How USB-C cables are changing the way we Make and Charge our Smartphones

There’s been a lot of hubbub about wireless in the smartphone industry, within the past few years. Many insiders predicted an end to sync and charge cables almost a decade ago. Today, thoughts have changed, thanks to the invention of USB Type-C cables.


The ‘USB Type-C cable’ is one of the most advanced consumer cables in the marketplace. Used to sync and charge smartphones and other digital devices, they are regularly proclaimed as ‘future-proof’.


That is, USB Type-C cables are built for speeds that most devices haven’t even really been able to tap into yet. Therefore, when you buy a USB-C cable, you’re not only receiving the fastest sync and charge cable in the market today but you’re also receiving what will likely be one of the fastest performing cables long into the future.


As evidence of the impressive technology included in a USB-C cable, even Apple has put the future of their smartphones in the hands of USB-C. That says something! After all, Apple has long been at the forefront of how we use our smartphones. Years ago, they used the fast speeds of FireWire to sync and charge. Not only after, Apple made the switch to Apple lightning cables which are currently used on this generation of iPhones and iPads. According to a recent preview of the next generation of Apple products, it appears they’re switching to USB-C. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in this space, PrimeCables welcomes this news!


Today, you can buy the high quality PrimeCables® USB 2.0A to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable Up to 3A charging-Space Grey for only $9.99. Taking a look through its pictures, it’s easy to see that it looks cool, sure, but its performance is also up there with the best smartphone cables in Canada. Buy this charging sync smartphone cable to enjoy features such as its metal housing, metal braided jacket, three-foot length, and more. Even better, connect any new USB-C or USB Type-C devices with regular USB ports, and begin tapping into its capabilities today.


Browse PrimeCables for deals, discounts, and promotions on Canada’s best USB-C cables. Capable of sending data and power faster than any other USB cable, you will notice the difference immediately.


Though many consumers are tempted, don’t overspend on these. Get your USB-C cables from a reliable source like PrimeCables, one of Canada’s most trusted eCommerce go-tos for cables. Remember, USB-C cables will charge devices far more quickly than anything else. Now, as Apple accepts USB-C as its’ newest iPhone sync and charge cable, this makes it the new ‘industry standard’. Buy it today from PrimeCables.

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