A Checklist of Home Theater Accessories to Buy for your New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is a big occasion for a lot of us. Every year, millions of Canadians travel domestically and internationally to different destinations to celebrate it. If you’re throwing your own New Year’s Eve party, you may not know what you need compared to what you don’t have. Before your friends begin to converge on your place for your 2018-2019 New Year’s Eve party, here’s a quick checklist of home theater accessories to have in hand before December 31.


Mini 2.4GHz portable wireless keyboard – $14.99

Primecables portable multimedia remote controller
Primecables portable multimedia remote controller

If you’re hooking up your home theater system this New Year’s Eve, you’re going to want control of everything. Through a portable multimedia keyboard, you can control your TV, any gaming consoles you may have, PCs, laptops, Android TV boxes, and almost anything you’ll need. Although New Year’s Eve is always crowded and a bit chaotic, needless to say, you won’t have to battle through the crowd to change what’s going on on-screen and on any of your devices.


VR glasses – $15.99

A fun New Year’s Eve party activity can be to hook up some virtual reality glasses headsets for gaming. Although each one is $15.99 each, throw in three or four and receive ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada. After they arrive, you’ll be able to use them with some friends to play games, have a little fun away from the main area, and give your party a trendy tech vibe. For anyone who can spare the expense, it’s more than worth it.


Epson VS355 3LCD projector – $539.99

For some New Year’s Eve party planners, they might want a big screen but can’t afford a big screen. The workaround here is to go with an LCD projector from Epson. As long as you have a white wall, you can project an image from your projector and instantly create a theatrical, big-screen experience. If your New Year’s Eve is having a movie night or if it’s a dance party and is reliant on the screen, a projector like Epson’s is a must-have.

PrimeCables 4k TV BOX
PrimeCables 4k TV BOX

Just a few of the other home theater accessories you may hope to consider for your New Year’s Eve party includes an MXQ-4K Android smart TV box perfect for video streaming and music streaming from any smartphone for $29.99, a Bluetooth stereo wireless soundbar perfect for connection to any smartphone or tablet to play your favourite tunes for $56.99, and bookshelf speakers high-performance for $49.99 – among dozens of other possible New Year’s Eve options.


This December, shop all your home theater New Year’s Eve favourites with PrimeCables, and create the ultimate buzz for your friends and family to enjoy!

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