4 Power Tool Accessories you Don’t ever Want to Leave the House Without!

Multi-purpose power tool accessories adaptable to various different situations are extremely handy to contractors from all backgrounds. We never know when we might need a tool to connect a cable, get equipment moving, or to complete a parts replacement. Before a contractor leaves for work, here are the 4 power tool accessories they will want to ensure they have.

power tool accessories from PrimeCables.ca
power tool accessories from PrimeCables.ca



A good screwdriver that can withstand high-impact applications in construction, demolition, and renovations is a key accessory most of us wouldn’t dare leave without. If you work in an environment with a lot of power tools, inevitably you will need a screwdriver for something. Consider one or two sizes to have your bases covered when it comes to use.




Cutting aluminum and sheet metal is something you may eventually have to do. Consider buying a good cutter with sheet shearing cutting capability and that’s specifically for use in aluminum or metal. Unlike some of the other handyman projects you might run into, cutting aluminum is one job that requires a specific kind of tool. This isn’t something you can make work with another tool. There is no substitute. Therefore, be sure to get a high quality cutter for maximum preparedness.




Pliers are a basic power tool accessory yet they can be quite expensive. PrimeCables has a three-piece American type plier set for less than $9. Included in this three-piece plier set is a combination plier, long-nose pliers, and diagonal pliers. With so many different uses for pliers out there in the world, this is one tool you’re going to want to have in your tool belt or in your toolbox at all times.


Heavy duty scissors


These scissors aren’t made for cutting around the house. Perfect for industrial application, heavy duty scissors from PrimeCables are premium quality cutting sheers. Ideal for the garage, workshop, boat, camp, toolbox, and/or the garden, there’s no shortage of places to use these.


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On the job, a lot of things can happen. It might not always be the nicest way to get started on a job but we must all be prepared for the worst. These are some of the tools and accessories that can save your butt when you need to resolve a situation immediately.


Don’t ever leave home with your screwdrivers, cutter, pliers, and heavy duty scissors! For more power tool accessories on sale, visit PrimeCables. See fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 and get the highest quality tools at the best pricing in Canada.

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