Holiday Spending in Canada reaches Highest in 6 years and more Sales on the Way for New Year’s

According to a Mastercard report, holiday shopping spending in North America rose 5.1 percent this year which is the highest it’s been in six years. This is great news for Canada’s growing eCommerce sector, including one of its fastest growing brands PrimeCables.


2018 has been PrimeCables’ biggest year. A lot of that has to do with sales accumulated from Black Friday through to December 31. This January, we want to continue this pattern with New Year’s sales all month long on products ranging from mounts and sit-stands to cables, adapters, home theater accessories, smart home products, and more.


Canadian shoppers invested a lot into the economy in December, motivated by early discounts from brands like PrimeCables, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and others. So much cheer has been spread from corporate retail to small business eCommerce and all of this spending has also resulted in more employment. In provinces like Ontario, some have credited more spending to the rising minimum wage. Separating eCommerce sales from all around sales, eCommerce sales increased by almost 20 percent year over year according to this same Mastercard report.


This January, we invite you to drop into PrimeCables to shop New Year’s deals ranging from a 43” 1080p high-definition TV for $297.99 to a 110-piece accessory kit and 7.2-volt cordless rotary tool perfect for carving and engraving for $69.99, an adjustable and portable laptop stand for $9.99, a children’s multi-functional ergonomic desk and chair set for $109.99, the ZigBee LivingWise smart outlet for $25.99, a 360-degree rotating height adjustable laptop stand for $9.99, and the 27” flat gaming monitor in 4K 60Hz in ultra slim aluminum for $329.99.


There’s no need to wait until spring for your next big shopping spree. Even with limited funds, there’s something for everyone in the PrimeCables catalogue. Consumer sales activity is up in Canada and in celebration for the December we’ve had, this January we want to give a little back to shoppers who’ve shopped with us in 2018. That’s why we’re offering fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49, free returns, and 1-year product guarantee on anything you order.


Save potentially PrimeCables $100s off products like a wireless smartphone charger to wireless Bluetooth earbuds, noise cancelling headphones, an electric height adjustable sit-stand desk, a WiFi adapter, a 20-volt cordless power drill, a dual screen gas spring 360-degree dual monitor mount, and so much more. Shop Canada’s own PrimeCables this January.

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