How to Set Up an Antenna for the TV

Setting up a high-definition flat-screen antenna for the TV is easy with PrimeCables. Browsing the different HDTV antenna categories, you’ll find several home theater accessories that can help including indoor HDTV antennas, outdoor antennas, signal amplifiers, power inserters, signal splitters, and TVs and monitors.

how to set up tv antenna | PrimeCables guide
how to set up tv antenna | PrimeCables guide

The first step to setting up your antenna for the TV is in getting your television ready. Go into your television’s setup menu and find inputs. Set your input to “Antenna”. Always ensure the correct input has been selected prior to getting the antenna set up. You will need to ensure you have the correct input to search for channels.

From there, set up your antenna. If it’s an outdoor HDTV antenna, it may take a lot of experimentation to find the right direction to set it in. If it’s an indoor antenna, these are evidently much easier to physically adjust. If you’re using a signal amplifier, signal splitter, or anything similar, this is the time to make sure it’s all properly installed.

Now’s the fun part. Scan the channels on your TV to see what the television’s tuner is able to identify. By adjusting the high-definition antenna, you can orientate it towards different directions which could increase or decrease the amount of channels you have. If you’re getting a fuzzy picture, you may want to try adjusting slightly the direction of your antenna. If your television’s tuner has picked up no channels on your indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna, something’s wrong and you should check all components of your antenna chain.

Keep in mind that to optimize the amount of channels you have, you have to complete a full scan every time you change the position of your antenna placement. You may want to keep notes any time you adjust the antenna to see where it fits best in relation to the amount of channels you receive. You may receive up to 20-25 channels in major cities across Canada and in rural communities, it may be as low as three or four. Needless to say, there is a lot of free TV out there especially when one is combining an HDTV antenna with media streaming devices and an Internet connection. Be patient, experiment a little, and we’re almost sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you come away with.

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How to Install a Wall Mount | PrimeCables Guide

Installing a TV wall mount has been made easy with PrimeCables’ dozens of different wall mount models. If you don’t know where to start in shopping for your wall mount, consider any of the models available – basic, fixed, tilt, swivel, full-motion, articulating arm, pull-down, etc. After you’ve chosen your TV wall mount, your installation will begin by checking the walls for studs. Even though flat-screens are lighter today than televisions have ever been in the past, they still require studs to be properly mounted. Studs will anchor the screws. Keep in mind drywall anchors will not work and eventually, using them to mount a television, you’ll see permanent damage come to the wall as your screen comes crashing down to the floor.

After you have found the studs or while you are searching, one must consider where the most appropriate viewing height is according to where you intend to sit. If you have some cardboard, consider making a template the same size as your flat-screen. Use it to gauge where a high-definition TV would fit best. Before you start drilling anything, ensure your choice is centered, not too high, and keep in mind that if it’s immediately across from a window, there could be glare. A real killer to daytime enjoyment of one’s media center, glare can be limited and even erased altogether by changing the location of your television and/or using a wall mount that tilts. Be sure to plan where you intend to insert cables and where any associated devices may sit, such as streaming boxes, TiVos, cable boxes, antennas, laptops, or other devices.

Next, use a pencil to mark down the stud holes you intend to drill into. Ensure everything is mounted and then, drill. Position the wall mount accordingly and once again, ensure everything is level. Attach your mount to the wall and make sure it is firm. Then attach any piece required to the television. Then, if you can use a friend, install the TV onto the mount and ensure everything’s affixed properly. It’s that easy. Browsing PrimeCables, you’ll find a wide array of different wall mounts to browse in type, size, and price. Buying your wall mount from PrimeCables, you’ll enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. Shop PrimeCables today to buy the perfect wall mount for your home and see the difference. Build a more immersive home theater experience unlike anything you’ve had in your home before!

What is VESA and How to Find it for your TV

Consumer electronics come with a lot of acronyms to remember and VESA’s just one of them. For high-definition flat-screen TVs, you’re going to want to know what your VESA specifications are, especially if you’re buying a TV stand or TV wall mount.

What is VESA for your monitor
What is VESA for your monitor

VESA may sometimes read as either ‘VESA compatible’ or ‘VESA compliant’. Originally, VESA specifications were adopted to allow consumers to build their own home theater systems, ensuring products fit the same measurements, mold, and compatibility ratings.


