Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for under $50 in Tech, Computers, and more!

You don’t need to spend more than $50 on any Valentine’s Day gift for it to be meaningful. Obvious gifts like chocolate gift boxes and teddy bears from the local drugstore though can be perceived as not so thoughtful. Avoid what’s expected this Valentine’s Day and as February 14 continues to approach, search out some of these tech gifts, computers, and more.


Over-the-ear headphones – $19.99


Using over-the-ear headphones, they don’t need to worry about people bothering them while they’re engaged in something, earbuds falling out while they’re at the gym, and can listen to music cancelling out the rest of the world while they work. If you’re thinking about finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a music lover, this is one of the more perfect on-budget gifts you can buy.


6-outlet wall mount with two USB connectors – $8.99


See 6 grounded AC outlet and dual universal USB ports which you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. As one of the most advanced USB-capable wall mount surge protectors on the market, it’s a great addition around a gaming station, workstation or anywhere your partner may have a significant amount of electronics to contend with. Take the stress out of deciding what to plug in where.


360-degree rotatable magnetic car mount – $4.99


Among the best Valentine’s Day gifts when it comes down to cost-to-value, this magnetic smartphone car mount can be placed anywhere in your car or even utilized in the home. If your partner’s constantly grabbing at their smartphone while they drive to search for directions, using a mount like this is way, way safer and far more attractive in appearance. For the right person, this Valentine’s Day is more powerful than any bouquet.


Single monitor desk mount – $14.99


If they have a home office, a gaming workstation, or are in front of their flat-screen computer monitor on a regular basis, a single monitor desk mount is something your Valentine will appreciate. Elevate one’s monitor off the surface of the desk, leaving them with more room. Affordable and under $50, this Valentine’s Day is just right.


Smartphone camera Bluetooth remote – $6.99


If you’re buying for someone who loves to take their own selfies or who has aspirations of becoming an Instagram photographer, a smartphone Bluetooth remote is a great opportunity to give them some more options. Although photographers are always looking for new lenses and filters, a wireless remote can help expand some of their options with what type of photos they want to take.


Shop all these under-$50 Valentine’s Day gifts and more at Canada’s favourite eCommerce source, PrimeCables!

3 Tips on How to Use an Indoor HDTV Antenna for your Home Theater

If you’re new to the world of indoor high-definition 1080p antennas, you’re in for a treat. Receive free TV with no monthly subscription with high-definition channels to watch from some of North America’s biggest networks. Imagine being able to access local programming live and in real-time for no monthly fee. For Canadians who’ve cut the cord with their own indoor HDTV antenna or who are curious, here are three tips to consider to maximize your home theater system experience.


Look up your locality


As TV antennas are making a big comeback, for every Canadian city, it’s a little different how one should angle their device. Be sure to browse online what the best angle is to get and experiment. Switch around your setup and re-scan. Some of the channels you can expect to receive for free include CBC, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and more.


Re-scan your channels


We recommend re-scanning your channels regularly because TV stations sometimes move broadcast frequencies. When they do, you could lose a signal. If you want to maximize the signals you have, consider doing a re-scan every month. Also, if you’ve re-scanned every on a rainy or cloudy day, you may not be receiving the full scope of channels you can.


Consider a DVR


Some high-definition TV antennas are compatible with DVRs and vice versa. If you happen to have a way to record the signals from your TV antenna, that gives you the chance to watch free TV at your leisure.


Buy your Home Theater HDTV Antenna with PrimeCables


If you’re just getting started with a ‘cut the cord’ HDTV antenna, PrimeCables is a great place to start your shopping experience. See indoor HDTV antennas for as low as $4.99 for our super thin indoor HDTV antennas capturing FM, VHF, and UHF.


For Canadians looking to take things even further, going with an outdoor HDTV antenna might be even better. A consumer favourite, consider the massive PrimeCables’ 360-degree adjustable multi-directional super 8 bay TV antenna up to a 70 mile range for $105.99.


Free over-the-air TV is becoming a popular choice for many Canadians in 2018. Even consumers using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are using antennas to access local stations. It’s believed that more than 20 percent of Canadians with broadband internet access currently use an HDTV antenna of some kind, according to recent reports. Shop with PrimeCables today to get yours, with prices ranging from under $5 to above $100 for indoor and outdoor antennas!

Top Quality Classroom Projector available now at!

If your classroom is in need of a projector, then we’ve got this top-of-the-line Epson PowerLite 980W 3LCD Projector just for you, only $1079.00 at, with free shipping.


The Epson PowerLite 980W 3LCD Projector is a premium widescreen classroom projector, with every feature you need to deliver lectures that works out of the box, simple as that.


