Pro Audio, Speakers, Headphones, and More get MASSIVE Deals this July

Canada-only exclusive deals at PrimeCables this July hits upon professional audio lovers’ sweet spot. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get some upgrades done on your home entertainment system’s sound, to pick up a good hair of headphones, or to buy an audio gift for a family member or loved one, here’s your opportunity. All you have to do is drop in on PrimeCables this July, add your favourites to your shopping cart, and cash out. From now to the end of the month, you can find a ton of pro audio speakers and headphones on sale.

Headphones or earbuds

Earbuds broken? Headphones starting to not work so well? All July long at PrimeCables, headphones and earbuds are available to be perused and picked up. Find wireless Bluetooth earbuds, premium headphones hi-fi DJ over-the-ear style, active noise cancelling headphones, and enhanced-bass noise-isolating earbuds. Don’t up your costs somewhere else. Find solid summer deals that you don’t need to wait around for some sales day to get. Music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify never sounded so good!

Surround sound speaker systems or soundbars

Have you ever been watching a movie where the audio was just so bad it made it hard to enjoy – yeah, us two. If you need better speakers for your home theatre system, don’t wait. Shop multimedia surround sound speaker sets or smaller, more space-efficient Bluetooth stereo soundbars. No matter what kind of space you’re working with or what your entertainment setup is, there’s something for everyone in our catalogue. Don’t spend a buck more than you need to. It’s so much nicer when your TV’s sound is equal quality-wise to the 1080p HD picture in front of you.

More pro audio gear

There’s so much more pro audio gear to discover that could easily pair up with your home entertainment system. See microphones and instrument accessories, and set up a little home-based musician’s corner. See mixers and amplifiers to match. Do you need a portable speaker? We got those. Find stage audio and stage lights you can use to design a rehearsal space or something special for yourself and your friends to play music in. Under pro audio accessories, exclusive sales can be found on height adjustable metal satellite speakers, adjustable background support stands, microphone stands, and more.

This July, make sure you’re getting the best price. Our catalogue year-round is always equipped with the best deals we can give. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and have a look. Worth it to shop with PrimeCables? Absolutely.

Get the best noise-cancelling headphones cheap at!

Noise-cancelling headphones make an immersive listening experience for your favourite tunes, music production, and getting work done with minimum distractions. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Primecables® Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headphones to you for the low price of $69.99!


These Bluetooth wireless headphones feature active noise cancellation, as well as a 500mAh lithium-ion battery, giving you up to 16 hours of noise-cancelling playback. Boasting Bluetooth® 4.0 technology, these headphones are compatible with A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP profiles.


Sleek, sexy, and ubiquitous, they also have playback options on the side of the headphones and come packaged with a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and USB charging cable. The wireless Bluetooth range provides up to 10 metres of distance from your device, meaning you can walk around anywhere within your home, office, or studio while enjoying flawless, high-fidelity music.


Charging within 3 hours and providing more than 24 hours of audio play without active noise cancellation and 16 hours with noise-cancelling turned on, these leather-padded headphones have two 20mW drivers, 40mm in diameter, with 32 ohms impedance, a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, and 105dB sensitivity, meaning you can get the most out of ambient sounds and music, no matter what the genre.


What kind of headphones best suit your lifestyle? Are you constantly on-the-go, between home and work, your dorm room and campus, or hopping public transit to get around town day-to-day? Then you need reliable, comfortable, no-nonsense Bluetooth wireless headphones, so get the Primecables® Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise-Cancelling Stereo Headphones for only $69.99.


Perfect for mixing beats, taking planes, trains, and public transit, and drowning out the noise in a boisterous environment such as college dorm room, family get togethers, and neighbourhood parties, you can don these majestic headphones and plow through all your studying, work, or simply enjoy a more immersive audio experience during your personal free time, without outside distractions.


When you spend $49 or more at, your order is eligible for free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live, you can get these puppies quickly, coast to coast, usually taking about a week to arrive. If you need them this week, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it delivered in about a day or two, tops.


For all your Bluetooth wireless headphones, deejaying and music production, and sound equipment needs, at the lowest prices in the country, visit us today at!

The best over-the-head Hi-Fi DJ Style Headphones under $30

The best deal on over-the-head headphones is available exclusively at! The PrimeCables Pro Headphones are on sale now for just $19.99, regularly $39.99.

PrimeCables headphone Best Headphone Deal in Canada

Premium sound clarity and top-of-the-line quality, delivered by two 50mm driver units, featuring 40 ohms of impedance, 100dB sensitivity, 20Hz-20kHz frequency response range, and packaged with two 3.5mm audio cables, one with an in-line microphone and play/pause button, as well as a quarter-inch-to-3.5mm adapter plug, allowing you to use these headphones in virtually any setup, at home, on the go, or at live music events.

PrimeCables headphone Best OverHead Deal in Canada
PrimeCables headphone Best OverHead Deal in Canada

With a black finish, foldable design, and well-padded ear cushions for maximum comfort, these DJ style headphones are durable, comfortable, and ready to handle whatever mileage you can put on them.


