Canada’s Favourite Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Her on-sale Today

Searching for ‘Valentine’s Day tech gifts for her’ is a fine starting point for couples who don’t want all that mushy nonsense on February 14. A lot of Valentine’s Day gift guides focus too much on expensive heart-themed products or male-dominated R-rated sexiness. Why not get her something she can actually use – this is what we’re saying.


27” curved gaming monitor


Although more on the expensive side, a 27” curved gaming monitor in 1080p for $279.99 can be an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ideal for a female gamer. Circumvent the possibility of pushing mushiness to the max and set her up with something nice that can be used to game, watch Netflix, binge-watch, and it’s small enough to set up in a bedroom or a kitchen if that’s your thing.


4K Android smart TV box


Supporting Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, and all sorts of streaming apps, if your girl’s been banging on about getting a smart TV or if your HD media player has recently broken down, a 4K Android smart TV box can be a great way to upgrade one’s home entertainment center. Buying anything like this though, you want to ensure it doesn’t come across like you’re buying yourself a gift. If the interest isn’t initiated by her, skip it!


Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer


If your girl’s really into music and enjoys listening to music in her own time, a Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer provides a connection to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and anything else – as well as being a great way to boost up your flat-screen’s sound. Forego the urge of giving something heart-themed and jump onto something like this which you know she’ll use on the regular.


USB Type-C charging cable


Let’s be clear in saying as amazing as a USB-C sync and charging cable is, it’s the type of Valentine’s Day gift that’s best combined with something else. Some of the features on this beautiful cable include being braided in metal, 1-metre in length, and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold color. If you have plans to buy her a tablet, a smartphone, or a similar device that requires charging, a USB Type-C cable like this will take you a long way in getting things just right.


Although we can appreciate a bouquet of flowers or a nice piece of jewelry, these Valentine’s Day gifts provide something different and equally heartfelt. Shop all these products on-sale until February 14 from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

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