What is the Best Surge Protector in 2020 to Use to Protect My Devices – Check it Out!

The best surge protectors in 2020 build on past designs with increased functionality and new technological efficiencies. There’s a lot more to surge protectors and power strips these days compared to years ago when all it would be is a line of inputs. Check out some of the new functionality and types below.

Why every house needs a surge protector

They aren’t very exciting purchases but surge protectors work at preventing damage from electrical surges. If you have high-expense devices – like gaming consoles, 4K TVs, PCs, or other electronics – you absolutely should have these plugged into a surge protector. Although seemingly a rare occurrence, a lightning storm or power surge can come along at any moment and wipe out a power supply or fry the motherboard.

PrimeCables® 3 – Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports
  • Market price: $34.99

What makes the best surge protector?

The best surge protector for your home is likely going to carry more than the basic features. You will want your surge protector to have grounded outlets to ensure you can plug in whatever devices you need. They also come designed with USB ports built directly in, making it easy to charge a tablet or smartphone. There are designs that are wall mounted, with smartphone holders, in a metal encasing, with side sockets that swivel, and more.

PrimeCables® 6 – Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 2 USB Ports, 2m (6.56ft)
  • Market price: $34.89

How many outlets do you need in a surge protector?

There are all kinds of surge protectors available. Though some households may require more inputs, we recommend a surge protector with no fewer than four outlets. This will ensure you can purpose your power strip in various areas of the home, in case your furniture arrangements change.

Do you have any oversized plugs?

If you know what you’re plugging in already, verify whether you are working with any oversized plugs. If you are, buy a surge protector with enough space between the outlets to fit oversized plugs. Unfortunately, not all surge protectors or power strips have this space. In some cases, households or businesses may have to downgrade in functionality to accommodate size requirements.

PrimeCables® 12-Outlet Surge Protector with 2 USB Charger Ports

What area of the home is most likely to require surge protection?

There are a few rooms in the average household that almost always necessitate a surge protector. Home theater systems can be hooked up with $1,000s of equipment. Home offices can have computers that need a little extra protection. If you are living in a family household where everybody has a device to charge, it also doesn’t hurt to set up a charging station with surge protection either in the kitchen or main living space.

It’s a near-guarantee, every household has a surge protector, power strip, or extension cable plugged in somewhere. Get an upgrade on your surge protector or power strip, with new functionality and reliability. You won’t find a better deal than what we got going on right now at PrimeCables. For the next 72 hours, the best surge protectors and power cords in Canada at PrimeCables are at 15% off. Get yours today.

How Do you Know you Need a Surge Protector in your Home

The last time you went and bought a gaming console, 4K flat-screen TV, or kitchen appliance, did the sales representative recommend a surge protector to help protect these items – although we’d like to think differently, probably not.


Surge protectors come in very handy any time you’re dealing with a major appliance or with expensive home theater items you don’t want directly exposed to the electricity grid. Most electronics are protected, in this day and age, with the right technology to ensure they’re not going to fry on you when electricity goes out or comes back on. Nonetheless, there are no guarantees. These technologies eventually fail, especially on older items and they can’t be consistently relied on to provide this type of protection year after year.


Any time you’re handling $100s of appliances or electronics, you want to make sure you didn’t just spend a ton of money on something that quits out on you weeks in because you didn’t have a surge protector installed. Most Canadian households, thankfully, have at least one surge protector already. They’re usually around the flat-screen TV and connected to related components. Not only do these surge protectors provide you with the outlets you need to get everything set up but they’ll also protect in the event of a power outage.


Although a surge protector is recommended in quantity of one per home, where they are particularly needed is if you’re living in a rural area. In these places, you are more likely to get electricity spikes due to the conditions which surround you. If it’s the inner city, you likely have an underground connection which leaves you with not much of a need for a surge protector. We certainly still recommend one however as you never know what grid you might be on. In a rural environment though, a surge protector is particularly needed.


When buying a surge protector, you’ve got plenty of pretty cool options. Sure, you can go standard. There are massive 10-outlet surge protectors and power strips, which are both cheap and high performance. If you want though, there are 6-outlet surge protectors with side sockets and swivel capabilities. There are also 3-outlet and 6-outlet wall mount surge protectors with smartphone holders and dual USB connections included in the design.


