Amazon’s New All-in-One Laptop Designs could get Alexa into even more PCs

Amazon has announced four new designs for PC manufacturers which would allow for easier integration of Alexa into its design. The Amazon-approved, Windows 10-tested final product designs include far-field microphone arrays ensuring that Alexa picks up audio from all direction even when the user is across the room.


These four ground-breaking designs come courtesy of the manufacturers Wistron, Compal, and Quanta. The Wistron is a 27-inch 4K PC including a 1080p webcam with infrared sensor, 4 microphones, and 2 stereo speakers. The Wistron company also developed a compatible notebook with a 15.6 inch 4K touch display, an HD camera, eight hours of battery, and more.


Meanwhile, the Compal is itself a convertible notebook with a 15.6 inch 4K touch display, infrared camera, fingerprint sensor, thirteen hours of battery life, 4 digital microphones, and two speakers. The Compal is the recommended option for gamers, according to Amazon’s release.


Lastly, there’s the Quanta convertible notebook with a smaller 14-inch 4K display with no touch however an immense eighteen hours of battery life. The Quanta notebook is complete with a fingerprint reader, 4 digital microphones, and two speakers. The Quanta would be a great option for those spending time outdoors.


These are four of the more unique laptop designs that can accommodate Alexa and as they continue to filter out into the marketplace, it will be interesting to see how other designs modify accordingly. Needless to say, not just any PC can handle Alexa. In order to be able to process everything that comes with Alexa, a computer must have a wake word engine built-in and far-field microphones to be able to pick up voice from a distance. Without these two components, there exists the possibility of Alexa not working correctly or not working at all.


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