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Lots of Electronic Appliances from Amazon.ca at Cyber Monday Sale 2018– What about Batteries!

Cheap batteries in Canada can be found from PrimeCables any day of the week! This Cyber Monday 2018 deal, we know a lot of Canadians are going to be searching for the best deals on everything from amazing 4K TVs to smaller tech gadgets. At some point, it’s likely you’ll run into buying a device that requires batteries. It’s not…

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Get a Powerful External Battery for our Back to School Sale from PrimeCables!

Smartphones continue to be a must-have accessory for Canadians young and old. Issues regarding battery power has caused many Canadians to seek out powerful external battery banks. Using these handy devices, you can effectively take your smartphones anywhere and always have a little bit extra battery power on you to ensure it never loses a charge.   For PrimeCables’ special…

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Load up on Alkaline Batteries for Back-to-School Season at PrimeCables.ca!

Our famous, high-quality AA Battery Bundles are on sale now as essential back-to-school supplies, priced just $1.99 for 8, at PrimeCables.ca! The LIVINGbasics™ Alkaline batteries are cheap, plentiful, and designed for the environmentally conscious, featuring zero mercury and packaged in recyclable paper boxes.   The longest lasting alkaline battery on the market, these meet or outperform brand name standards, and…

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See an Alternative to Amazon Basic Batteries when you Try our Living Basic Battery Set

Buying batteries at local convenience stores end up costing Canadian households hundreds of dollars every year that they would not otherwise need to spend. Some have already caught on to these high-priced batteries and in response have moved on to buying basic battery sets from Amazon. As good as those prices are, you won’t believe how better you can get…

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Cheaper than Amazon, Living basic AA batteries 8-pack on sale for just $1.99!

AA batteries on sale through PrimeCables, right now for just $1.99. LivingBasics is our brand of long-lasting, durable, zero-mercury alkaline batteries, that are normally listed at $6.99. It’s cheaper than Amazon, with fast shipping available all over Canada for just $5.95, and free shipping on all orders $49 and up! Why spend more money shopping for batteries at the drugstore…

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Our Alkaline AA Battery is Cheaper than Amazon Basics!

Though Amazon Basics handles a wide range of products rather impressively, one area where they do not succeed PrimeCables is in offering alkaline AA batteries. Browsing through the best Amazon Basics deals on alkaline batteries, one might find AA batteries priced around $9.30 and higher for a pack. There’s nothing wrong with that price per se but we can do…

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What to Buy on PrimeCables’ Birthday on June 7th – an External Battery Power Bank

Celebrate PrimeCables’ birthday with us on June 7th with exclusive sales, promotions, and deals cutting as deep as 70 percent off select items. This year alone, we have hit some record numbers, selling to thousands upon thousands of Canadian households. This June, we invite all of our customers back to PrimeCables to pick up on some of the limited-time offers…

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PrimeCables 12000mA Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster has Arrived

If you ask any Canadian how to jump start a car, nearly everyone is sure to reference those long, sometimes tough-to-use and prone to breaking booster cables. Though booster cables that work well are wonderful tools to have, they aren’t always reliable and, in this day and age, surely there are better alternatives out there. Instead of carrying around booster…

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