Get the Best Holiday Gift Guide for the Christmas Season

Are you looking for a holiday gift Guide this Christmas season – come to PrimeCables. Whether you’re shopping for a parent, a sibling, a friend, or your romantic partner, we’ve got something for everyone.

holiday gift guide from PrimeCables
holiday gift guide from PrimeCables

Make shopping for Christmas easy while still selecting gifts that’ll make your loves ones smile. Choose from easy, inexpensive high quality Canadian-made products under categories like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, tools, appliances, smart home accessories, and network solutions.


Some of the impressive products you’ll find in the PrimeCables’ holiday gift catalogue includes a height adjustable desk for children for just under $140, a USB mini WiFi adapter with detachable antenna for under $14, a pair of Hi-Fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling stereo headphones for under $70, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds with microphone and charging case for less than $50.


Christmas is a time known for over-the-top packages, big boxes, bags, wrapping paper, and significant hoopla surrounding gift giving. Using PrimeCables, it can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. If you’re on a budget and are close to out of ideas, it doesn’t hurt to take a look around. If the dollar amount is not so important, there’s even more gift-giving solutions here to consider.


This December, don’t let the holidays pass you by without giving thought to what you’re buying for family and friends. See Christmas 2018 deals on products like our dual-leg height adjustable electric sit-stand frame for L-shaped desks for under $400, our 10000mAh portable external USB power bank for under $30, and the gas-spring two-screen 360-degree motion monitor mount for under $70.


Take pressure off you with the whole holiday shopping thing by buying it all in one stop – PrimeCables. Find the perfect gift and do it without having to shop until you drop. No one wants to be one of those people who give random stuff just for the sake of it. Sometimes, it may come off that way if you haven’t given your gift some good thought.


A recent study analyzing holiday gifts show that less than 1 percent of these gifts actually remain in use by the following summer. No matter what you’re giving and for whom, if you make it meaningful, that’s the best thing anyone can ask for.


Shop Christmas gifts and get holiday gift ideas from PrimeCables, Canada’s favourite eCommerce giant. Make your list, check it twice, and save on any order above $49 with ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada. Visit us today!

Get a Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones as a Holiday Gift during Boxing Day 2018

PrimeCables has started its Boxing Day sale a little early this year, releasing select price slashes throughout the month of December. The most recent product to see its annual holiday season discount is this exquisite pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.


As one of the most popular products in our sales section, see ongoing offers like this one and save $100s off key products under cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and more. Boxing Day savings have never been this good. Start yourself off with your very own pair of Bluetooth headphones and enjoy the freedom of going wireless!


Your Hi-Fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling headphones come on Boxing Day 2018 discount for only $69.99 w/ fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada included! Enjoy up to 16 hours of play time with the active noise cancelling feature enabled. The built-in 500mAh Lithium-ion battery combines with the Bluetooth version 4.0 capability with A2DP, 2VRCP, HFI, and HSP profiles providing maximum performance at every corner.


Let’s say the price tag is a little higher than you want to shell out and want to go for a product more affordable, you may want to check out any of these other options on holiday 2018 sale – MP5 in-ear noise isolating earphones with titanium composite dynamic drivers for less than $20, hi-fi reflective sound technology earbuds headphones for less than $18, or the enhanced bass hi-fi noise isolating earbuds for less than $15.


Noise cancelling headphones provide the ultimate music listening experience, immersing you in every note while supporting the entire frequency spectrum. If you regularly find yourself coming into contact with spaces with a lot of ambient noise – like an airplane, subway train, bus, or public transit – headphones like these are perfect for use there. Enjoy a surround sound environment at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere.


As a holiday gift to yourself, why not get these Bluetooth wireless headphones – if you love music, there’s no reason not to. A Boxing Day favourite with PrimeCables shoppers, you don’t even need to pay for shipping with these beauties!


