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Smart home accessories are on sale exclusively through PrimeCables. Smart home devices like security cameras, windows and doors sensors, motion sensors, and Wi-Fi enabled outlet sockets will transform your home into a 24/7 surveillable residence, giving you access to video streaming and smart phone notifications and monitoring whenever you’re away from home, anywhere in the world!

smart home accessories
smart home accessories

The Smart Security Camera is perfect for indoor video surveillance and monitoring, with 720p quality video and night vision, two-way audio, and no need for connectivity hub. Just install it and watch it from anywhere via Wi-Fi connection. On sale now until May 29th, for just $29.99, you can keep an eye on your home day and night, whether it’s for watching the family pet, as a baby monitor while you’re at work, or to watch out for raccoons from the porch at night.


Equipped with human body detection and malfunction alarm, the Smart Security Camera is a fun gadget for home security and starting your very own smart home environment.


Available in packages of 1 or 2, place them anywhere in the house: basement, garage, hallway, or patio. With a 113-degree field of view and 6m vision depth, you can download the app and stream audio and video any time you feel like checking in on your domicile.


If you think that’s cool, then you’ll want to look at the Wi-Fi Smart Socket next. Plugging into any conventional home outlet, indoors or out, this device allows you to turn off and on any outlet in your home from your smart phone. With a smart countdown timer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and easy installation, you can change your home into a smart home overnight, for just $24.99 per socket. Just plug in, download the app, and pair the devices. Presto! You’ve now got complete control over the lights, TV, router, heater, A/C, and appliances in your house from your phone.


Imagine the possibilities. For just $99.99, you can get the Smart Security Camera and 3 Wi-Fi Smart Sockets in a bundle, a deal complete with free shipping anywhere in Canada.


Another package you might appreciate for starting your own smart home environment is the Smart Home Security Combo Set, including 2 window/door sensors, 1 motion sensor, and connectivity hub, for just $99.99.


The window/door sensors will notify you by mobile whenever a window or door is opened in your house while you’re away from home or at work. Furthermore, the motion sensor will pick up any movement, in your backyard, alleyway, front porch or patio, letting you know if something going on when you’re going out.


Free shipping on any order $49 and up, and fast shipping anywhere in the country for just $5.95. Smarten up your home today with

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