Whether you’re tech savvy or not, here are some of the technical specifications in layman’s terms:


It has 1.6x optical zoom, giving a clear view for everyone in the room, no matter what its size. It has 3800 lumens of brightness for colours and whiteness to deliver the clearest, most vibrant image reproduction and colour accuracy, thanks to its superior colour gamut, and a contrast ratio of up to 15000:1. It can simultaneously project multiple displays, including Chromebooks and two-way content sharing, and has a 16:10 aspect ratio with native WXGA resolution.


The long-lasting lamp has a lifespan of around 12000 hours on ECO mode, lowering your annual maintenance costs. The projector also boasts optional wireless and RJ-45 connectivity for advanced network options, including broadcasting from Apple and mobile Android devices, allowing students to share work from their seats in front of the entire class.


It even includes 2 HDMI ports and 16W speaker with inputs for microphones and external speakers, making it multimedia-friendly.


This projector is RoHS compliant and entirely recyclable. Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay™ Transport Partner and endorses Better Products for a Better Future™.


The full package includes the projector, power cord, VGA video display cable, remote control, batteries, software disc, quick setup instructions, warranty information, and password protection sticker.


To get even more technical, it’s got 3-chip projection technology, can project front, rear, or mounted on the ceiling. It has polysilicon TFT Active Matrix driving method, 1024000 x 3 pixels, and supports a huge range of resolutions, including 1680 x 900 and 1600 x 1200.


It has a 210W UHE lamp that lasts up to 12000 hours on ECO mode, consuming 237W, and up to 6000 hours on its default setting, consuming 326W. It has a projection distance range of 0.74m to 7.11m, and includes options for vertical and horizontal keystone correction. Its contrast ratio reaches all the way up to 15000:1, and has 10-bit colour processing, capable of reproducing up to 1.07 billion colours.


The whole unit operates at a temperature of between 5 and 35 degrees Celcius and features Kensington®-style lock provision, a padlock, and security anchor bar for safety.


For all your projector needs, visit us today at!

The Best Indoor Security Cameras and Smart Home Accessories for under $50

Home security cameras are a great investment for Canadian properties far and wide. By employing carefully placed security cameras, watch vulnerable spots and maintain protection. For anyone concerned about burglaries and/or vandalism, or wanting to keep an eye on kids when no one’s home, or to oversee the behaviour of pets while they’re away, these are some of the reasons consumers have come to PrimeCables seeking affordable indoor security solutions.


Keeping things safe and comfortable in the home is a product market that has long been exploited. Stoking fear in Canadian households has meant companies overcharging consumers on home security products. Since the smart home accessory revolution began in the last few years, prices have fallen tremendously on numerous products. For inexpensive home indoor security cameras and other smart home accessories, you can find plenty from PrimeCables.


Buy the no-hub required Smart Security Camera for Indoor 720p Night Vision w/ Speaker – LivingWise – 2/Pack for $37.99. Use it for home security, as a functioning baby monitor camera, and/or tap into its night vision. Features include supporting 720p high-definition video recording, human body detection, a malfunction alarm, and real-time video accessibility via smartphone. There’s also 2-way audio support included with this security camera which is great news for anyone seeking to communicate with individuals on the other end. Anytime and from anywhere in the world, this feature alone at this price point is why so many prefer this model in comparison to others.


There are other inexpensive and affordable smart home accessories you may wish to pick up, such as the S31 WiFi Smart Socket Gray – Smart Phone App Online Controllable – LivingWise for $14.99, the Motion Sensor for Smart Home system (LivingWise Zigbee Hub Required) – LivingWise for $14.99, and the Door/Window Sensor for Smart Home system (LivingWise Zigbee Hub Required) – LivingWise for $14.99.


Most of the smart home security options offered through PrimeCables can be paired with a smartphone app. So no matter where you are, you’ll have access to alerts and be able to check the safety of your home while you’re on the go. Don’t let high prices of other brands keep you from enjoying amazing smart home accessories from today’s smartest eCommerce source.


Buy from PrimeCables and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Security cameras shouldn’t cost so much and we know that. Shop with PrimeCables to maximize your dollar and see high value security at a fraction of the cost.

Upgrade your Ethernet Cable before going Back to School!

Your Internet cable might be worn out, full of kinks from wiring and rewiring your home network, or the clips broken from frequent plugging and unplugging. You can get brand new Ethernet cables on the cheap as part of our back-to-school deals at

Not only are cables our specialty, with high-quality wires and casings, but all of them come with lifetime warranties and free return shipping in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

Back to school Ethernet cable deal from primecables
Back to school Ethernet cable deal from primecables

We’ve got plenty of products in our network solutions catalogue: Ethernet cables, Keystone Jacks & Accessories, Network Tools & Testers, Patch Panel Racks & Cabinets, Home Network Routers & Switches, Cable Organizers, Office Routers & Switches, and Surveillance Camera/CCTV Cables.

primecables BTS 2018

Right now, you can the PrimeCables® 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable for just $1.99. With durable, gold-plated connectors, 550Mhz transfer rate, and exceptional reliability, this is the most affordable and practical home network solution replacement cable, especially for when you’re moving between sublets in college or university and misplaced or damaged one of your old cables.


