What is Keystone – where to Get it cheap!

Keystone jacks are a necessary component in the arsenal of many home theater enthusiasts in Canada.

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A keystone is a standardized snap-in package that allows one to mount any of a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks and/or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate, face plate, surface-mount box, or patch panel.


Keystone jacks are used predominantly in commercial telecommunications although they also have residential purpose for those who know how to use them. Be it for a telephone line or, more popularly, an Ethernet Internet network connection, keystone jacks certainly have a role to play in increasing connectivity in the home.


Keystone jacks typically accept Ethernet cable like CAT5, CAT6e, or similar connections. They typically measure 14.5mm x 16mm high and are held in place by flexible tabs. In general, they are easy to snap into a mounting plate.


All keystones are interchangeable and replaceable, which allows for some flexibility in arrangement and mounting. There are some keystones which use a pass-through type connector while others have a jack on the front and an alternative mechanism on the back. The most popular types of keystones include RJ-11 modular jacks for telephones, RJ-45 modular jacks which are used for computer networking, F-connectors for cable TV or satellite, RCA jacks, HDMI jacks, optical fiber connectors, BNC connectors, USB jacks, speaker terminals, and banana connectors.


Keystone jacks were first invented in the late 1970s though at the time, this was a very primitive design not yet released commercially. The current design of what is known as a ‘keystone’ came to exist in the mid-1990s, originally used for telephone connection. In the decades that followed, keystones were popularized across North America for their amazing connectivity and other advantages.


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