Shopping holiday gifts and Boxing Day sales with PrimeCables, there’s no waiting in line to check out, having to brave the hustle and bustle or going outside in the winter weather, and certainly no need to camp outside all night just to grab a good deal on clothing, tech accessories, or homeware. Instead, shop PrimeCables for items like these wireless Bluetooth headphones and so much more!

Boxing Day Shopping Tips – Get PrimeCables 2.1 Multimedia Speaker with Subwoofer!

If crowded shopping centres aren’t your thing, there’s no need to worry this Boxing Day. PrimeCables is an online shopping site made by Canadians for Canadians. See price cuts for Boxing Day 2018 on hundreds of products including cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and so much more. Up to 75 percent off and sometimes, more.

boxing day in canada, get holiday gift idea from PrimeCables
boxing day in Canada, get holiday gift idea from PrimeCables

For the ultimate Boxing Day shopping idea, you can re-design your home theater system’s sound with PrimeCables’ amazing 2.1 multimedia speaker with subwoofer. Meet this perfect desktop speaker for all things PC, smartphones, or portable 3.5mm devices. Even better, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for this powered speaker and subwoofer set. Provided to you on Boxing Day discount at only $24.99, receive everything you need to set up ultimate sound!


In our experience and as Canadians ourselves, we know Canada loves to open its wallets every December 26. Eclipsing almost every other sales day PrimeCables has year-round, last year’s Boxing Day set some major records for us. This year, we want to top it. That’s why we’re slashing prices across the board. If you’re in the market for some home theater accessories upgrades, see Boxing Day 2018 discounts on TVs, gaming monitors, media streaming services, projectors and projector stands, TV wall mounts, home theater A/V cables, speaker systems, outdoor and indoor TV antennas, and smart home accessories.


Though it can be tempting to jump to upgrading the visual, it’s important to keep in mind your audio experience. After all, watch a movie in perfect Blu-Ray 1080p quality but with horrifyingly bad sound. You’ll find yourself hating it as much as you would if the quality was 360p! Use an advanced sound system like this one – a complete 2.1 system with classic box design. Enjoy wooden cabinets for superb acoustic performance and crystal clear music listening, a bass reflex tunnel on the frontal panel for deeper bass, a woofer driver to amplify the bass effects, and a master volume control on the back panel.


Please feel encouraged to browse some of the alternatives that our customers have enjoyed sorting through, including these bookshelf high-performance speakers in a 2-way pair for under $50 and our stereo Bluetooth soundbar wired and wireless for under $60.


This Boxing Day, shop with convenience on your side with PrimeCables. Kick off your Boxing Day shopping spree before ever leaving the house and check in on this 2.1 multimedia speaker system on-sale for a limited time!

5 Ways to Cash Out on Boxing Day Sales in Canada

Find the best Canada Boxing Day deals online via PrimeCables. For Boxing Day 2018, there’ll be no better place to shop all your favourites on cables, adapters, sit-stands, mounts, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and consumer tech. Here are the 5 best ways to cash out on exclusive Boxing Day sales this year courtesy of Canada’s own PrimeCables.

PrimeCables boxing day sale

Height adjustable laptop stand – under $6

If you’ve wanted a way to set up your laptop or tablet in bed, a height adjustable stand from PrimeCables is the perfect Boxing Day gift. Cure the post-Christmas blues with a well-deserved product like this. Believe us when we say it’ll make your life way easier!

(*This product subject to price change due to our promo deals)

Sit-stand desk – under $170

A lot of shopping on Boxing Day is going to focus on things like tech and clothing. We know that and that’s why we’ve marked down some of our tech-friendly but non-tech items on discount sup to 70 percent off for the immediate post-Christmas season. A height adjustable sit-stand desk is something PrimeCables does better than anyone.

Ergonomic earbud headphone – under $5

Another inexpensive Boxing Day purchase, if you’re choosing to do your sales shopping online, receive fast, free shipping on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada. If you haven’t already qualified for ‘free shipping’, a smaller item like these ergonomic earbuds for less than $5 might be everything you need to push you above the threshold.

