PrimeCables has Back to School Shopping Specials all Summer Long on Office Products

June’s an unusual time to already be thinking about back to school shopping. That said, PrimeCables is the kind of Canadian-based eCommerce company that likes to get an early start on things. Instead of waiting until mid-August, we can almost guarantee a better deal when you buy long before the traditional back to school shopping season begins. Even better, you won’t have to leave your seat to do it. All summer long, shop exclusive back to school specials with PrimeCables featuring discounts of up to 70%!

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There are hundreds of back to school products to browse including specials on sync and charge cables for smartphones, ergonomic sit-standing desks, monitor desk mounts, multi-outlet surge protectors, and more. The school year might have just ended weeks ago for most however stocking up on what you’ll need next year while prices are low is not such a bad plan. PrimeCables’ back to school shopping season begins almost as soon as the closing bell rings its last note at the close of the school year and extends all the way to our first day of school in September. Throughout the entire summer, feel encouraged to browse some amazing deals on office products.


For Canadian households and offices on a budget, shopping with PrimeCables is a great way to save. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce channels, we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on most products, in addition to fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. PrimeCables specializes in numerous products including HDMI cables, audio cables, USB cables, computer cables, video cables, network Ethernet cables, Apple and Android cables, DisplayPort cables, smartphone and tablet cables, and AC power cables and adapters.


Be it for hooking up a home office for study, a classroom environment, a home theater entertainment center, or another room in the building, there’s no shortage of cables and adapters in our catalogue that are sure to satisfy. All of these products and others will be on discount throughout the summer months. Be sure to browse and select the items that best meet your personal requirements. This is the perfect time to do a quick search and pick up some items on sale that you might not find at the same low price elsewhere. PrimeCables always has back to school deals on the go so be sure to check back regularly. You’ll only have the summer to snatch them up!

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