No matter what you need or want for a surge protector, get the best price in Canada when shopping with PrimeCables. There’s not a better place to buy adapters, cables, converters, splitters, switches, or surge protectors!

How to Choose a Good Extension Cord and Surge Protector?

Extension cords and surge protectors are found in almost every Canadian household. High performance household products like this are used every day and we often don’t think about how valuable these products really are. That said, we oftentimes end up missing our extension cords and surge protectors, abandoning them in our garages or basements. We don’t always remember to get extras, and it’s easy to throw it to the back of the drawer and completely forget about where your cable is.


As one of Canada’s top sites for household products, we know the value in extension cords and surge protectors. We have several different items on-sale in this category including the massive 10-outlet surge protector power strip with 2 metres of cable for $14.99. If you’ve struggled to find the a surge protector large enough to accommodate your power needs, this may surely be it. If you’re looking for a surge protector that accommodates USB charging ports, we have a 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with two USB ports included in its design for $11.99. Selecting a design like this one, you’ll never have to worry about bringing a USB charging adapter. Instead, just plug it in.


Some of the other impressive products in this category includes the smaller 3-outlet wall mount surge protector with smartphone holder and dual USB charging ports for $9.99, the Canadian small office favourite in the 6-outlet power strip with three-foot cord for $14.99, the 4-outlet power strip surge protector with 4 USB ports for $19.99, and the supremely heavy duty 8-outlet rotating surge strip 2160 Joules from Monoprice for $39.99. If you have some electronics to protect from damaging electricity and voltage spikes, the latter is a recommendation you won’t mind taking. The 180-degree rotating design also makes it easy to change where exactly you’re plugging in what.


If you’re coming to PrimeCables for power extension cords, surge protectors, surge protection mounts, and similar products, there are dozens upon dozens of possible options to enjoy. We are proud to be a top Canadian choice in power surge protectors and similar household products. If you’ve come to us searching for a larger purchase, throwing a product like this onto your order can help reach the $49 minimum which qualifies a customer for ‘free shipping’ to anywhere in Canada.


The prices have all recently dropped so now’s the perfect time to buy. Make it worthwhile and pick up an extra if you want. As simple as a surge protector is, it’s worth its weight in gold. Install it in your entertainment setup and never have to worry about your electronics being at risk.

Buy the Perfect Back to School Gift for Home with this 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector

The perfect gift to top off the back to school shopping season is a wall mount surge protector. Why we advise buying a back to school wall mount surge protector from PrimeCables is simple. There are many advantages to buying from PrimeCables. The model sold from PrimeCables comes with three grounded outlets, two universal USB ports, and a smartphone holder. This means, for a student attending post-secondary or just to have in the home, the PrimeCables surge protector is a great investment that can be used by everyone.

back to school PrimeCables deal must have
back to school PrimeCables deal must have

Back to school shopping is associated with a lot of different products. We might not necessarily directly attach it to surge protectors. In this day and age though, smartphone charging and keeping devices charged are a necessity. Instead of overpaying for a multi-outlet wall mount surge protector, the best thing is to shop with PrimeCables. When you come to Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce company, you receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Today, you can buy the 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack on limited time sale for only $12.99. That’s not just one three-outlet wall mount surge protector. That’s two! Charge up to two smartphones at the same time per product, keep your phone safe in its cradle design, and mount it to the wall as you see fit. The universal 2-port USB charging station in combination with its surge protector capability has made this item a favourite among Canadian households and PrimeCables shoppers.

There’s no other product like this on the market that includes the design and features it does. We all have smartphones. For us all, it’s a priority to ensure they keep their charge. Take advantage of back to school shopping sales and get this two-for-one wall mount surge protector deal from PrimeCables.

PrimeCables sells for the lowest prices in Canada and we’re confident you’ll love the product! As the recipient of numerous 5-star reviews from across the country, this 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack for $12.99 is a huge bargain!

