Headphones and Earphones Buying Guide

Numerous models to choose from, there are many things to look for in headphones and earphones. If you’re looking to narrow down your choices, it can be hard. Fielding requests and purchases from all across Canada, PrimeCables specializes in audio equipment, headphones, earbuds, and all types of sound. There are more than two dozen headphone models to browse in the catalogue, each with their own unique set of features. Here are a few of the different considerations to make when buying headphones or earphones.


Sound quality matters a tremendous amount when buying headphones. To some, it’s a big bass sound that they want. To others, it’s noise isolation or noise cancellation. Then, there’s headphones delivering a full-range reproduction of sound capturing every audio detail. Comfort, weight, portability, and fit are all components that can help decide which headphones are right for you. If you need headphones to plug into a portable player, you’re going to need equally portable earbuds. If you are creating music recordings, you’re going to want a high quality headphone model that does not necessarily need to be portable.


The best way to buy headphones is by knowing what you’re looking for and trying them on for size. Going in-store, you can head the difference between a great pair of headphones and a lower quality pair. Price is not always the great indicator, either. For example, in the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll find cheaply priced high quality headphones and earphones available for purchase. The low prices do not indicate quality of performance. To this point, performance is important and at PrimeCables, we understand that. That’s why we provide free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases, in addition to a ‘free shipping’ coupon which is easily applied on any order above $49.


If you’re doing high-end audio work such as a professional musician would, there’s no room to compromise. You may need to shell out the $100 and over for a good quality pair. Thankfully, even on a modest budget, there are many high-end headphones and earphones that you won’t find anywhere else at such a great bargain. All of our headphones have been maximized with optimum sound and comfort. For the best in consumer-quality headphones, PrimeCables is the only name you need to remember.


Choosing the right headphones, earphones or earbuds comes down to how much research and looking you’re willing to do. Specifications aside, how they sound is the ultimate determinant. If you are planning to use your headphones for your smartphone, like so many Canadians do, searching out inexpensive earbuds might be the way to go. If you need something way more expensive and much higher quality, we got those models too. Contact PrimeCables today for more information on buying headphones.

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