TV Wall Mount v. TV Ceiling Mount – Which one is Better for my Flat-Screen

For your high-definition flat-screen TV, choosing to mount it creates an immersive theatrical experience you won’t find when your television is nestled into the wall or positioned on a table. Though a TV wall mount is by far the most common mounting option, it’s not the only one. In addition to mounting a screen against the wall, there’s mounts established on the ceiling as well. What’s better for your flat-screen depends on personal preference, the space you have to work with, and the kind of home entertainment experience you’re looking to create.


The Argument for a TV Wall Mount


A wall mount is arguably the easier installation and comes with the most diverse of options. Choose from inexpensive and basic wall mount options for under $15. Then again, you may want to go with something that tilts to help with light glare or something that can swivel and tilt, that has an articulating arm providing full motion, or with a pull down/pull up mechanism. The latest in mounting design technology has meant there are a lot of different ways to implement one in a home cinema. PrimeCables has had the benefit of working alongside its manufacturers and suppliers to offer wall mounts at low price points for all Canadian households to enjoy.


The Argument for a TV Ceiling Mount


A TV ceiling mount is used in many commercial circumstances, such as in gyms, schools, restaurants, banks, museums, and all sorts of small businesses and corporate environments. They’re also used in some residential circumstances. In some small spaces, a TV mounted to the ceiling may be more space-saving than a wall mount. Subsequently, for larger home theater rooms, a ceiling mount may be preferable as it can make it seem more like a theatre. Though ceiling mounts are a great presentation for at home, they do few things unique to them and that can’t be accomplished with a regular wall installation.


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