At PrimeCables, we like to think of ourselves as an offender of high prices. Year-round, we got exclusive sales and promotions you won’t regret taking us up on. Buy the 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack today and don’t look back. Give yourself something this back to school shopping season to appreciate and enjoy in the face of all these school supplies, new teachers, new schools, and stress. Buy the 3-outlet wall mount surge protector today.

Why you Should have your Own PrimeCables 3-outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector at your Place

Having a good surge protector in the home is a great tool to ensure electronics are protected and that nothing is at risk of being harmed in the event of a power interruption. How to choose a surge protector and where to buy it is not always clear tough.


For example, if you’re in the market for a surge protector, there’s no reason to go for the most basic, inexpensive one on the shelf. Searching through corporate retail, you’ll find low quality models at the more reasonable price points and then, more advanced models that are severely overpriced. Instead, consider shopping with one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables.


The  3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack comes complete with three grounded outlets and two USB ports. Capable of being mounted on the wall, unlike other models, you don’t have to leave this lying on your floor. Instead, consider fixing it to the wall where it can be more easily accessed to charge USB devices. With the capacity to charge two smartphones at the same time, when mounted, the cradle design ensures the smartphone is kept safe and secure.


Naturally, you might think for all these features, the price must be high. Wrong! When you buy the 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports – 2/Pack from PrimeCables, enjoy a significant discount that you won’t find anywhere else. The market price for this three-outlet surge protector is $69.99 however the 2-pack through PrimeCables can be purchased for $19.99. That’s right. When you buy today, you get not just one but two 3-outlet wall mounts for under $20. You can’t go wrong with that!


Know that when you buy this surge protector, you’ll also receive free returns and a 1-year product guarantee included. Those are far more favorable terms than what you will find at a Wal-Mart or elsewhere. Save money when you buy and if there are any issues, just let us know and we’d be happy to take care of any issues for you. Also, combine the three-outlet wall mount surge protector with other products in the PrimeCables catalogue to receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Needless to say, with two three-outlet surge protectors sitting around the house, you won’t ever have to worry about where to charge your smartphones and/or USB devices. Buy today from PrimeCables to receive this once-in-a-lifetime discount!

Your IT Secret Weapon with Style – a 12-outlet Surge Protector Power Strip from PrimeCables

Small business owners and office managers know the importance of having safety and security in place for its assets. Computers and electronic devices in offices can be some of the most expensive items to replace. In the event of an unexpected power surge, spike, or electricity outage, you want to ensure that every computer and electronic device is protected in full. Though it might not be on the top of the list of fanciful IT gadgets needed for a small business, a multi-outlet surge protector power strip is a tool that no office should pass on.


The 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3ft Cord 125V/15A – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack is Canada’s favourite. Built with high quality aluminum housing, receive not one but two twelve-outlet surge protectors for less than $40. Complete with an on/off switch, a built-in circuit breaker, twelve grounded outlets, and concealed slots for easy hanging or two small plates to install on the wall, the 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3ft Cord 125V/15A – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack can be purchased today from PrimeCables exclusively for $39.99. By strategically employing surge protector power strips around the office, enjoy reliable protection for workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems, and other in-office electronics.


Primecables surge protector
Primecables surge protector

Also, for larger offices that require more than two surge protector power strips, please feel encouraged to buy additional strips from PrimeCables. It does bear keeping in mind that all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee being included with each and every power strip we sell!


When you receive your 12-outlet surge protector, all you need to do is plug it into any AC wall outlet, connect the devices that need connecting, and you’ll be good to go. Any power surges, lightning strikes, and/or AC contaminations will be no match for this high quality, affordable surge protector power strip. As your IT secret weapon with style, you’ll be glad to have these power strips when the office is inevitably caught in a power outage or electricity failure. The office’s computers, workstations, and devices are nothing to mess around with. For the offices that have experienced surges resulting in equipment frying, they know the advantages of having the 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3ft Cord 125V/15A – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack.


Rated one of the best surge protector power strips for offices in Canada, buy today from PrimeCables to save yourself a few bucks. You’ll never have to worry again about things like power spikes and storms damaging the valuable electronics that lie in your office!

