Tools on Sale in Canada Perfect for Home Projects, Renovations, and DIY Fixes!

For any homeowner looking to do some fixes on the house in the coming months, equipping yourself with high quality tools doesn’t come cheaply. Thankfully, there are some great deals in Canada right now on power tools and more. For home projects, renovations, and side hustles, now’s the time to pick up what you need to get your fixin’ done!

Power drill

A cordless power drill can be charged and carried around the house with ease.  Create holes in wood, plastic, or metal, and add a whole lot more power to your tool belt. Needless to say, for most people, they won’t struggle to find a use for their power drill at home. Did we mention it’s cordless as well – no wires!

PrimeCables® 20V Cordless Power Drill
  • $49.99

Heat gun

Heat gun uses extremely hot air to do things like strip paint, heat shrink tubing, shrink film, shrink wrap packaging, dry out damp wood, bend and weld plastic, soften adhesives, and also thaw frozen pipes. There are plenty of other applications for a heat gun, a surprisingly diverse tool purchase.

LIVINGbasics™ 1500W Hot Ait Gun with 4 Nozzles
  • $18.99

Angle grinder

An angle grinder can help you cut tile, stucco, and pavers, grind metal, and can also sand, sharpen, and polish a variety of materials. If you’re looking to remove rust or loose paint, or get some steel cutting done, an angle grinder should be on your tool list for home projects.

PrimeCables® Angle Grinder with Grinding Disc
  • $29.99

Impact driver

An impact driver provides rotational hammering action, usually used to help in driving in screws. Generally more lightweight and compact than a power drill, an impact driver comes with a lot more twist and to torque. If you need to drive in large fasteners, an impact driver makes for a spectacular choice.

PrimeCables® 20V Cordless Impact Driver
  •  $59.99

Stud finder

Hang a TV wall mount with a stud finder. You won’t be able to do it without one. A stud finder is central to hanging paintings, mirrors, shelves, and more. Ensure your walls and property do not incur any unnecessary damage. A stud finder is one useful tool every household should have – regardless of how involved one is on DIY home renovation projects.

PrimeCables® 3-in-1 Handheld Stud Finder
  • $6.99

Electric screwdriver

Although a basic tool, an electric screwdriver’s one of the handiest. For light duties around the house, no more struggling to turn a screw. Get everything tight, tight, tight! Wireless, electric, portable, and affordable, this is another high quality tool to hang onto.

PrimeCables® Cordless Electric Screwdriver Drill with Accessories Kit
  • $9.99

Electric tire inflator

When you can fill your tires up at the local gas station for a few bucks, you may not know you need an electric tire inflator. That said, it’s handy to have. If you end up stranded or simply don’t want to hit up the gas station every couple months, this works. Electric and portable, it’s an impressive tool that makes living easier – plain and simple.

PrimeCables® Cordless Tire Inflator with igital Pressure Gauge
  • $79.99

What tools will you need in 2020? Pick them up today and you won’t be struggling to search for solutions when it comes time to do a renovation or home project. Don’t miss out! Get 40% off power tools and more from PrimeCables.

What is an Angle Grinder Used For – read here!

An angle grinder’s an impressive power tool any homeowner wants to have on their tool bench. Sand, polish, and sharpen, or use it to grind and cut through metal, tile, stucco, pavers, and/or round out mortar. An angle grinder does all of these things and it does them well. The performance’s consistent and reliable, and it saves the wear and tear this sort of work will take when you use other means of getting it done.

The most popular uses of angle grinders are to cut tile, mortar, and pavers, to eliminate rust, to loosen paint, to sharpen blades, and to cut or grind steel. They’re quick to use and effective. Grinders like this require a cutting or grinding wheel which is usually switched out depending on performance or what’s being worked on. Needless to say, an angle grinder’s an underrated power tool.

Angle grinders, for the most part, are quite inexpensive in comparison with other power tools. Inexpensive low quality angle grinders also exist although we understandably want to avoid these. What you really want is a tool you can rely on for demanding work whether that’s cutting on cement, stucco, or something else. Ideally, this takes a powerful motor of at least 5-9 amps. Anything less isn’t worth entertaining, even for homeowners who are barely going to use it.

One of the best angle grinders in Canada is the PrimeCables branded model which includes a 6.5 amp motor, a 4.5” universal disc, and comes completely cordless so portability is easy. The cordless element of this power tool is worth speaking a little bit more about. Wires get in the way and in this age, they’re not needed as much especially on tools like these. Make your job easier by equipping yourself with the ability to charge and go.

Once you have your angle grinder in hand, you can buy different wheels and accessories to heighten the effectiveness of it on certain materials and/or for a different effect. For example, wire brush wheels are given to clean off rust from metals such as on a garden tool or pipe. You can choose to pair an abrasive wheel with your angle grinder or something completely different. Read the label. Every wheel may look similar but they can be designed in a way that the performance is very different.

Cordless power tools like angle grinders, power drills, automatic tire inflators, circular saws, and more are available from Canada’s own PrimeCables. You’ll absolutely love the access, free shipping on orders above $49, and the quality of performance perhaps above all else. Shop cordless angle grinders and more today.

