Celebrate PrimeCables ’ Birthday in June 2018 with Smart Home Accessories on Big Discounts

PrimeCables birthday celebration yet is happening this June 2018 with smart home accessories and other products on big discounts. Browse through LivingWise smart home accessories and more, mixing and matching products according to your property’s unique needs.

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In this age of connectedness, more homes are plugging into tech smart home devices than ever before. Instead of shopping smart home accessories at Best Buy or Wal-Mart, there’s hundreds of dollars to be saved through PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s growing eCommerce sites, we specialize in smart home accessories. Connect security cameras, smart plugs, and more to your home, and control it all through a smartphone app anytime from anywhere.

primecables smart home security camera
primecables smart home security camera

Needless to say, the benefits of home security and automation have been established for years. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for it elsewhere, shop with PrimeCables to enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee on all items purchased, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

PrimeCables’ birthday discounts on smart home accessories this June 2018 will extend to all LivingWise smart home products, home automation controllers and kits, smart home kits, security and access accessories, smart locks and doorbells, lighting and appliances, and monitoring and sensors. Imagine being able to essentially build the smart home you’ve always wanted. That’s exactly what we’re offering. At PrimeCables, we’ve helped thousands of Canadian households secure their property and equip their home with all sorts of fun tech accessories. There’s something in our catalogue for everyone and every budget so browse thoroughly!

Among some of our most popular selling individual items, these include the Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25 for $19.99, the Wireless Smart Indoor security camera system 720p Night Vision w/ speaker for Baby Monitor – Orvibo® – 1/Pack for $32.99, the (3 Pack )LED Motion Sensor Night Light lamp rechargeable with flashlight PrimeCables® for $34.99, and the ORVIBO® S31 WiFi Smart Socket Yellow- App Control and Alexa Ready, Red Dot 2017 award winner – 1/Pack for $24.99.

There’s plenty more where that come from. Smart home gadgets galore, there are some great additions that can be made through the PrimeCables catalogue. Bundle different devices into smart home accessory kits and more. Pair them with smartphones and tablets as you see fit, and create a fun, immersive tech-driven atmosphere.


Smart home accessories also make for great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and general holiday gifts. Even for someone who is not tech-inclined, buying a simple connected security camera or doorbell can be a pretty cool gift. Buy smart home accessories today on discount this June from PrimeCables!

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