How to Choose the Right HDMI Cable for your 4K TV

4k hdmi cable

Upgrading to support a 4K TV can be expensive. To upgrade to 4K HD, one must have the right HDMI cable to do so. Without the right cable to match, a user’s TV will never receive the 4K signal it is capable of handling. Though many Canadians might overlook the HDMI component of their home entertainment system, it’s very important for these reasons.


High definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables are used across game consoles, media boxes, and streaming devices, all in an effort to deliver the highest quality video to the consumer. Throughout the past decade, HDMI tech has advanced to the point to carry 4K video signals and beyond. Though it might seem easy to just pick up a general HDMI cable and get a signal out of it, which cable you choose for your 4K TV will ultimately determine the quality of signal you receive.


To upgrade to 4K standard, you need to know what HDMI standard to look for. For example, there are two types of standard cable – those equipped with an Ethernet channel and those without. Then, there are high-speed HDMI cables which transmit video above 1080p with a stronger color palette. There’s also premium high-speed HDMI which are known for having a more reliable 4K performance than any other type. No Canadian household has to go premium to get a 4K signal however some may choose to, depending on how much they value the picture quality. That said, a high-speed HDMI cable should be equipped to do anything required to nab a 4K signal.


4K HDTV is increasingly becoming in-demand for many Canadians. Throughout the past year, YouTube and Netflix have continued to pump out higher quality video than ever before, Microsoft’s newest Xbox release uses 4K 60 fps as its standard, and numerous other content and media providers are supporting a 4K-only future. If you want to receive the best quality picture, there is only one cable you need and that’s an HDMI cable equipped with 4K.


Thus, remember as a rule to ensure that the HDMI cables you use are certified as high-speed and capable of handling 4K. If the cable does not specifically mention 4K in its description, it probably cannot handle it. That would mean limiting yourself to 1080p video – this is by no means a poor picture quality but it’s definitely not 4K which is what we want.


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