Use them at home for mixing music, making beats, or producing recordings, just as well at giving you crystal clear reproduction as delivering your playlists and slow jams so you can cram for exams or get studying done no matter who’s partying down the hall. You can even use them for online video gaming, to trash talk your opponents while enjoying an all-out frag-fest!


Take them with you on public transit, riding shotgun, or on the plane, and enjoy the richest audio experience wherever you’re travelling.


Wear them at live music events, reliable for deejaying house parties, weddings, or summer shindigs. Use the in-line microphone to announce upcoming tracks, give shoutouts, and take requests.


Add The PrimeCables® Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Premium Pro Headphones to your shopping cart and keep browsing our immense catalogue of pro audio and musical accessories, because when you spend $49 or more at, your order is eligible for free shipping nationwide. No matter where you’re living, you’ll get your package delivered in about a week, coast to coast. If you need it quickly, you can add fast shipping to any item before checkout for just $5.95 and get it to arrive in just a day or two at most.


We recommend checking out the PrimeCables® Solid Aluminum Alloy Dual Headphone Headband Stand Hanger, just $19.99. Sleek, sexy, and sturdy, it holds your pairs of headphones on display in an elegant manner, showing them off while keeping their cables tidy, so you don’t have to tuck them away in your dresser drawer or backpack when they’re not in use. Perfect for music makers-slash-computer gamers who need two separate sets of headphones for producing and gaming. You can even get them in a combo deal for just $29.99!


For all your headphones and audiophile needs, visit us today at!

Choose the best earphones and earbuds from our extensive catalogue at!

Shopping for earphones online is a great way to find the best deals on earphones and earbuds and finding fast shipping is important, too, so it’s more convenient than going to a big box store and hoping in vain they’ll price match with our unbeatable web exclusives at!


Here’s our top 3 earphones and earbuds this year:

Coming in at the top of the charts is the Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Invisible S530 Earbud for music and hands-free calls, just $5.99! This single-piece headset is practically invisible sitting on your ear, measuring just 16mm in width and 28mm in height. It features an LED indicator, microphone, on/off button, and charging port so you can charge it up and connect it to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth and get on with your day. Equipped with a voice prompt, 80Hz intelligent chip design, noise cancellation, and iOS battery display, this lightweight, compact earpiece is the future of wireless earbuds. Available in two colours, black and white.


If you’re looking to upgrade your earbuds, then look no further than our always popular Monoprice® Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Technology Earbuds w/ Microphone for just $19.99. Sexy and powerful, these bronze-accented black earbuds feature a 90-degree angle gold-plated jack, reducing strain and promising a corrosion-free connection, enhanced bass response, and inline microphone and play/pause buttons, making these the most durable, comfortable, and ubiquitous earbuds in our entire catalogue.

Monoprice headphone
Monoprice headphone

If you want the best in class for sound range, then you want the Monoprice® Large-Driver Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with Built-in Microphone, on sale now for $22.95. These big earphones have 14.2mm driver units capable of delivering powerful, rich sound and reacting to changes in frequency across a wider spectrum than any other earphone or earbud. Comfortable and Bluetooth compatible with any mobile device, these are great earphones for audiophiles and futurists alike!


When you spend $49 or more, your purchase is eligible for free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you live, you’ll get what you need quickly, usually taking up to a week to arrive. If you need it even quicker than that, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it delivered in a day or two, max.


For all your earphones and earbuds, audio equipment and cable needs, visit us today and!

Top 10 Headphones this year at!

The market for headphones and portable sound solutions is massive, so we’d like to highlight the top 10 pairs of headphones for 2018 at to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth wireless, over-the-head design, or noise-cancellation, we’ve got the headphones for you. Hand-picked selections from our huge catalogue of headphones, hardware and accessories are listed below.


Numero uno on our list is Monoprice® Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones with Mic for the low price of $35.99. This is really the best deal on headphones throughout the country, boasting huge 50mm drivers, detachable 3.5mm cable with jack, and comfortable, but durable ear pads to withstand heavy daily usage. The full package includes a 3.5mm wire with in-line microphone and button controller, allowing you to take calls and play/pause control for music playback.


Our second most popular option is the PrimeCables® Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones, on sale now for just $19.99. These headphones, which are designed with our proprietary cabling, deliver superior sound quality within comfy, foldable, portable DJ-style headphones that are useful for day-to-day work- and student-life, whether you spend most of your time at home, at the office, library, or on the road. These headphones are ubiquitous and cheaper than ever before, normally listed at $39.99!


There’s also the best-selling Pioneer SE-MS5T Hi-Res Over-Ear Stereo Headphones with In-Line Microphone, coming soon to, for just $49.99, including free shipping. This over-the-head, aluminum design, wide cushioned pair of headphones is multi-use, with 40mm drivers, hi-res stereo audio, in one sexy little package, available in black and silver.


On sale now until the end of October, the Monoprice® Metal Dynamic On-Ear Headphones, just $49.99, including free shipping. Featuring 40mm drivers for rich bass and clean highs, this top-of-the-line pair of headphones are not only superior in sound delivery, but in durability, too!


