Load up on Alkaline Batteries for Back-to-School Season at PrimeCables.ca!

Our famous, high-quality AA Battery Bundles are on sale now as essential back-to-school supplies, priced just $1.99 for 8, at PrimeCables.ca!

AA battery from living basic
AA battery from living basic

The LIVINGbasics™ Alkaline batteries are cheap, plentiful, and designed for the environmentally conscious, featuring zero mercury and packaged in recyclable paper boxes.


The longest lasting alkaline battery on the market, these meet or outperform brand name standards, and boast of a leak-resistant design, so you can stock up and store them away for when you need to replace your old batteries, without worrying whether they’re going to reach their expiry dates (approximately the year 2023) or lose their charge.


That’s right, with a shelf-life of up to 5 years, these batteries will last you through your entire undergraduate or college studies program, stored in a dry, room-temperature location.


Save time and money by getting yourself as many as you can store before school starts, and have them shipped directly to your new sublet, apartment, or residence before you depart. Don’t get hassled by having to take a trip to the store whenever your batteries need replacing, where you’re likely to have to pay premium prices for brand names.


Get smart and stockpile these practical, efficient, durable alkaline batteries.


Order five packs, or more than $49 worth, and qualify your order for free shipping to anywhere in Canada. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to receive your delivery swiftly, before you have to go back to school, and if you’re in dire need, add fast shipping to any order for just $5.95!


Order the 20-pack bundle for just $3.99! Makes for a perfect back-to-school supply or friendly present. They last as long as leading national brands, guaranteed.


Power your flashlights, video game controllers, TV remotes, home theatre remotes, mouse and keyboard, boom box, lamps, power fans, smoke detectors, toothbrush, kitchen tools and accessories, electronic devices, photography peripherals, toys, and more with these durable, ubiquitous AA batteries.


If you need, we also have our AAA batteries, for the everyday low prices of $1.99 for 8 and $4.89 for 20. On sale now, too, are our 9V 2-pack for just $2.49 each.


Don’t get frustrated by running out of batteries for your personal devices at home while you’re busy at university or college. Save yourself the trip to the supermarket or electronics store and choose the cheaper, safer, more trustworthy alternative, perfect for back-to-school season, available exclusively through LIVINGbasics™ and PrimeCables.ca.

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