How Do you Know you Need a Surge Protector in your Home

The last time you went and bought a gaming console, 4K flat-screen TV, or kitchen appliance, did the sales representative recommend a surge protector to help protect these items – although we’d like to think differently, probably not.


Surge protectors come in very handy any time you’re dealing with a major appliance or with expensive home theater items you don’t want directly exposed to the electricity grid. Most electronics are protected, in this day and age, with the right technology to ensure they’re not going to fry on you when electricity goes out or comes back on. Nonetheless, there are no guarantees. These technologies eventually fail, especially on older items and they can’t be consistently relied on to provide this type of protection year after year.


Any time you’re handling $100s of appliances or electronics, you want to make sure you didn’t just spend a ton of money on something that quits out on you weeks in because you didn’t have a surge protector installed. Most Canadian households, thankfully, have at least one surge protector already. They’re usually around the flat-screen TV and connected to related components. Not only do these surge protectors provide you with the outlets you need to get everything set up but they’ll also protect in the event of a power outage.


Although a surge protector is recommended in quantity of one per home, where they are particularly needed is if you’re living in a rural area. In these places, you are more likely to get electricity spikes due to the conditions which surround you. If it’s the inner city, you likely have an underground connection which leaves you with not much of a need for a surge protector. We certainly still recommend one however as you never know what grid you might be on. In a rural environment though, a surge protector is particularly needed.


When buying a surge protector, you’ve got plenty of pretty cool options. Sure, you can go standard. There are massive 10-outlet surge protectors and power strips, which are both cheap and high performance. If you want though, there are 6-outlet surge protectors with side sockets and swivel capabilities. There are also 3-outlet and 6-outlet wall mount surge protectors with smartphone holders and dual USB connections included in the design.


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