Amazon v. Best Buy Ad Preview – Best ‘Black Friday’ 2018 Deals

Black Friday 2018 is fast approaching and in the big lead-up, there’s a lot of top Black Friday deals expected to be delivered by brands ranging from Amazon to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and everyone else. Though there are advantages to buying with each of these brands, why not buy from a Canadian-made brand – consider PrimeCables.

black friday battles between amazon, walmart and best buy
black Friday battles between Amazon, Walmart and Best buy

As one of Canada’s top sources for Black Friday deals, you’ll find numerous discounts and sales from PrimeCables on products like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, smart home accessories, home theater accessories, network solutions, and so many others. If you’re looking to get down to the best deals we got going, let us share a few.


If you’re looking for new computer speakers or are considering an upgrade, PrimeCables has some amazing stereo desktop multimedia USB powered PC computer speakers for only $14.99. Though our inventory on these is limited, Canadians lucky enough to pick up this pair are going to enjoy high quality sound and free shipping included with their purchase!


Another great product on Black Friday 2018 sale is our dual LCD monitor desk mount fully adjustable for $35.99. Perfect for gamers, video editors, audio engineers, professional musicians, freelance writers, students, and other applications, this product comes with rotation, swivel, and tilting, maximizing the viewing experience for all involved.


Thirdly, consider some of the great Black Friday discounts we have on HDMI cables. It’s an absolutely perfect time to upgrade your home theater system with a new HDMI cable or adapter. Prices vary, depending on type of HDMI cable and quality of picture you want. There’s more than two dozen options to look through.


When it boils down to it, PrimeCables is a Canadian-made brand with over a decade of experience serving Canadians far and wide. For the top Black Friday deals, forego shopping with Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or Amazon. Come to PrimeCables for discounts that’ll really turn your head to. Always one of the top sales days of the year for us, we want to shoot even higher this year which is why we’ve taken extra care to lowering prices. Superior Black Friday sales are just a click away.


See some of the same products you’ll find on Amazon and Best Buy, alongside products unique to PrimeCables, and catch the lowest prices in all of Canada. If you’re trying to predict who will have the best Black Friday deals in Canada, let us spoil the answer for you – it’s going to be us. Shop PrimeCables today for deep discounts on all your favourite tech and household products from top to bottom.

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