Your Guide to the Ultimate 2019 New Year’s Monthly Sale to kick off the New Year

This New Year, start it in style alongside Canada’s favourite eCommerce platform PrimeCables. The ultimate list of after-Christmas sales are about to roll out with deals on cables, adapters, ergonomic office accessories, and so much more.

January 1st might not be a day where we first think of online shopping. After a long night, no one wants to be waking up early to go shopping. As an eCommerce site though, PrimeCables is not your traditional New Year’s market. Visit anytime, claim your deals, and check out with your purchases.

Some of the magical New Year’s Eve deals on the table includes the PrimeCables full-motion TV wall mount for curved and flat-panel TVs up to 90” in size, a 100” portable, collapsible projector screen, high-performance two-way bookshelf speakers, a 30-watt mini-amplifier, and various smart home accessories from receptacles through to plugs, security systems, and cameras.

As much of a gold rush as the Christmas season has been for us, we want January to be just as exciting. We’ve got a lot going on sale. We don’t want the party to stop. If you’re looking to supplement Christmas gifts you have or didn’t quite receive what you had hoped over the holidays, this is the New Year’s sale you want. Don’t let the holidays come to an abrupt end. It’s going to be gangbusters fun in the post-holiday season to shop with PrimeCables this January. Receive ‘free shipping’ on all orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

Among the categories PrimeCables has become so well-known for, we are Canada’s #1 source for all sit to stand desk solutions. See New Year’s deals like our electric sit to stand adjustable desk riser frame table top not included for $259.99, a 3-stage reverse triple motor corner electric sit-stand desk frame for $399.99, and the dual-leg height adjustable electric sit and stand frame for an L-shaped desk for $399.99.

This is just the beginning to the 2019 New Year’s Day sale. Spend on some great deals, stretch your dollar as far as it can go, and set yourself up for some post-Christmas fun. Consider this treat as a gift to you. Get yourself the things no one thought to get you for Christmas!

Shop PrimeCables this January for extended year-end deals maximizing our need for post-holiday overstock and clearance items. Expect to find the best deals in home theater accessories, ergonomic office desks, and USB accessories.

The Best New Year’s Sales in Canada you can Shop right Now!

After Christmas and Boxing Day have passed, you won’t find very many brands going on the offensive sales-wise. For a lot of companies, they’re focused in replenishing inventory sold in the lead-up to the holidays and for others, they’re maintaining until the next big sales season come springtime. For shoppers with a little extra in their pockets this post-holiday season though, there are still a few New Year’s sales in Canada you can shop right now.


PrimeCables is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites, specializing in the sale of hundreds of products in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and network solutions. For the best New Year’s sales in Canada, shop PrimeCables to see where you can save $100s. Shop top products ranging from ergonomic height adjustable sit-standing desks to TV wall mounts, Ethernet cables, and more.


For anything you may have missed this Christmas or anything you may want to compliment the gifts given to you by family and friends, now’s a good time to capitalize. Plenty of Canadians this Christmas received all sorts of products that work wonderfully alongside a USB Type-C cable, an HDMI cable, and/or any of the other accessories in the PrimeCables catalogue. If you don’t quite get the gifts you wanted for Christmas, no worries there because PrimeCables has everything. See some amazing accessories like smartphone holders, sync and charging cables, and 360-degree magnetic mounts to be used with any smartphone in any vehicle.


If you’ve recently purchased a new TV or have some new home theater components to try, there’s no shortage of speakers, mounts, wireless Bluetooth speakers, or more to choose from. PrimeCables also has media streaming devices, projectors and projector screens, headphones, and numerous electronic products that range in expense from the affordable to luxe.


Among the most requested gifts this December for the holiday season are the PrimeCables 70-piece 20-volt lithium ion compact cordless drill tool kit perfect for home project repair, the PrimeCables large full-motion TV wall mount for flat-screens between 50” and 90”, optical Toslink audio cables, the PrimeCables 100” projector screen which is both portable and collapsible mountable from both wall and ceiling, speaker wire, the PrimeCables mini-amplifier with two-way bookshelf speakers on-sale, and the PrimeCables free-standing adjustable footrest.


The best New Year’s sale in Canada is with PrimeCables! Shop your favourites today and enjoy ‘free shipping’ on any order above $49.

Bargain Hunters are Welcome for our New Year’s Sale the Second week of January!

In celebration of 2019, PrimeCables has announced a very special New Year’s sale for the first week of January.

See discounts up to 70% off cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, and more. For bargain hunters with a little left over from the Christmas or holiday shopping season, January’s a great time to pick up those last few gifts.

As one of Canada’s biggest eCommerce retailers, you get to shop it all online. There’s no queuing in long lines or having to hang around outside stores for hours on-end. Instead, grab yourself some hot chocolate, sit down on the couch with your favourite blanket, and browse through some of the biggest savings you’ll see all year.