VESA stands for ‘Video Electronics Standards Association’, which is an organization overseeing standards for all visual display devices. To get the quality and experience you want between display devices, this association is tasked with achieving that. Today’s 4K HD TV sets and everything else suits VESA specifications.


Your TV’s VESA specifications is the measurement between screws. VESA is what you will want to pay attention to when mounting the TV. Though a television screen can rest comfortably on a desk or TV stand, there’s nothing quite like mounting your flat-screen. VESA allows hardware manufacturers and home theater accessory companies to make products that suit the flat-screens already out there. When buying a wall mount, you want to ensure your VESA measurements match up. Sometimes, your instruction manual might show it. VESA specifications present itself in millimetres, such as in 400×400. If the mount you buy does not exceed VESA specifications of 400×400, you’re good to go if this is the rating you’re working with.


Now VESA is not the only thing to consider when buying a TV wall mount. You’re also going to want to know the exact size of your screen and its weight. VESA compatibility is a great place to start. VESA will relate to where the mounting holes are on the back of your flat-screen. There are numerous variations out there but the good news is that the standard should be easy to line up to the wall mounts out there in the marketplace. Without VESA standards implemented, it would be near impossible to go shopping for a TV wall mount. It might seem complicated but once you have the number, you’ll realize how easy it is. Upgrading your home theater today is so easy thanks to VESA!


Now that you know what VESA is and where to find a TV’s specifications, shopping for a TV wall mount with PrimeCables is that much easier. Browse fixed wall mounts through to models with tilt, swivel, pull-down, and articulating arms for maximum flexibility. Shop PrimeCables today!

Split the Monitor Screen in Two in Windows 7 or 8 or 10

Splitting your monitor screen into two in Windows 7 or 8 or 10 is a great way to maximize work efficiency, keep yourself focused, and make any sort of at-home work so much easier.


If you want to split your screen into two halfs, we might recommend buying dual monitors. If it’s not within your budget, no worries because splitting your screen is the next best thing. First things first, open the two windows you want to split apart into two halfs. For many people, this could be something like your email software program and a Microsoft Word Document. After you have both your windows open, take your cursor to the center of the topmost part of the open window and grab it. Keep the mouse button depressed and drag the window all the way to the right of your screen. Automatically, your computer should resize the window to possess the right half of your screen.


Now, with your other window, depress your mouse and grab that window. Keep your mouse depressed and then send it all the way to the left, in the opposite direction. Again, your computer should automatically resize the window to fit the entire left side of the window. After these two windows have been formatted into two halfs, you can maintain access to both screens, copying and pasting between the two, or switching between them as you see fit. It doesn’t require anything more than that. By doing this, you’ll keep two windows completely separate and maximize your work efficiency.


This is a great tool for graphic designers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs and business owners, students, and other people that split their screen without doing this. For those not happy with splitting the monitor screen into two may want to consider getting a dual monitor setup. Though this is expensive, this doubles the amount of screen you have. There are also plenty of monitor mounts that can be purchased to create the ultimate workstation, alongside select ergonomic accessories like height adjustable sit standing desks, ergonomic foot rests, and more. This is all to elevate the monitor screen experience, whether it’s for someone who games, someone who works from home, or a student.


No matter how you decide to divide up your screens, splitting up your work is easier today than it’s ever been. There’s no reason to struggle with a single screen. At best, divide it into two halfs and make things so much simpler for yourself.


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How to Connect and Set Up an Android TV Kodi Box

If this is your first Android TV media box, setting it up is surprisingly easy. There are several applications that can be used with one of these media boxes, including Kodi, YouTube, and Netflix. Each of these can be used to connect to the Internet and stream videos. Use this quick guide to connect and set up your media streaming box on your high-definition TV.

kodi box in Canada
kodi box in Canada

The vast majority of media boxes will come with an HDMI output, meaning connecting your Android TV Kodi box to your flat-screen will use an HDMI cable. As one of the most advanced home theater cables in the market, HDMI carries both high-definition video and sound. It’s a singular cable for all things required. So start by connecting your HDMI cable from your media box direct to the TV. Then, ensure your television is set to the correct input.


From there, power on your Android TV box. Most boxes come with a remote though other units may have a power button directly on them. After your media streaming box has been activated, you should see it appear on your flat-screen. Now, you’ll have to connect to the Internet either via WiFi or Ethernet. Regarding a home theater connection, we always recommend going with an Ethernet cable however that said, a wireless signal is preferable to most.