PrimeCables’ Birthday Unbeatable Shopping Tips


For Canadians looking to save money when shopping, coupons, promotional deals, and exclusive clearance offerings are a healthy place to start. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce platforms, PrimeCables has made use of each of these tactics to attract eyes and make big sales. For customers, this has meant being able to find everyday household items at high quality and low price. On June, we are proudly to present our PrimeCables Birthday with the best price in town!

Just as an example, there’s PrimeCables’ 6 Outlet Surge Protector Side Socket with Swivel Wall Power Strip 120V 1850W ETL listed. The same six-outlet surge protector in corporate retail might be priced upwards of $20 and above, however when buying from PrimeCables, receive the same item for $13.99. And, what you’re getting for the price, including rotatable outlets, right-angle plugs, slim size, etc. – it’s well worth the discount, and this is just one of our products. There are literally hundreds of tech and cable products in the PrimeCables store, and for our birthday, they’re all being discounted by as much as 70% off!


Saving money when shopping is a focus for many dedicated shoppers. Knowing when to get a bargain and where to spend cheap for the highest quality product is key. We built PrimeCables off of the philosophy of giving customers the most bang for their buck. For top money-saving shopping tips, using PrimeCables is recommended. To get the most out of your shopping with PrimeCables, we recommend amassing an order above $49 to receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Next, we recommend hitting up any clearance or special deals first before heading on over to check out the other categories. This way, you might be able to find the product you’re looking for or a very similar product for significantly less than regular price.


PrimeCables has premiere deals on items under the categories of cables, adapters, tools and appliances, home theater accessories, home items such as multi-outlet surge protectors, smart home accessories, mounts and sit-stands, and more. The more that you buy, the more money you can save on discounts. Also, you don’t even have to leave the couch to get all this stuff prepped, ordered, bought, and sent. It’s all right in front you. Save time, money, and hassle. As spring time and summer are setting it, if you’re looking to do some quick shopping to spruce up your lifestyle or change things up a bit, PrimeCables is a great place to do it. Browse through the cheapest deals in town and enjoy killer savings across all of our birthday specials!

Looking for a Highly Powerful Power Strip? PrimeCables can Help!


Power strips are a household necessity for many Canadians who seek to plug in their many devices and connect the growing number of household electronics. Needless to say, those old rectangular power strips might be cheap but they’re not worth much when it comes to quality. They break down easy, don’t look too pretty, and there are far more effective alternatives out there to try. 

For a truly powerful power strip, PrimeCables’ recommends one of our top sellers in this category, the 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with 3ft Cord 125V/15A. Buy a 1-pack for $21.99 on discount today, originally priced at $68.00 to market, or a 2-pack for $39.99. Receiving near-perfect customer reviews, this power strip comes included with a built-in circuit breaker, all grounded outlet receptacles, concealed slots for easy hanging, rouged plastic housing, all surge protected, high quality aluminum, and plates to fix installation on wall.


It’s about time that somebody builds a high quality power strip that provides all the services advertised and that is not going to break down or begin to lose performance months down the line.


Having tried power strips from brands across Canada and the United States, PrimeCables chose to include this product in our catalogue because of its high-level performance compared to similar power strips at this price point. The 12 outlets are cleverly arranged ensuring that it is easy to install, and simple to plug in items and cables of various sizes. In years’ past, power strips typically relied on a shape and outlet configuration that may have worked well for that time, yes, but in this day and age, consumers need more. The number of electronics Canadians have has grown exponentially and thereby, power strips should feature an accommodating design with this in mind. As the gadgets and adapters have changed, so has the power strips we use!


Anyone searching for a power strip made for regular use, know that we have put this power strip to the test and it has succeeded in exceeding our expectations. There’s no need to spend hours hunched over underneath a desk trying to plug things into an outdated power strip. With a 12-outlet strip like this, you don’t need to decide what to unplug and getting things set up is easy. There shouldn’t be any hassling with it after the fact.


Buy today to receive this item from PrimeCables with a 1-year guarantee and free returns. The 12-port power strip from PrimeCables will protect devices from excessive current, and the small investment upfront will more than pay off in the long-run as you see how easy it is to plug in and go.