PrimeCables® Angle Grinder
  • Includes one 115 mm-diameter grinding disc

A Buyer’s Guide on What to Look For in a Cordless Drill

Are you looking to buy a new cordless power drill? If you drop by your local Home Hardware or Lowe’s, you’ll find overpriced drills you probably don’t need. You can save yourself some on a budget and pick up a similarly high quality cordless drill from online shopping sites like Here’s a quick rundown on what to look for when browsing cordless models.

Built-in LED light

If there was one feature that buyers want more than anything on a cordless power drill, it’s the inclusion of an LED light in the drill design. This allows a user to focus in low light situations or to continue working in dark workspaces.


Cost is a huge influence on finding the right cordless drill to buy. You may think spending more gets you a better quality drill. This isn’t the case, unfortunately. Spending more will get you a drill equipped with more features probably – some of which you surely don’t need or want. Highly priced drills may work well but if you can get the same performance from a drill at 30% of the price, wouldn’t you? Of course, anyone would.


Using a drill that isn’t plugged in, it should give the performance you want. Speaking on drills, versatility is important. Being able to work on wood, plastic, or metal, the power behind the performance can work to reduce fatigue and help you get things done faster without having to switch to another tool.

What’s important to you feature-wise?

If you want a cordless power drill with extensive features, those certainly exist but they come at prices $150 and above. Ask yourself, what’s the features you actually need? You obviously need it to work, first and foremost. If it’s a cordless power drill, you will also need to ensure the battery can carry a charge. Beyond that, the rest is sort of take it and leave it as you see fit.

Why not buy online?

The biggest barrier to buying power tools online is the cost of shipping and the wait to receive. Fortunately, when you buy from PrimeCables, all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. We are a brand built by Canadians for Canadians.

Our #1 selling power drill is a 20-v cordless power drill with 1.3Ah battery, two-speed transmission functionality, and an easy slide battery pack. This is the perfect drill for minor tasks like working wood, plastic, or metal, and for most homeowners, it’s all you’ll need to get the job done. Speak with a representative today for more information or put in your own order on one of Canada’s best cordless power drills.

Why you Need a Cordless Tire Inflator for your Next Highway Trip

Imagine being out on the road and your tires are a little low on air, being able to fill them right then and there is a luxury. What if a tire blows out and you throw on your replacement only to discover it needs some extra air. A cordless tire inflator can be the difference between driving dangerous and equipped for the road, and risking it.


Shopping a cordless tire inflator, you’ll find it’s the most convenient way to fill your tire. It’s portable so you can toss it in your trunk and not have to worry about it until you need it. It’s automatic so it’s easy to use. The PrimeCables’ model also comes with a digital pressure gauge allowing you to see where your tire pressure is at while you’re filling it. The flexible hose gives you the chance to angle it as needed, the comfortable grip makes is easy to handle, and the bright LED light can illuminate a dark road and help navigate your way around the tire.


When your tires aren’t filled properly with enough air, it increases the risk of an auto accident. Adding air without a compressor however is near impossible. Handheld cordless tire inflators’ compressors run on rechargeable batteries which are identical to the ones found in power tools like cordless power drills. The great thing about buying a tire inflator like this is that they usually have an adapter with them that also allows you to re-fill basketballs, footballs, high-pressure bicycle tires, and similar items. There may even be adaptability to use your cordless inflator on inflatables like beach balls and pool toys.


For when you need something to top off tire pressure, these work extremely well. You won’t have any issue adding more pressure on what you already got going, inflating up to 100 psi at low volume. If you’re working from a completely deflated tire, for argument’s sake, a cordless tire inflator could work to inflate one of these although they’re not necessarily built for this purpose. Inflators are prone to getting hot and continuous operation could cause it to overheat. Anyone inflating completely flat tires are recommended to seek out a larger compressor with a tank reservoir.


Needless to say, these gadgets are good to have around. As a driver, you never know when you might need them. Buy your cordless tire inflator from PrimeCables today and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Learning How to Engrave with Proper Technique on a Rotary Tool

Engraving metal with a rotary tool is a fun way to turn a plain metal object into something meaningful and precious. If you want to create a keepsake to give as a Christmas gift or anniversary gift, pulling out the rotary tool can be a great, inexpensive way to do so.


Create grooves, textures, or simple lines. If you’re an experienced rotary tool user, you can write a word or phrase, draw an image, make a symbol, or do almost anything. You can engrave and etch on a soft or hard metal, a metal that’s thick or thin, or almost any type of metal. All you’ll need is what you’re going to engrave, your rotary tool, the engraving bits, and a pencil or permanent marker to mark.


Step 1

Find the bits you need to get your engraving done. Most bits manufactured from metal are appropriate to use on soft metals like aluminum, copper, or thin sheet steel. If it’s a thicker, hard metal, such as a thick steel or brass, you will need more than the standard bits. Using the regular bits will only see them unsuccessful and wearing out rather quickly. What you’ll need to look for are bits with diamond wheel or diamond burr coating. When in doubt, choose the harder bit.