We know January is not the most popular month to shop. After all, the Christmas sales period always comes with spending a lot of money. Then, there’s Boxing Day which comes with its own spending. January doesn’t really get a lot of love from shoppers but PrimeCables is hoping to change that. If you’re not willing to wait until spring for the next big sale, PrimeCables’ the best place to place your wallet this January. Swapping out our festive graphics to bigger discounts, browse some great deals on Ethernet cables, sit-stand desks, and more.

As part of our January 2019 New Year’s sale, PrimeCables is offering ‘free shipping’ on all orders above $49. Just a few of the products that will be on big discount for the first week of January includes a padded drum stool, the PrimeCables studio microphone dual layer pop filter with mounting bracket, network Ethernet cables, smart home fast-charging USB-port tamper resistant receptacles, multi-outlet surge protector with 2 USB ports, and a cordless circular saw 20-volts.

Although PrimeCables has already started some of its sales online already, come January, the deals will continue and be added to until our New Year’s sale is up. Slashing prices down to its bare minimum, the bargains you’ll find include more affordable products to TVs, home theater accessories, and more.

Why not do some corrective purchasing this January and add to what you’ve already gathered together from the holidays. Consider amazing deals like our 11-piece resistance band workout training set, a multi-functional ergonomic height-adjustable desk and chair set for children, bulk CCTV cable, and an adjustable and portable laptop stand portable.

It’s a discount bonanza at PrimeCables for our 2019 New Year’s sale. Delight yourself in post-holiday shopping deals and forgive us for trying to give you a little more bang for your buck!

After Christmas, here are the Best Categories to Buy in and What to Avoid when Shopping

The post-Christmas shopping season is one that’s tricky for some to navigate. There are some places that make for great places to spend money and then there are others not worth exploring. After the holidays, this January, if you’re looking for what to buy and where to avoid, we hope to share some of what we’ve learned over the years.


Christmas doesn’t always pan out like we hope. Sometimes, we don’t get everything we want. At other times, we may want to exchange a gift for something else. If you’re one of the unlucky Canadians to not really have gotten the full Christmas they were expecting, the post-Christmas shopping season might be something you want to explore.


The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, is a big sales day for everyone as stores are looking to offload any unsold holiday merchandise. But what about January – well, that’s why we’re here.


January 2019 sale is not so popular for shoppers as everyone’s pretty much spent out and there’s not a whole lot of money to go around. Even so, some stores continue to entice shoppers and offer deals to get them coming back.


The days and weeks after Christmas might not be such a great time to hit a lot of the corporate retail stores that swamped us with deals weeks before but it is a great time to hit up eCommerce sites like PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites, PrimeCables has discounts up to 70% off in an array of different categories.


Some of the biggest single-product deals you’ll find post-Christmas at PrimeCables includes an adapter from USB Type-C to HDMI for high-definition video up to 1080p, an impressive 43” HDTV 1080p, a 7.2V cordless rotary tool with 110-piece accessory kit perfect for projects needing engraving and/or carving, an adjustable portable laptop stand, a children’s multi-functional height adjustable desk and chair, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.


If you know what you’re planning to spend on this January, you may visit PrimeCables for tech gadgets, cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, and so much more. The demand from Canadian families year-round continues to be high for PrimeCables’ products. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to spend, this is the right time to decide you want to stretch your dollar for some absolutely amazing product deals. Available for a limited time, shop PrimeCables’ New Year’s 2019 sale beginning 7 AM December 31!

PrimeCables’ New Year’s Sale 2019 – Half-Price Deals on Cables, Adapters, and more!

PrimeCables’ New Year’s sale 2019 starts 7 AM and lasts all through January. See half-price deals across categories like cables and adapters as well as with mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home products, and network solutions.

primecables new year sale 2019
primecables new year sale 2019

Shoppers can sort through and pick out the best deals anytime on PrimeCables’ eCommerce site. Available as online-only offers, when these discounts go live, they apply only as long as quantities last. Help us clear out some of our overstock and Christmas inventory this January!

Some of the great New Year’s sale on cables include discounts up to 70% off on HDMI cables, audio cables, video cables, network Ethernet cables, Apple-certified USB cables, DisplayPort cables, smartphone and tablet sync and charge cables, and more.


Some of the recommended New Year’s cable deals include the premium USB to micro-USB sync and charge cable for only $1.99, six feet of Cat6 Ethernet cable in blue for $1.99, a 1-metre lightning USB cable for $5.99, and one of our favourite smartphone accessories the magnetic car mount 360-degree rotatable holder which is also among our biggest sellers!


Some of the great New Year’s sales on adapters include HDMI adapters, DVI adapters, VGA adapters, DP adapters, converters, splitters, switches, network adapters and couplers, audio and video adapters, USB adapters and memory cards, keystone jacks, gender changers, and wall plates.


Whether you’re looking for discounted cables for yourself or you want to get a head-start on Christmas or birthday shopping for next year, this is a great place to do it. Check out our full range of products online today and bookmark your favourites. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone in the PrimeCables catalogue and on any order above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


Some additional products to pay attention to, on sale for our New Year’s 2019 sale, are an angle-free TV wall mount for flat-screens up to 50” in size for under $6, a high-speed premium HDMI cable for under $3, and an ultra-thin protective iPhone hard case with tempered glass for under $2.


