Get our 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub as one of our Back to School Essentials

To a student, having a multi-port USB hub is a great ‘back to school essential’ because it fulfills many different roles. Any student can use it to charge their smartphone or tablet, to plug in their laptops to charge, and/or use it across any digital device with USB charging capability. This gadget has the opportunity to contribute in so many different ways to a person’s life that it’s a purchase worth considering.


Most students already have some version of a USB hub though it might not have multiple ports. Almost anywhere, you can find some very cheap models of two-ports though these don’t necessarily provide a fast charge and, depending on where they were manufactured, may actually pose a threat.


Needless to say, everyone should have a USB hub of some kind. PrimeCables’ 7-port USB hub can help. Providing a user with seven different USB ports to connect to, you’ll always have somewhere to plug your device when it needs a good quality charge.


From PrimeCables, buy the 7-Port USB 3.0 HUB with Individual Switch Power Adapter Plug – Black today for $19.99. Featuring an independent switch to reduce power consumption, plug and play capability, and an on-an-off switch assigned to each USB port, this is a great tool for any student going to college or university, getting ready for high school, or entering junior high. The high-speed 7-port USB hub has every port with speeds up to 5Gbps.


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