After you have connection to the Internet, you can begin setting up your preferences, like language, time zone, and more. Then, you’re ready to go. Now, when it comes to streaming videos, your box is required to have the application to do so. Therefore, if you want to stream YouTube videos, you need to ensure your TV media box has a YouTube app.


The average Android box will come with pre-installed apps and usually has access to an App Store of some kind. There, a user can browse all sorts of apps, and they can download and install what they wish. Also, regarding it being an Android Kodi box, if the Kodi program is not pre-installed, you can download it directly from the App Store.


An Android Kodi media streaming box is a great option to upgrade one’s home theater system. Stream videos, music, check the weather, play games, and do all sorts of fun stuff. Home theater media boxes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Take a browse and find one that suits what you hope to use it for.


Thankfully, connecting and installing it on your television should be straightforward, as long as there aren’t any issues with your Internet connection. Browse Android Kodi TV boxes and much more in PrimeCables’ home theater category.

How to Connect a Mac to a TV using HDMI for Full Audio and Video Support

Though years ago, connecting a computer to a TV came with challenges requiring a mix of cables, adapters, switches, and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets, things have changed. Today, connecting your Mac computer to a TV through HDMI is easy.

how to connect macbook to tv
how to connect macbook to tv

There are plenty of reasons why Canadian households have chosen to connect their Mac to their flat-screen, including to share business presentations, to game, and for movie streaming. From start to finish, we’re here to help share how to do it in the most efficient way. Using HDMI is the best recommendation for maximizing video and audio quality.


As shared, using an HDMI cable will be the easiest way to make this connection. Whether you’re using a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or other Apple computer, HDMI is cheap, keeps resource usage low, maintains a high video quality with no risk of latency, and provides a much more versatile signal. All you’ll need beyond your computer and flat-screen is to an HDMI cable and the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter required to make the HDMI connection possible. Keep in mind the latest MacBook models already have an HDMI port so you may not even need an adapter.


Let’s say your MacBook does not have an HDMI output. Then, you must find your Thunderbolt or DisplayPort output and connect your adapter to it. The location of this may vary depending on the model of MacBook so give your computer a quick search. After connecting the HDMI adapter to the video output, connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and then, turn on the computer. From there, jump on the flat-screen and switch the video input source to its intended HDMI destination. The great thing about Macs are that they should instantly pick up on the connection to an HDTV. Instantly, you should see what’s on your desktop on your screen.


As great as this is, there are a few additional steps to take to optimize your MacBook to TV performance. If you’re seeking to watch a movie or play games from your MacBook, you may want to use the Display Mirroring feature. Go into “System Preferences”, into “Displays” and then “Arrangements”, and then, “Mirror Displays”. Set up the TV display as your MacBook’s primary display. You’ll also want to change the sound output from the Mac to the TV via HDMI, possible going through “System Preferences”, choosing “Sound”, and then “Output”.


Connecting your MacBook is pretty easy though occasionally you may run into some issues. Be sure to follow these steps and hopefully you won’t run into any surprises. If you do experience a problem not covered in this guide, search it out online. The Internet’s filled with forums of people who’ve run into all sorts of technical issues with computers, home theater accessories, and product. We can almost guarantee the answer’s out there. All the best with hooking up your computer to TV using HDMI!

How to Build a Home Theater System – Do it Right with these 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid!

Home theater systems do not need to be huge, lavish theaters. If you want to go that way, sure, do it up! Most Canadian households however are working with far less. If you’re building your first home theater and media room, here are ten mistakes to avoid.


Ergonomic screen positions


Human beings are not built to look up indefinitely. If you use a TV wall mount to install your TV against the wall, do not position it too high up. Position so that the center of one’s gaze falls between the top quarter to the top edge of your flat-screen.


Ensure seating is neither close nor far


Home theater seating should be properly set up in proximity to the flat-screen. In many cases, Canadian households set up seating too close. This will decrease image quality. If you sit too far away, it can make details of the screen difficult to identify. Experiment a little.


Lighting ruining the image quality


Place your television in an optimized location away from where there will be glare. Consider using a TV wall mount with a slight tilt to help combat any lighting issues. If direct sunlight is falling on the screen while you’re watching or if your flat-screen is opposite a large window, that’s a mistake.