Premium over-the-ear headphones – under $20

Let’s say you want something a little higher grade than earbuds but don’t want to brave the Boxing Day sales floor, shop these premium DJ-style headphones with PrimeCables. Skip the hustle and bustle, and the long lines. As millions of Canadians hit the street in the days following Christmas, avoid the busy-ness by buying online with PrimeCables.

Super thin indoor HDTV antenna – under $5

Cut the cord this Boxing Day 2018 with a sale on our super thin indoor high-definition TV antenna. Receive free, over-the-air TV and using a high quality design like this product, you can easily hide it on a bookshelf, behind the television, or elsewhere. Installation is also incredibly easy – just unwrap, plug in, and scan for channels.

You don’t need to subject yourself to long queues this Boxing Day to enjoy some of Canada’s biggest Boxing Day sales. PrimeCables allows you the chance to shop from the comfort of your couch. So wrap up warm, grab a cup of coffee, and shop for your favourites this December!

The Best Headphone Deals on Cyber Monday has Arrived

The best headphone deals in Canada on Cyber Monday deal 2018 are on the way from PrimeCables. If you’re looking for a great set of headphones to blend out the noise around you and hang over-the-ear, we’ve got some great options to consider.

PrimeCables Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 TOP Deal
PrimeCables Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 TOP Deal

PrimeCables is one of Canada’s top eCommerce hot spots for headphones, instrument accessories, and professional audio equipment. Headphones are a great product, helping consumers jump from inexpensive and cheaply made earbuds to something more high quality. Brand new, trendy headphones can sometimes cost $200, $300, $400, or more. PrimeCables doesn’t believe in overcharging on such products which is why we’ve worked with our manufacturers to bring the price down on our headphone models.

As Cyber Monday is set to hit this upcoming November 26, 2018, consider dropping into PrimeCables. You’ll find wicked cheap deals in headphones from brands across North America and internationally. Enjoy high performance from premium product at a fraction of the cost you may pay for the same product at Best Buy, Walmart, or elsewhere. The headphones’ sonic footprint is wide and any of the headphone models you’ll find in our catalogue have been engineered to be very high quality for its price point.

PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd
PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd

Consumers’ favourite headphone model in Canada is the premium hi-fi DJ-style over-the-ear professional headphones with detachable cable and microphone included for only $19.99. Through this product, a user enjoys premium sound clarity and quality, a foldable design for portability, the aforementioned detachable 3.5 audio cable, and of course, well-padded ear cushions for maximum comfort.

PrimeCables’ headphones an inexpensive, low-risk investment that we know you’ll be pleased to find. Please feel encouraged to shop other products from PrimeCables this Cyber Monday in categories ranging from cables to adapters, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, tools, appliances, ergonomic office accessories, and network solutions. Don’t spend any more than you need to and save potentially $100s off items like these. Nice budget headphones are just a click away and the Cyber Monday discounts from PrimeCables are going to be hard to beat.

Choose the right pair for you – the right style, the right fit, and the right color. We have everything from ultra-lightweight headphones to more heavy duty models. Keep your music sounding great, listen to podcasts, and enjoy home theater media without bothering anyone else in the home. Listen to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV, home theater system, and more. Buy headphones cheap in Canada from PrimeCables.

The Best CCTV Kits in Canada at!

Did you know the best CCTV kits are now available at Right now, you can get the brand new PrimeCables® Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR Digital Recorder for just $299.99, including free shipping nationwide.


It’s absolutely loaded with features!


It’s an all-in-one high-tech 1080p High Definition camera surveillance system with iOS/Android App for remote monitoring. The four IP66 Waterproof fixed Bullet cameras are temperature and weatherproof, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations alike.


If you’re ready to get technical, here’s the full scoop:


Monitor your private property with these reliable 1080p High Definition surveillance cameras. Rest assured in its HD quality video, that allows you to distinguish and identify the faces or license plates of trespassers.