There’s also an amazing 3-in-1 deal for only $43.99 to look at. For that price, enjoy a large full-motion TV wall mount for TVs up to 70” in size paired with cable organizers and 6 feet of HDMI cable.


PrimeCables is the place to shop this New Year’s. Stop in on December 31 when the sale goes live and browse all the half-price deals on cables, adapters, and more. Spend big, save money, stretch your dollar, and do it all from the comfort of your couch!

Is PrimeCables open on New Year’s Day – yes and the Sales are Big!

New Year’s Day is never a very eventful day in retail or small business. After all, who wants to go shopping after a late night out – very few. Nevertheless, PrimeCables’ eCommerce site is open for business and they’re carrying with them some truly impressive deals.


PrimeCables is one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites. In 2018, many Canadian families have come to shop with us seeking amazing deals on cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, Ethernet network cables, home theater, smart home accessories, and more.


Throughout the post-Christmas season, we know store hours for some places can be a little confusing. Not us. PrimeCables has the benefit of essentially being open 24/7. At any moment, anyone can drop onto our site and buy their favourites.


Some of the top products customers have shopped in the Christmas season include our 10,000mAh portable external battery, HDMI cables, 4K Android smart TV boxes, USB to lightning sync and charge cables, and a stereo Bluetooth soundbar.


This January, don’t bother shopping anywhere else. You’ll find all of these products on-sale as well as so many others. At a time when Walmart and Best Buy are closed, you’ll always be welcome to come in and shop with PrimeCables. Even as banks and government remain closed on New Year’s, we remain open – our schedule is never-ending. Anything product you need in our catalogue, we are here to meet your expectation and deliver.


Shopping with PrimeCables, you’ll notice with everything you buy, there’s a 1-year product guarantee, ‘free returns’ included, and fast, free shipping on any order above $49 to anywhere in Canada.


See some of the biggest discounts we got going this New Year’s Day on the award-winning exercise bike desk ergonomic workstation, mobile-tilt TV wall mount bracket for TVs between 32” and 55”, the most impressive full-motion above-fireplace pull-down TV wall mount for TVs 43” to 70”, a 4-port smart charging 34-watt USB wall charger, an ultra-slim height adjustable sit-standing desk, a 43” 1080p high-definition TV, and a USB metal-braided Type-C cable in rose gold.


PrimeCables’ deals won’t be beat anywhere! Keep the holiday shopping season going by shopping smart with PrimeCables and save $100s. There’s something for everyone here. So this New Year’s Day, grab a cup of coffee and sit down to shop all your favourites. January’s going to be a big month for us and we can’t wait to show you what we got going on!

View Post-Christmas Deals between Here and New Year’s Day Exclusive to PrimeCables!

Amazing post-Christmas deals await in the PrimeCables catalogue with $100s to save. If PrimeCables’ Christmas deals are a good indicator, after Christmas is going to be the perfect time to buy all your favourite products in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, ergonomic office accessories, home theater, smart home accessories, network solutions, tools, appliances, and so many other categories. See some of our unanimous recommendations from our official December gift guide!


Electric height adjustable sit-stand desk – $169.99


Dominating the ergonomic office category and one of our customers’ favourite ergonomic sit standing desks, this electric height adjustable desk is a great way to up the quality of your professional office. Engage the body just like you do the brain! Use a height adjustable desk to stand when you want to stand and sit when you need the rest. The addition of the electric component also makes it extremely easy to move your desktop up and down as needed.

PrimeCables sit stand desk adjustable mount
PrimeCables sit-stand desk adjustable mount

Anti-fatigue standing mat – $32.99

A lot of us like to stand when we work on our hobbies. Whether it’s in the kitchen, garage, a home office, or somewhere else, standing in a spot for a long time can put a surprising amount of strain on the body. An anti-fatigue standing mat like this can come with multiple purposes. Regardless of what you hope to use it for, it can be a nice way to make doing the dishes, working at a tool bench, or doing work in your home way, way easier on the legs and lower joints.


Triple screen desktop mount for monitors up to 30” – $49.99

Almost every day, PrimeCables receives yet another order from a Canadian who’s purchased this massive triple screen desktop mount for monitors between 10” and 30”. For gamers or young professionals in need of multiple monitors – graphic designers, music producers, photographers, or more – elevate three screens to an ergonomically acceptable height. Taking advantage of one of our post-Christmas deals like this, you can save $100s off similar product in-store.


Some of the other post-Christmas December sales and exclusives you’ll find browsing our eCommerce catalogue include a 27” flat gaming monitor in 4K for $299.99, a professional HDTV fishbone designed outdoor antenna for $19.99, a beautiful 10-outlet metal housing surge protector for $9.99, a 10-watt wireless charger for Qi-certified fast charging iPhones for $29.99, and a 200-watt Class D Bluetooth speaker amplifier for $99.99.


Before New Year’s Day, shop with PrimeCables for trendy, unique gifts and products. This December, every week, see new deals!