People walking in front of the TV


When designing your home theater system, ensure you are considering where household members will be walking. If there’s only one way out of the room and your TV is positioned behind it, you’ll have people walking by constantly throughout a program. Consider breaking up your seating.


Tucking away speakers in a cabinet


If your speakers are so ugly you need to hide them, it’s time to switch them out for something new. Furthermore, when you hide your speakers in furniture, it serves to muffle and muddy the sound. No one wants that, especially on a home theater speaker setup they may have paid hundreds for.


Don’t buy surround sound if it’s a small space


If you don’t have a good sized room for surround sound, buying surround sound speakers will be a complete waste. Consider a Bluetooth soundbar in its place or something smaller. Subsequently, you may struggle with a lot of wires if you’ve got too many speakers in a tiny location.


Buying under-budget


Although we know Canadians love saving money, if you’re buying cheap, broken equipment, you’re never going to have a home theater system you’re proud of. As important as it is to stick to a budget, ensure what you’re buying is good quality and that you’re not completely cheap-ing out.


Buying over-budget


It’s arguably more easy to overspend than it is to underspend. Spending too much money can also be a regret. When it comes to high quality home theater accessories, chances are by spending a little less, you can find something of equal or sometimes better quality.


Persuaded by a good salesperson


Trust your judgement and do your research before committing to a purchasing choice. We all have different preferences when it comes to building out a home theater system. Don’t let someone take you off track by selling you a larger flat-screen than you need or a speaker system you don’t really need.


Forgetting to use a surge protector


Always use a surge protector to ensure your electronics are adequately protected. If you’ve got expensive home theater equipment – think TV, A/V receiver subwoofer, media streaming device, game console, etc. – a surge protector is an absolute must.


Shop all your favourite tech products for home theater systems at PrimeCables. Customize according to your budget and space. Avoid these ten mistakes and whether it’s a big theatre room, a living room, a small basement, or bedroom or condo space, a home theater works anywhere. Shop today.

How to Choose a Good Extension Cord and Surge Protector?

Extension cords and surge protectors are found in almost every Canadian household. High performance household products like this are used every day and we often don’t think about how valuable these products really are. That said, we oftentimes end up missing our extension cords and surge protectors, abandoning them in our garages or basements. We don’t always remember to get extras, and it’s easy to throw it to the back of the drawer and completely forget about where your cable is.


As one of Canada’s top sites for household products, we know the value in extension cords and surge protectors. We have several different items on-sale in this category including the massive 10-outlet surge protector power strip with 2 metres of cable for $14.99. If you’ve struggled to find the a surge protector large enough to accommodate your power needs, this may surely be it. If you’re looking for a surge protector that accommodates USB charging ports, we have a 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with two USB ports included in its design for $11.99. Selecting a design like this one, you’ll never have to worry about bringing a USB charging adapter. Instead, just plug it in.


Some of the other impressive products in this category includes the smaller 3-outlet wall mount surge protector with smartphone holder and dual USB charging ports for $9.99, the Canadian small office favourite in the 6-outlet power strip with three-foot cord for $14.99, the 4-outlet power strip surge protector with 4 USB ports for $19.99, and the supremely heavy duty 8-outlet rotating surge strip 2160 Joules from Monoprice for $39.99. If you have some electronics to protect from damaging electricity and voltage spikes, the latter is a recommendation you won’t mind taking. The 180-degree rotating design also makes it easy to change where exactly you’re plugging in what.


If you’re coming to PrimeCables for power extension cords, surge protectors, surge protection mounts, and similar products, there are dozens upon dozens of possible options to enjoy. We are proud to be a top Canadian choice in power surge protectors and similar household products. If you’ve come to us searching for a larger purchase, throwing a product like this onto your order can help reach the $49 minimum which qualifies a customer for ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada.


The prices have all recently dropped so now’s the perfect time to buy. Make it worthwhile and pick up an extra if you want. As simple as a surge protector is, it’s worth its weight in gold. Install it in your entertainment setup and never have to worry about your electronics being at risk.

How to Choose an HDMI Cable

Cheap, high quality HDMI cables are only a click away with PrimeCables. Now an essential part of most home theater systems and monitor setups, HDMI cables are used for smart TVs, gaming consoled, PCs, and all sorts of devices.