Step 2

From there, use your pencil or permanent marker to draw on what you’re about to engrave. Temporary markings are important. They are the guidelines you will trace. If the metal is smooth, permanent marker is needed. If not, a graphite pencil can be used.


Step 3

Complete engraving around the grooves. If the metal is thick and you want to engrave grooves with noticeable depth, start on low speed. Then, draw the lines lightly with the top to create a basic scratch shape. Then, run over these lines repeatedly until the shape you want emerges. Increase the speed the deeper you engrave. Then, reduce the speed once the lines are close to finish. Towards the end, slower speeds will help you clean up the edges.


Step 4

Lastly, use a light touch for any parts of the drawing that are etched. Consider practicing on a piece of scrap metal before you give the proper metal a try. You want to get the hang of this before working on the real thing. This way, you’ll learn how to give yourself the textures you want. Depending on the metal and the bit type, the technique can be slightly different so remember, go slow.


Choose one of Canada’s best rotary tools from PrimeCables and get started on your next engraving project!

5 Power Tools any DIYer will want for their Next Home Project

DIYers with a passion for construction projects and home renovation are recommended these must-haves. These power tools will help keep jobs easy and achievable. Give yourself the opportunity to check more off your to-do list with our list of 5 power tools any DIYer will want to have their next home project.


20V cordless power drill

Although a very basic DIY home renovation power tool, if you’re looking for a replacement, you’ve come to the right place. The PrimeCables 20V cordless power drill has 2-speed transmission, an LED light to help bring illumination to dark workspaces, and a slide pack battery.


20V cordless impact driver


See features on this 20V cordless impact driver including a compact lithium ion battery, quick-charging capabilities, and a quick release function alongside everything you’d expect. Your 1/4″ hex impact driver has variable speed up to 2,700 RPM, strong torque, and a comfortable grip.


20V cordless circular saw

When you need wood and materials cut, you’ll want to have a cordless circular saw already charged. Featuring 4,000 RPM and a 1.5Ah lithium ion battery, your 20V cordless circular saw accompanies a measuring guide for accurate cuts, an easy-to-use bevel and depth adjustment function, a spindle lock providing for easy blade changes, and all in a lightweight design.


Portable cordless electric screwdriver

You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t need an electric screwdriver!” Well, the truth is, some enjoy having a portable cordless electric screwdriver on-hand when they’re working in hard to reach spaces. If you suspect finding a screw somewhere you can’t reach well enough to turn it with a manual screwdriver, you may come around to this 36-piece, 6V powered electric screwdriver.


7.2V cordless rotary tool

For smaller home projects or crafts, PrimeCables’ massive 110-piece cordless rotary tool is the perfect piece to add to any DIYer’s power tool collection. Any carving, engraving, cutting, or masterworks is easy accomplished with this compact and lightweight tool. Features vary from 5,000 to 25,000 RPM speed adjustments, bright LED lights for dark work spaces, and more.


With these 5 power tools in your garage, you’ll be able to finish any build or renovation project faster, smarter, and potentially even safer. Some of these are critical to completing certain renovations and for a flawless finish, you’ll be glad you have them. They’ll make the boring tasks just a little more interesting and the cordless aspect to all these make them portable to anywhere a job may call. Browse these cordless power tools and others at PrimeCables toda

4 Tips on How to Clean and Polish with your Rotary Tool

Cleaning and polishing metals and similar materials with a rotary tool is an easy no-fuss and no-mess solution. Here are 4 easy tips for amateurs or DIY professionals looking to brush up on their knowledge base a bit.

Begin by removing surface scratches.

Be careful when tackling surfaces scratches as you don’t want to remove too much. Selecting the polisher, you want to keep your drill moving to avoid fixating on any one area. If you don’t keep the rotary tool moving, you will end up with a groove in your metal where you don’t want one. This can take some time to master but take it slow. After you’re done, feel your work for any sharp edges. If everything’s good, rinse it and then, move onto your next polisher.

Remove remaining scratches and smooth things over.

After you have surface scratches taken care of, it’s time to smooth. You may notice some dust coming off. It’s best to wear safety goggles and a mask when tidying this up. Post-use, rinse and wipe again. The reason why dust must be wiped or washed after every polish with your rotary tool is because residue can be left on the coarser grits as you work. You could end up adding in extra surface marks as you’re polishing.

Clean up detailed areas of your work before continuing.

Before you move on to the last stages of polishing, clean up and polish the more detailed areas which may be more difficult to reach. Any jewelry that’s small or very detailed is going to require more detailed polishing than other items.

Use mini polishers across the whole piece to finish.

To give your item a shiny, high-gloss sheen, give everything one last polish. Use a pin with some grit. Use the flat side on larger surfaces to give some more flexibility. When you come to use a shorter pin, know that it will be stiffer. You can put a little more pressure on its tip.

There are a wide variety of polishers out there, some tailor made for small objects and others for large surfaces. Find the set of polishers that work for your rotary tool and attach them to the appropriate mandrel prior to fitting them into the rotary tool. Polishers generally come ready to use and so not much more is needed. Shop one of the best rotary tools in Canada with PrimeCables.