If you’re the DIY kind of person, then you might like the PrimeCables® Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo, a 2-in-1 combo which includes a RJ45 & RJ11 Crimping Tool and RJ-45 RJ11 BNC Cable Tester, for just $12.99! Check for malfunctions and crimp your own cables with this handy combo kit. If you’re new to crimping, then check out this YouTube video to get a head start introduction.


If cable management is the name of the game, then you’ll want to view the Monoprice® Cable Management Kit, for just $15.99. These customizable railway cable organizers run along the trim of your wall or ceiling to protect your home network cables from guests, pets, and parties. Including more than 80 inches of rails, you can cut them and colour them to your needs, making them the perfect solution for completing your shared home network on a dime.


If you’re looking to save big, then make an order of $29 or more before the end of July and get free shipping to anywhere in Canada. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to get your delivery within about a week. If that’s not quick enough for you, consider adding fast shipping to any item for just $5.95.


For all the best networking solutions, accessories and cables, as well as back-to-school deals, visit!

Get ready for back-to-school deals at!

Going back to school? Then you’ve got to visit, for all the best school supplies and back to school deals in Canada!

Back to school free shipping code primecables
Back to school free shipping code primecables

Wherever you’re living this fall semester, whether it’s Dalhousie University or UBC, you can get what you need where you need it with our excellent shipping offers. Order $49 or more and get free shipping! Order 5 items or more and get free shipping! Need it express? Get fast shipping on any product for just $5.95!

Some of our biggest sellers this time of year are fun, practical, and affordable, like our 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers, on sale now for just $37.39! This freely tilting TV wall mount is perfect for shared accommodations and one-room apartments alike, giving your living room or bedroom the luxurious view of your TV from any seat. Swivel, height adjustment, and cable management are built into the design of this cheap and sturdy mount. This package includes four colour-coded hook and loop cable ties and a six-foot HDMI cable so you’re good to go with this all-in-one DIY setup.


Another popular product to make your lifestyle more technologically accessible is our two-pack of 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports on sale right now for just $12.99. Protecting your laptop, computer, or appliances from power surges, while providing a docking station and two USB charging ports on the front, these outlet accessories will make you an authority on all technological in your household.


If you’re in need of new phone charging cables, then look no further than our 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone and iPad, on sale for just $7.99. The strong nylon-braided cable is super durable, making it last throughout your three or four years of studies. It’s equipped for quick file transfers and fast charging and resists extreme temperatures, daily usage, and kinks, bends, and nicks.


Another essential for setting up your home network is our 50-foot Cat5 Ethernet Cable, on sale right now for just $7.99. Rig up any gaming console, desktop or laptop computer with safe, secure, and fast internet access using our premium-quality Ethernet cable. Available in a variety of lengths and quantities per pack, enjoy the best of what PrimeCables has to offer by investing in our top-of-the-line networking cables.


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4 Perfect Products for your Dorm for the Back to School Shopping Season

Shopping for your dorm for September, we have to point you in the direction of PrimeCables. Receive special summer back to school pricing when you shop with PrimeCables today. Be it a student’s first year in university or if they’re returning to the dorm, get a head start today by saving big on some key back to school products. To keep it simple, we believe these are the 4 most perfect products for a dorm room, courtesy of PrimeCables’ back to school summer shopping.

back to school dorm list.jpg

The Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 26″ Wide -White PrimeCables® for $189.99 is an excellent dorm desk for studying, researching, and writing papers. For those not completely looking forward to returning to university, getting an upgrade on their work desk might be worth a buy. After all, there’s no better way to get excited about homework. Adjust height, sit and/or stand as needed, and use your desk surface to watch movies on your laptop.

back to school dorm items
back to school dorm items

The Dual LCD monitor desk mount heavy duty fully adjustable fits two screens up to 27″- PrimeCables® for $49.99 is next on our list. For gamers, video production students, graphic designers, photographers, and/or those who are just really into the idea of having multiple monitors to work from, a dual mount like this works wonders. Elevate your workstation instantly. Even better, you don’t need to wait until end of summer to get the best deal. Shop it today!


The Mini 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Multi-Touch Touchpad Mouse – PrimeCables® for $14.99 is a great product for PCs, Android TV boxes, IPTV, X-Box, PS3, Windows, Mac, and more. Use this touchpad to calibrate and communicate with multiple devices. If the dorm room is going to be a busy one tech-wise, having a single media keyboard to draw from might be of great benefit. No driver needed, it’s just plug and play.


