See New Power Tools on Deals, Discounts, and Promotions from PrimeCables

Make a list of all the power tools you have and all the power tools you think you need. Chances are you might see some holes in your inventory that are in need of address, or maybe you need a replacement. We can help. If you’re worried about the quality of some of your power tool accessories and/or are concerned that they could fail you on the job, here are some deals, discounts, and promotions from one of Canada’s top eCommerce brands, PrimeCables.

PrimeCables power tool accessories
PrimeCables power tool accessories

No one wants to see their tools break and fail them. In most case, even with heavy duty power tool accessories, eventually, they give out. If you think it’s time to make some replacements, browse deals like a magnetic tip slotted screwdriver for $1.99, a 12” American type tin man’s snip for cutting aluminum and sheet metal for $5.99, a 14” American type heavy duty straight pipe wrench for $6.99, a 10” heavy duty grip wrench for $6.99, a three-piece Set of American type pliers for $8.99, or a 8” industrial grade high leverage long nose plier with wire cutter for $7.99.


These are just some of the exclusive deals on power tool accessories you can find through PrimeCables. They’re far from the only ones though. PrimeCables has its own outdoor polyester tools bag organizer for $5.99, a professional 9-piece combination tools set for mechanical maintenance for $15.99, a 19” heavy duty plastic tool storage box for $10.99, hearing safety and noise cancelling earmuffs for $3.99, and high quality PTFE thread seal tape for plumbing for $0.49.


Too many of us buy tools, throw them in our organizers, and then never both to test them or replace them as they age. Sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary that we do. You never know what could happen or what you’ll need to fix. Maybe there’ll be a screw that just does not want to come out, a cable that needs securing, or a component that needs replacement. The accessories you’ll need to get every and any job done is a comprehensive list. It can easily become quite expensive. When you shop with PrimeCables, things will be a lot more affordable and browsing our eCommerce catalogue, easily see the tools you’re missing.


There are some pretty big reasons you want to go shopping with PrimeCables. Enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee across all purchases. Take advantage of PrimeCables’ summer-fall 2018 sale today and save literally hundreds on power tools and power tool accessories!

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