Did you Know PrimeCables sells Headphones too – check this out!

There are plenty of headphones companies out there making claims about how great they are. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies selling cables, audio accessories, and related products, PrimeCables is not about to do that – we know how good our headphones are and the back to school will be the perfect timing to order this at cheaper price!


Needless to say, the customers who’ve bought one of PrimeCables headphones models knows how tremendous they sound. When it comes to a ratio of value to price, we believe no one does headphones on budget better than PrimeCables. Though we’re known for selling other tech products, our headphones have a charm to them that you’ll only understand when you hear it.


PrimeCables has worked with its manufacturers and suppliers to offer the best possible price. Headphones can evidently range between low priced earbuds to $1,000s for brand-name monstrosities. PrimeCables has priced its headphones just under $25 because we want this level of quality to be accessible to everyday Canadians who can’t necessarily afford anything above. See premium sound clarity, high quality, and a foldable design to ensure portability is never a problem.


Dig into the PrimeCables catalogue and buy the Premium Headphones Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro – PrimeCables® for only $24.99. We invite the opportunity to compare these headphones side by side with other models. We’re proud to report the reviews for this headphones brand have been strong and our manufacturers strongly support the finished product. Though not everyone will love a pair of headphones like these, instead choosing lesser quality earbuds, to the Canadian consumers who value sound quality above all else, these headphones are not difficult to appreciate.


Inexpensive high quality headphones are just a click away when you buy from PrimeCables. Browse higher-end headphones down through to more affordable earbuds. As a kind recommendation, consider picking up one or two extra pairs of earbuds for when you’re out on the go. Keep in mind that when you buy from PrimeCables, you receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Needless to say, sometimes it pays to buy in bulk.


Make the most of your headphone jack! Don’t get by with anything less. Take advantage of this unique combination of convenience, portability, and quality. The best solution for anyone seeking a nice pair of headphones on budget, PrimeCables is the ideal place to shop. Save money, get a high quality product, and enjoy super comfortable, versatile wearing. While prices are this low, now’s the time to buy!

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