The Audio Splitter 3.5mm 5 Way Hub Headphone for PC, MP3 & smartphone – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is an amazing back to school dorm product for multiple students who want to listen in on the same music, podcast, movie, or whatever else. For when you want to plug in quietly, this 5-way hub for headphones and earbuds makes listening easy. Even on those more romantic dorm nights, when you and your loved one are staying in, share a moment listening to your favourite songs with this uniquely built audio splitter.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce platforms, browse numerous PrimeCables back to school deals on products ranging from mounts to stands, ergonomic desk and chair sets, pro audio and musical instruments, home theater seating, speaker systems, TVs, computer monitors, media streaming boxes, TV A/V cables and receivers, projectors, Blu-ray and recorder cables, computer and laptop cables, smartphone and tablet cables, smart home accessories, and mor

Set up Free TV for Back to School with this HDTV Antenna for University Students

Imagine free 1080p high-definition TV for a university student. We know how old-fashioned traditional TV might be with the internet out there. That said, nothing beats being able to catch the local news, hockey games, and their favourite shows in real-time.


Even just to have a little bit of noise in the room, buying an HDTV antenna on your back to school shopping might help keep your child connected to the world and being able to share in live, real-time experience with them. Set up free TV with an HDTV antenna for university students available exclusively from PrimeCables.


The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® capturing FM/VHF/UHF can be purchased today for $4.99. Receive free high-definition TV broadcast signals by simply unwrapping, plugging in, and scanning channels. Some of the channels you might be able to tap into using this indoor TV antenna includes FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Global, CTV, CBC, and possibly others. Depending on where one is situated in relation to broadcast towers, you may be able to capture up to 20 channels and possibly more. Keeping this in mind, there are no guarantees though so it’s the sort of thing you’ll have to experiment with, regarding antenna placement.


The one thing that so many buyers appreciate about the Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is that it doesn’t look like a traditional antenna. It can be easily blended into a position on a bookshelf, behind the television set, or wherever you need it to be. Place it high on a window or flat on the table – either way, you should be able to receive crystal clear reception from at least a half-dozen stations. Coinciding with buying all the usual back to school shopping stuff, a free TV antenna for university students can be a cheap way to add in some fun.


By early August, the average Canadian family will have completed approximately 45 percent of their back to school shopping. Instead of waiting, now’s the time. Take the deal and get a break on how much you’ll have to spend this upcoming summer on back to school supplies. PrimeCables offers numerous deals and discounts on products including cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and other back to school items. Feel encouraged to browse thoroughly. Receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Offering shoppers the lowest prices in Canada, get your back to school shopping done this summer through PrimeCables. Now’s the best time to buy, with the possibility of saving hundreds! Get a free HDTV antenna for $4.99 and enjoy countless other bargains found throughout the PrimeCables catalogue.

Best Back to School Tools you’ll need as a university student!

The best back-to-school accessories are available at Back-to-school gear you’ll need as a university or college student to make it through the year, essential to your everyday hustle, and affordably priced.

Save on back to school season on
Save on back to school season on

The PrimeCables® USB Type-C/USB-C/Type-C to HDMI Adapter, normally priced at $29.99, is now just $9.99 and supports USB connection to all your HDMI-enabled devices, rendering all video qualities up to 1080p HD.

Half-a-foot in length and coloured white, this aesthetic, durable adapter cable allows you to configure displays from MacBooks and laptops to TV displays, monitors, and projectors readily and easily with an HDMI cable via its simple plug-and-play installation.

Check out the unboxing video showcase on YouTube!

Get yours quickly by adding fast shipping for just $5.95, or qualify your order for free shipping when you spend $49 or more. With warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to get your cables in time before going back to campus, so you can rest easy, knowing you have the best display capabilities available to you throughout the school year.

USB Type-C is backwards compatible, so you can hook this up to any USB-enabled device to stream high-quality movies and videos on any display in your household, at speeds up to 5 Gbit/s.

We specialize in cables and have a superb catalogue of USB cable solutions for every situation you’ll encounter at school throughout the year! All our cable products include lifetime warranties and free shipping for returns, so you can get what you need when you need it at the best price and quality available.

Check out the PrimeCables® USB-C to Micro USB 2.0 B, Male to Female Cable, on sale now for just $2.99. Great for charging portable devices and file transfers with Micro USB ports to the USB port on your laptop or personal computer.

Or consider the PrimeCables® USB 2.0A to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided Cable, coming in a sexy rose finish, on sale right now for just $5.99. Charge your devices quickly and transfer data at secure, rapid speeds between devices with this durable, heavy-duty cable, complete with metal braiding to prevent daily wear-and-tear from disconnections, transportation, and storage.

And you might be interested in the USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter, on sale for only $34.99 until June 30th. Supporting USB-C input and HDMI output, multiple USB types and plug-and-play usage, it’s the perfect adapter for an all-in-one solution. Connect your mobile device, router, display, laptop, and charging port with this wonderful device.

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