Switch it up into 720p mode to capture video at a flawless 30 frames-per-second frame rate! Although lower definition than 1080p, if you’re trying to capture reliable footage of motion or property damage, then the 30fps option is right for you.


Each of the PrimeCables® bullet security cameras is equipped with a wide 90°-angle lens to record a completely square perspective perfect for monitoring large open areas and enclosed spaces.


The RG59 Siamese BNC cable transmits video and power through one simple connection between your security cameras, power and DVR. You can install these cameras up to 800 feet away from the DVR, making for a flexible setup, especially to cover a large property.


These security cameras are designed to function through even the worst weather conditions, because they’re IP66-rated, meaning they’re appropriate for both indoor and outdoor installations. They operate without hazard or interruption in extreme Canadian temperatures as low as -30°C. The lightweight bullet polycarbonate housings render these cameras virtually completely vandal-proof and suitable for DIY setup to achieve 24/7 video surveillance and security monitoring.


Enough of the jargon, here’s what the bundle includes:

1 PrimeCables® 4-Channel 1080P High Resolution XVR Digital CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Recorder

1 Quick Installation Guide

4 PrimeCables® 1080P Sony CMOS Sensor Outdoor IP66 Waterproof CVBS/CVI/TVI/AHD CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras with wall mountable bracket

4 Drill Template for on-wall installation

4 Screw kit and tools for on-wall installation

1 Power Adapter (100-240V AC 50-60Hz Input, DV 12V 5000mA Output)

1 US/North American-style Plug Power Cord

4 30ft Siamese (Power+ BNC Video) Cable

1 Remote (2 AAA-size battery not included

1 Optical Mouse


For all your CCTV needs, personal or private, check us out online today at!

It’s the best time to get our cheap cordless Circular Saw at PrimeCables!

Our Circular Saw is a budget power tool perfect for making precise cuts of lumber at home.

The best circular saw deals at PrimeCables!
The best circular saw deals at PrimeCables!

The PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw is only $49.99 and comes with free shipping nationwide. Powered by a 20V Lithium-ion Battery and featuring a 6 ½” Blade with adjustable bevel and depth, this circular saw is the safest, most lightweight tool for cutting materials for home renovation and handyman projects.


Cut through 2 x 4s like nobody’s business! Powerful and ergonomic, get a grip on your home improvement with this budget power tool.


It operates at a no-load speed of 4000RPM and features an adjustable cutting depth for making the most precise bevel angle cuts and joint cuts, with an arbor size of 5/8″.


Better yet, it’s portable, so you can remain mobile in your garage or shed while working on complex projects. You can take it on the road to help out your family and friends at home, out of town, and at the cottage, because it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Straight cuts and bevel angles are easy with the PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw! It includes an industry standard 6 1/2” TCT tip blade, meaning you can source compatible blades easily. The spindle lock makes swapping them a cinch. For straight cuts, the saw features a 90° maximum cutting depth of 2.1”; and for bevel angle cuts, it’s got a 45° maximum cutting depth of 1.5”.


The rubber grip handle and ergonomic design makes for comfortable operation all day long, and its lithium-ion battery outputs 20V of juice, making it compatible with all the entire catalogue of PrimeCables® 20V budget power tools.


If you’ve got a shelf, desk, chest, cabinet, or chair to fix up that’s been collecting dust in your garage, then the PrimeCables® Cordless Circular Saw is exactly what you need.


You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else! Order today from one of our two warehouses, located in Montreal and Vancouver, and get to work this weekend. Fast shipping can be added to any order for just $5.95, shipping anywhere in Canada in just a couple of days.


Add the Circular Saw to any order to take advantage of our free shipping eligibility, applicable to any purchase of $49 and up.


And for all your home improvement, renovation, and handyman projects, take a gander at our other lithium-ion-powered budget power tool catalogue for inspiration.


What are you waiting for? Visit us today at