Receive local stations, VHF and UHF signals on your TV with our Fishbone Antenna!

The PrimeCables® Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna is on sale now until August 21st for just $14.99!

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This excellent outdoor antenna has a reception distance of up to about 96km (60-65 miles), making it a powerful tool for receiving local HD TV signals at home so you don’t have to shell out money to catch the weather report or primetime shows. The professional fishbone structure is sturdy, reliable, and easy on the eyes, at least relative to the old rabbit ears!

Simple DIY installation, just mount it outside, then hook it up via coax cable to your TV and scan for channels. It’s optimized for 1080p digital reception, allowing you to pick up on local high-definition VHF and UHF transmissions with crystal clear audio and picture quality, often surpassing the usual compressed satellite signals. It takes just a few minutes to install it and tune it, then you’ll be enjoying TV like it’s 1999!


Never pay for cable or satellite again, switch back to the old-school air waves. It’s cheap, easy to install, and surprisingly high quality.


The cross-phase and multi-element construction features superior architectural design to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions, allowing you to reliably mount this fishbone antenna structure on your rooftop and never worry about it crashing down or falling apart under pressure.


Why pay to get channels like CBC, TVO, PBS, Global News, NBC, CTV, or CityTV? We used to get them for free! Well fret no longer, because the PrimeCables® Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna is bringing it all back.


When you order $49 or more at, your purchase is eligible for free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you reside, you’ll get what you need quickly, anywhere in the country. If you need it faster, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive your delivery within a day or two, tops.


You can get about 10 channels in Montreal and 17 channels in Toronto, including all the major news networks and commercial stations, according to the availability report on


If you’re new to the digital TV and over-the-air culture and remain skeptical, why not give it a try? For just $14.99, you can’t go wrong, and you won’t be disappointed.


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