OTG Connects your Mobile Device with USB

Are you looking for a cable you can use on the go to connect almost anything to your smartphone, making it easy to do business, browse documents, and surf the Internet – we got what you need.


As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sources for cables, adapters, and so much more, PrimeCables has some of the lowest prices in Canada. OTG stands for ‘on the go’ and identifies a specific category of cables that act as the simplest, most convenient way to connect USB peripherals to your smartphone, tablet, or digital device. If you have mobile products you are interested in hooking up via USB connection, buying an OTG cable is simple, fast, and awesome. Shop now for connections on USB, MP3, smartphone, keyboards, and more.


If you want to use your keyboard on Android with USB OTG, the process is simple and it makes typing a lot easier. Using OTG cables, you can surf on the Internet across any Android device, accessing the online world any time. To use your mouse on Android with USB OTG, just connect it and have no need to touch the screen. Another benefit is that it allows you to read the data by using the micro port to connect, read, copy, past, and edit any document as you see fit! There’s a lot of reasons why a consumer may buy an OTG cable. The great thing is that they’re inexpensive and very multi-purpose, suitable for everything for Document editing to help you gain a wired connection to a drone.


Though inexpensive, OTG adapters can vary in price. The bottom line for a company like PrimeCables is don’t overpay. Among the OTG cables and adapters in the PrimeCables catalogue, enjoy deals like the micro USB 11pin OTG adapter for Samsung for $0.99, the micro USB 5pin OTG adapter for $1.99, the 5pin to 11pin micro USB adapter for MHL adapters and Samsung Galaxy models for $0.99, the OTG card reader adapter for $5.99, the USB-C to USB 3.1 male to female cable adapter OTG-compatible for $6.99, and more. Shop with PrimeCables to enjoy ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Also, receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.


USB on-the-go cables began to be used in the early 2000s. Since then, their audience has grown significantly. Use your tablet or smartphone as a host, connect other USB devices, and enjoy the capability of being able to switch between them. Shop PrimeCables for your next USB OTG order!

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