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How to Set Up an Antenna for the TV

Setting up a high-definition flat-screen antenna for the TV is easy with PrimeCables. Browsing the different HDTV antenna categories, you’ll find several home theater accessories that can help including indoor HDTV antennas, outdoor antennas, signal amplifiers, power inserters, signal splitters, and TVs and monitors. The first step to setting up your antenna for the TV is in getting your television…

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How to Install a Wall Mount | PrimeCables Guide

Installing a TV wall mount has been made easy with PrimeCables’ dozens of different wall mount models. If you don’t know where to start in shopping for your wall mount, consider any of the models available – basic, fixed, tilt, swivel, full-motion, articulating arm, pull-down, etc. After you’ve chosen your TV wall mount, your installation will begin by checking the…

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What is VESA and How to Find it for your TV

Consumer electronics come with a lot of acronyms to remember and VESA’s just one of them. For high-definition flat-screen TVs, you’re going to want to know what your VESA specifications are, especially if you’re buying a TV stand or TV wall mount. VESA may sometimes read as either ‘VESA compatible’ or ‘VESA compliant’. Originally, VESA specifications were adopted to allow…

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How to Connect a Mac to a TV using HDMI for Full Audio and Video Support

Though years ago, connecting a computer to a TV came with challenges requiring a mix of cables, adapters, switches, and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets, things have changed. Today, connecting your Mac computer to a TV through HDMI is easy. There are plenty of reasons why Canadian households have chosen to connect their Mac to their flat-screen, including to…

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How to Build a Home Theater System – Do it Right with these 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid!

Home theater systems do not need to be huge, lavish theaters. If you want to go that way, sure, do it up! Most Canadian households however are working with far less. If you’re building your first home theater and media room, here are ten mistakes to avoid.   Ergonomic screen positions   Human beings are not built to look up…

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How to Choose a Good Extension Cord and Surge Protector?

Extension cords and surge protectors are found in almost every Canadian household. High performance household products like this are used every day and we often don’t think about how valuable these products really are. That said, we oftentimes end up missing our extension cords and surge protectors, abandoning them in our garages or basements. We don’t always remember to get…

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How to Choose an HDMI Cable

Cheap, high quality HDMI cables are only a click away with PrimeCables. Now an essential part of most home theater systems and monitor setups, HDMI cables are used for smart TVs, gaming consoled, PCs, and all sorts of devices.   There may be the perception that there is some disparity between the prices of some HDMI cables. If you are…

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Set up your ergonomic work station on the cheap!

Build your own ergonomic setup at home or work with PrimeCables! If you’ve ever wanted an ergonomic work station, has the solution for you. Spend less time breaking your back, and spend more time supporting your posture with some of the most innovative products on the market. Our top-of-the-line Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Desk Frame is on sale for $30 off,…

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