There may be the perception that there is some disparity between the prices of some HDMI cables. If you are wondering how to choose an HDMI cable, you’ve come to the right place. There are five predominant types of HDMI cables to browse, all available in the PrimeCables catalogue. There’s the ‘premium standard’ which is best for anyone seeking low price but high quality. There’s nothing fancy about it but as a standard-issued HDMI cable, it gets the job done with a high-speed connection. Then, there is ‘flexible’ which allows one to manipulate the ends of their cable, perfect for use in tight spaces, for wall mounting, and/or to protect the internal ports. If you have traditionally had trouble connecting cables behind your screen, a flexible type cable might be best.

The other three types of HDMI cables are where things tend to get a little fancy. There’s the ‘use in-wall HDMI cable’ which comes with a CL2 rating jacket manufactured specially for use inside or through the walls of residential buildings. Starting at only $3.99, it’s a real steal at PrimeCables to go for an in-wall cable like this. Next, there’s the ‘Nylon Jacket protection’ type which is our best-selling HDMI cable. Featuring a superior performance and reliability for extended use, the Nylon jacket provides far more protection than other cable types. If you have pets who like to chew on cables or have had issues in the past with broken cables, you may want to consider a jacket with more protection.

Lastly, there’s the absolute best HDMI cable on the market – the HDMI 2.0 4K cable. Using this high quality HDMI cable, you’ll notice 4K resolution at 60Hz wrapped in a Nylon jacket. Even better, the cable’s starting price is $8.49 so it’s actually not that expensive at all, especially compared to what you’ll find in retail. As evidence, there are some changes in picture quality and price that one may want to weigh. Depending on the intention you wish to use it for, length may also be given some consideration. The ultimate thing we can guarantee when buying an HDMI cable via PrimeCables is reliability. You’ll get a high quality A/V capable of handling gaming consoles, laptops, and all sorts of devices. Shop PrimeCables to see where to find your next HDMI cable!

Set up your ergonomic work station on the cheap!

Build your own ergonomic setup at home or work with PrimeCables! If you’ve ever wanted an ergonomic work station, has the solution for you. Spend less time breaking your back, and spend more time supporting your posture with some of the most innovative products on the market.

Our top-of-the-line Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Desk Frame is on sale for $30 off, at just $299.99 until May 29, is an essential component to building up your ergonomic workspace. This electric, height-adjustable desk frame, transforms from 24.8” all the way up to 49.2” in height, allowing you to accomodate children, and adults sitting and standing.

Canadians spend up to 10 hours a day seated at a desk, which can lead to poor blood circulation, fatigue, and poor posture. By standing up, you can stay on your feet and work in a leisurely position, without slouching down into a stuffy office chair, and increase your productivity.

sit stand desk solution
sit stand desk solution

The Sit Stand Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk is equipped with two powerful, but virtually noiseless motors, operating under 50dB when adjusting the frame height; a digital LED control panel, complete with timer, customizable memory settings, and height display; as well as a collision avoidance system, stopping the motors if the desk frame comes into contact with any objects while operating.

Its weight capacity is rated up to 100kg, with overload protection, supported by a combination of sturdy steel and plastic framework. Simply add a tabletop, such as from Ikea, and your desktop computer, and make your workspace or home office into an ergonomic paradise.

Get the best of the best to complete your ergonomic workspace and consider our Ergonomic Faux-Leather High Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support, for the everyday low price of $149.99. Its ergonomic design fits the natural curvature of the spine, including arm rests and an adjustable lumbar support, making this the greatest addition you could make to your ergonomically-inclined home office or cubicle.

The centre of the back support pops out, with three adjustable gears, providing you with the ultimate method to control lumbar support. The high back, pneumatic height and tilt adjustments, and chrome base with five wheels and 360-degree swivel promises the best in comfort and design, an executive look with top-tier ergonomic support.

Lastly, if you’re looking to start modestly, check out the Glass Ergonomic Tabletop Riser and Desktop Stand. For just $19.99, you can raise your monitor, printer/scanner, or A/V equipment to a suitable height and get a better look at your hardware, while also leaving room underneath for cable management and other desktop utensils. Its anti-slip silicone feet give it a stable hold on any desktop surface and its simple installation will improve your workspace in a heartbeat.

All orders of $49 or greater come with free shipping to anywhere in Canada, with fast shipping available for just $5.95, so visit for all your ergonomic workspace needs and build your own ergonomically-friendly office today!