iPhone X Protective Case under $5 with Screen Protector, Card Holder, and Ring Grip

This iPhone X protective case has all the usual features of phone protection, with the new ring grip kickstand functionality, giving you the freedom to use your phone with a single hand and prop it up on table tops to show it off.


The brand new PrimeCables® iPhone X Armour Protective Case with Ring Grip Stand & Card Holder Slot is now just $3.99 at PrimeCables.ca!


The Armour protection includes drop resistance and anti-shock safety, with secure corner protection and the dual-layer protection of reinforced TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with solid PC (polycarbonate) material (soft and hard) for preventing damage from drops, bumps, shock, abrasion and scratches.


With perfect cut-outs for the iPhone X cameras, speakers, and ports, this case will cover everything on your phone except your inputs and outputs. It includes a tempered glass screen protector, which is thin enough to register touch, but strong enough to withstand scratching.


The full-body case prevents fingerprints, grease and dust from collecting on the surface of your device. It’s non-slip, anti-scratch, and provides air cushion-like protection.


The new design of the PrimeCables® iPhone X Armour Protective Case includes a rotating ring grip kickstand, that pivots 180- and 360-degrees, to give you the ability to hold your phone on one finger, and operate it with your other hand, providing you with extra grip and to keep it from slipping out of your hands.


The ring grip kickstand feature is especially good for using your phone above your head in bed, when drowsiness and fatigue can cause you to drop the phone on your face. It can even be used to prop the iPhone up at an angle on tables and countertops, giving you a hands-free option for using the device.


This lightweight, shockproof, fitted case is available in black for iPhone X at just $3.99.


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