB Type-C cable, yes, it can pose a danger to your devices and is not safe for any smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, or similar mobile device to be attached to. That is why we recommend buying a USB Type-C cable from a more reputable source. As much as one might think they would be saving on price, if it’s putting your devices at risk, the savings are not worth it.


USB Type-C cables sold through PrimeCables are tested to measure up to Type-C specification. Thousands of Canadian households use our charging cables and none have seen any issue similar to burning, hot wire, or risk to their devices. Type-C connectors as sold through PrimeCables are some of the best. Buy today to receive a safe cable that will protect your devices!

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