The Perfect Father’s Day gifts with PrimeCables Tools and Accessories

A Father’s Day gift can be a difficult buy for many people, but PrimeCables has got you covered with the latest in tech deals for Dad.

Father's day deal
Father’s day deal

Take for instance our Multipurpose 38-in-1 Precision Screwdrivers Phone Repair Tools Set priced at just $14.99. If your dad likes to repair phones, handheld gaming devices, computers, laptops, toys, watches, and more, then this kit is right for him. With high-quality material, ergonomic grip, screw-on bit, and an all-in-one toolkit, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.


The whole package includes a 10 hexagonal screwdriver bits, 4 Phillips, 2 slot, 2 triangle, 2 pentalobe, 1 U-shape, and 7 hex pieces, along with an ergonomically-friendly screwdriver handle, as well as 1 universal rod, 1 extension rod, a tweezer, two triangle opening tool, mini-sucker, needle, and two separate screwdrivers, Phillips and pentalobe. All the small, precision bits you need to repair small devices are included in this portable toolkit case.


Get something practical and fun, like the Illuminated Dual LED Light Head Magnifier, with 4 lenses, for just $8.99. It’s got both a headlamp and magnifying lens perfectly made for watch repair, mobile device repair, mold making and other hobby work.


The lenses can provide an enhanced view of 1.5x, 3x, 8.5x, and 10x, and the headband is lightweight, durable, and portable. The LED lamp has a tilt function to adjust to every situation, and the whole gear fits over most prescription and safety glasses. They’re great not just for repairs, but sewing, reading, any many other types of precision work and daily tasks.


Another cool gift idea is the Digital Temperature Gun Sensor, an IR infrared thermometer, for just $15.99. Measure temperatures at a distance, guided by a laser gun pointer, with a backlit LCD display and choice between Celcius and Fahrenheit measurement. Great for cooking in the kitchen, barbecue cookouts, computer repair, and more! You can watch the product review video here.


If your father’s a handyman, then we’ve got the gift for you. Maybe spring cleaning was a wake up call, well then you’ll find what you need at


The GreenWise™ 12.5ft Portable Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder is a wonderful addition or replacement to your father’s garage. For just $125.99, this durable, aluminum structure ladder will solve all your dad’s working needs, that’s retractable and portable, complete with 13 steps, spring-loaded locking mechanism, and anti-slip rubber feet, and comes with free shipping anywhere in Canada.

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