What is VESA and How to Find it for your TV

Consumer electronics come with a lot of acronyms to remember and VESA’s just one of them. For high-definition flat-screen TVs, you’re going to want to know what your VESA specifications are, especially if you’re buying a TV stand or TV wall mount.

What is VESA for your monitor
What is VESA for your monitor

VESA may sometimes read as either ‘VESA compatible’ or ‘VESA compliant’. Originally, VESA specifications were adopted to allow consumers to build their own home theater systems, ensuring products fit the same measurements, mold, and compatibility ratings.


VESA stands for ‘Video Electronics Standards Association’, which is an organization overseeing standards for all visual display devices. To get the quality and experience you want between display devices, this association is tasked with achieving that. Today’s 4K HD TV sets and everything else suits VESA specifications.


Your TV’s VESA specifications is the measurement between screws. VESA is what you will want to pay attention to when mounting the TV. Though a television screen can rest comfortably on a desk or TV stand, there’s nothing quite like mounting your flat-screen. VESA allows hardware manufacturers and home theater accessory companies to make products that suit the flat-screens already out there. When buying a wall mount, you want to ensure your VESA measurements match up. Sometimes, your instruction manual might show it. VESA specifications present itself in millimetres, such as in 400×400. If the mount you buy does not exceed VESA specifications of 400×400, you’re good to go if this is the rating you’re working with.


Now VESA is not the only thing to consider when buying a TV wall mount. You’re also going to want to know the exact size of your screen and its weight. VESA compatibility is a great place to start. VESA will relate to where the mounting holes are on the back of your flat-screen. There are numerous variations out there but the good news is that the standard should be easy to line up to the wall mounts out there in the marketplace. Without VESA standards implemented, it would be near impossible to go shopping for a TV wall mount. It might seem complicated but once you have the number, you’ll realize how easy it is. Upgrading your home theater today is so easy thanks to VESA!


Now that you know what VESA is and where to find a TV’s specifications, shopping for a TV wall mount with PrimeCables is that much easier. Browse fixed wall mounts through to models with tilt, swivel, pull-down, and articulating arms for maximum flexibility. Shop PrimeCables today!

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