If you’re brand loyal, then you’ll definitely want to check out these superior quality Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones, available soon for just $48.99! Lightweight and equipped with an acoustic bass booster, these little headphones will blow you away.


Fans of Monoprice® will love their big and bulky Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone, Black and Brushed Metal Over Ear Headphones for just $118.99. These monsters will not disappoint, delivering top-notch sound quality for every genre of music for hours on end, thanks to its 450mAh lithium-ion battery.


Coming soon, the Monoprice® Headphones & Earbuds Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Bluetooth Headphones with Mic and Qualcomm aptX Support, for just $59.99.


As well as the up-and-coming Monoprice® 2-in-1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with External Speakers, $46.99.


One of our most affordable best sellers, the Monoprice® Hi-Fi Lightweight On-Ear Headphones, for just $21.99.


And last, but not least, the Primecables® Noise-Cancelling Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, just $69.99. With active noise cancellation and lithium-ion battery, you can spend all day immersed in your music and ignore the rest of the world so you can do you, fresh with beats for up to 16 hours of noise-cancelling playback.


We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver and free shipping on any orders $49 and up. Add fast shipping for $5.95 and get it in a day or two flat.


For all your headphones and musical entertainment needs, check us out today at!

Universal Headphone Stand on sale now at!

Tired of tangled cords, messy drawers, and losing your favourite pair of headphones? Then you need the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger, on sale now until September 11 for just $12.99!


The PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger features a crisp, sexy, full-metal body that holds your headphones at the ready on your desktop, dresser, or in the studio, so you no longer have to worry about finding a safe place to store them or knotted cables.


The high-quality aluminum alloy fits every style of décor, so it matches your setup perfectly, no matter what your lifestyle. Sturdy and detachable, small and lightweight, it features a silicone pad on the base and a leather surface for hanging up the biggest and fanciest kinds of headphones.


It’s the most convenient way to manage your cables, whether at home or at work, freeing up desktop clutter and keeping your audio equipment safe from knicks, contortions, coffee, or whatever threatens your workspace peripherals!


With an overall size of 100mm x 100mm x 276mm, the hanger arm measures 9.4cm x 2.5cm, giving you ample space for large and small pairs of headphones alike. Weighing only 217g, the PrimeCables® Universal Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger is extremely portable and easy to use. Bring it with you wherever you’re jamming and make your workspace truly yours with this professional, practical headphone stand.


It won’t scratch your hardware, nor drop it, nor tip over, with its anti-skid pad and soft leather resting spot. DIY setup makes it suitable for home studios, cubicles and offices, home theatre, and your bedroom. It even makes an excellent, affordable gift, perfect for celebrating the birthdays of all your audiophile friends.


This month, when you place an order of $30 and up, your purchase is automatically eligible for free shipping nationwide. So, order a few, or browse our massive catalogue of musical accessories and pro audio equipment to rack up your total before checkout.


We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you reside, your package will arrive in about a week in most places, two weeks for remote destinations. If you’re in a rush to receive it, as a gift or before taking vacation, then you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and get it in a day or two, tops.


For all your pro audio equipment and musical accessories, visit us today at!

Did you Know PrimeCables sells Headphones too – check this out!

There are plenty of headphones companies out there making claims about how great they are. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies selling cables, audio accessories, and related products, PrimeCables is not about to do that – we know how good our headphones are and the back to school will be the perfect timing to order this at cheaper price!


Needless to say, the customers who’ve bought one of PrimeCables headphones models knows how tremendous they sound. When it comes to a ratio of value to price, we believe no one does headphones on budget better than PrimeCables. Though we’re known for selling other tech products, our headphones have a charm to them that you’ll only understand when you hear it.


PrimeCables has worked with its manufacturers and suppliers to offer the best possible price. Headphones can evidently range between low priced earbuds to $1,000s for brand-name monstrosities. PrimeCables has priced its headphones just under $25 because we want this level of quality to be accessible to everyday Canadians who can’t necessarily afford anything above. See premium sound clarity, high quality, and a foldable design to ensure portability is never a problem.


Dig into the PrimeCables catalogue and buy the Premium Headphones Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro – PrimeCables® for only $24.99. We invite the opportunity to compare these headphones side by side with other models. We’re proud to report the reviews for this headphones brand have been strong and our manufacturers strongly support the finished product. Though not everyone will love a pair of headphones like these, instead choosing lesser quality earbuds, to the Canadian consumers who value sound quality above all else, these headphones are not difficult to appreciate.


Inexpensive high quality headphones are just a click away when you buy from PrimeCables. Browse higher-end headphones down through to more affordable earbuds. As a kind recommendation, consider picking up one or two extra pairs of earbuds for when you’re out on the go. Keep in mind that when you buy from PrimeCables, you receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Needless to say, sometimes it pays to buy in bulk.


Make the most of your headphone jack! Don’t get by with anything less. Take advantage of this unique combination of convenience, portability, and quality. The best solution for anyone seeking a nice pair of headphones on budget, PrimeCables is the ideal place to shop. Save money, get a high quality product, and enjoy super comfortable, versatile wearing. While prices are this low, now’s the time to buy!